MEN: How To Avoid Been Fooled Or Continuously Being Fooled By A Lady

How To Avoid Been Fooled Or Continuously Being Fooled By A Lady
Take it or leave it, unless you are a flirt! The 5 facts listed below are 100 percent true and correct ways to know a lady is fooling you.

Both  male and female are cheating on each other in this our generation in the name of love and relationship.

Men deceive women a lot and women in parallel also deceive men.

Before I proceed with the 5 facts, take note of these;

     -Spend on your wife, not your girlfriend: A woman who loves you will never leave or break up with you because you don’t spend her, unless the both of you have the intention of flirting with each other.

-    -There is no law anywhere that says it’s the responsibility of a man to spend on his girl friend, but it’s the responsibility of a man to take care of his wife and spend on her.

-    -A relationship built on financial background never last.

-    - Money doesn’t create love on all instances. If you love a girl instead of using money to woo her into loving you, it’s better you use legal romantic techniques to make her fall in love with you naturally.

-    -Money can keep anybody close to you. When you have money, even those who love or hate you will want to stick with you. Be wise.

            5 Signs to Know Lady is Fooling You

The signs listed below don’t guarantee a lady doesn’t love you. But if you are experiencing any of the 5 signs listed below, then there is a possibility you are your girlfriend’s fool!!

1. She calls only when she is in need of something: There is a possibility that there are lots of guys after her; and she takes advantage of the situation and start demanding.

  This only means she doesn’t love you as much as you do, but is definitely after you money. It’s hard to give up on someone you love and care for, but it will only hurt you if you still try to stick with her.

In the end she will still leave you for her main guy so why try to stick with her?

  In some cases, you can talk to her; tell her how you really feel and ask her why she only reaches out to you when she needs something from you. It’s never easy to confront someone especially on issues like this, but to avoid been deceived and fooled it’s a go mission.

  If you try all these and still it doesn’t work out for you! Exit, quit, terminate, destroy, disconnect, unplug, defuse, remove, cut, Cut off, tear, blow, unlink, pieces, scatter, break, end and stop the relationship.

2. Talks about what you have always (Not Physical Appearance): The most important thing on this matter is how you feel about it. Are you feeling proud? Happy? Suspicious? Or uncomfortable? There is a possibility that a lady who always talks about the properties or amount of money you have is actually looking for a share and ownership of what you have.

I have heard a lot of stories of women killing their husbands just to be in position of their properties. You should avoid marrying such ladies to live a better and simple life.

It is also not advisable to let your girlfriend know about everything you own and control until she becomes your wife.

3. Always demanding: Firstly, is the relationship serious? Do you want it to lead to marriage? You need to know the impact of her demands! You need to know the exact thing or things she does with what she is demanding from you. Try to keep things simple! If whatever she is doing is for the benefit of you and her or the society then it’s cool.

A lady who is always demanding for unnecessary stuffs like money for the latest iphone, money for birthday parties, money for unnecessary celebration, e.t.c should be avoided. At that point she is supposed to be your partner in whatever you are doing and vice versa. The both of you are meant to support each other and make each other grow and successful to live a good and a better life as couple.

4. Giving stories or excuses whenever you talk about marriage: Making excuses is never a good thing in any situation. When a lady loves you with all her heart, believe me she will be very happy when you talk about marriage to her! In fact, that’s the most important thing to real women in a relationship instead of material things and flirting.

So if you are interested in getting married tp a lady and all she does is feed you with excuses that can’t stop someone from getting married, then I advise you to Exit, quit, terminate, destroy, disconnect, unplug, defuse, remove, cut, Cut off, tear, blow, unlink, pieces, scatter, break, end and stop the relationship. She will come back to you if she truly loves you.

5. Doesn’t respect your parent: This is the most serious and important one. Any lady that disrespects your parent, whether your wife or anybody; and is not willing or agreeing to stop! With immediate double effect, I advise you to Exit, quit, terminate, destroy, disconnect, unplug, defuse, remove, cut, Cut off, tear, blow, unlink, pieces, scatter, break, end and stop the relationship.

There is nobody in this world more important to you than your parent or the people that brought you up.

You think there is?

Let’s argue it.

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A Lady In Anambra State Stabs Husband To Death

A Lady In Anambra State Stabbed Her Husband With a Knife, Which Led to His Death

A house wife, one Makoduchukwu Ndubisi stabbed her husband John Bosko Ngu to death in Nsugbe, Anambra East Local Goverment Area of Anambra State. 

The suspect had a scuffle with her husband and stabbed him on his chest with a knife.

Confirming the incident, Anambra State Police spokesman Harunna Muhammed said “on Saturday 29/6/2019 at about 8:am, Police detectives attached to 33 Police Station Onitsha, arrested one Makoduchukwu Ndubisi ‘f’ aged 20 years of NO. 16 Donking Street, Nsugbe in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State for stabbing her husband to death.” According to him, Police detectives immediately rushed to the scene and the victim was moved to Boromeo hospital, Onitsha for medical attention, where he was certified dead on arrival by the medical doctor.

He also said the corpse had been deposited at the hospital’s mortuary for autopsy. 

Mohammed also said an exhibit was recovered from the scene even as the case is under investigation to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the incident.
AUTHOR: Al-Amin Usman
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Four Men Went Missing In A Well While Digging

Something surprising happened at the Yabo Local Government Area in the Unguwar Baici, where four men went missing in a well while digging it to make it clean. . .

These four men began operation, digging of the well at 9am in the morning.

Up till midnight, they were yet to come out from the well

Many people in Yabo had been in a hurry to see what was going on, in order to identify the scene.
Author: Al-Amin Usman
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Almajiranci Vs Human Right: Homeless Teen Beggars In The Street Will Be banned Soon In Nigeria

Almajiranci Vs Human Right: Homeless Teen Beggars In The Street Will Be banned Soon In Nigeria

Speaking to the National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno, spoke in a statement to the press on the outcome of the International Economic Summit (NEC) summit, which Vice President Yemi Osinbajo led at the presidential palace. Abuja. Monguno said the federal government was considering the ban on human rights in Nigeria to address the emergencies of the country.

This is has really been a big issue especially in the northern states. You see children below 10 years who are supposed to be in school, who are supposed to be taken care of by their parents moving from houses to houses begging for food, moving from streets to streets seeking survival.

People give birth to children and deny them their rights. Almajiri (Beggar) has been existing in northern states for years now, and i think the government needs to take action towards this issue! for the growth of our nation, and for the happiness of future unborn children, not to fall a victim

What do you think about almajirinci??

Add your comment on the comment section below. . .

AUTHOR: Al-Amin Usman
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Explosion In Kaduna

Explosion In Kaduna

Katsina Post reports that the terrorist leader in the southern Katsina state, Alhaji Idris Miyaya, said the robbers were suffering from blood transfusions in the area. 

The explosion leader said this during a dialogue with journalist People's Daily shortly after the peace and peace talks of Dungun Mu'azu, Local Government Area of ​​Sabuwa State, Katsina State. 

The meeting, held at Dankolo's campus camp, was attended by local leaders and commander of Dandume Local Government Area, Alhaji Lawal Tsoho Albasu. "We realize that our war is meaningless.

 It is a war that breaks the ties between us and the other people in this area. And the fact is that we can not live independently, "the president said. As a result, Idris Miyaya has forced farmers to return to their fields. "We will make a treaty with the members of the regional government who will not attack us or attack us or our families," he said. 

According to his speech, robbers are ready to start negotiating with the government.

He further added that there were no unilateral organizations in the negotiations that the Katsina government had prepared for them in the past. In order to achieve lasting peace in the region, the president urged the government to release two of them, Alhaji Lawaq Baldu and Alhaji Ibrahim Nakutama, who were locked more than two years ago.

Author: Al-amin Usman
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MAIDUGURI: Refugees Carry Out Protests Against Food Shortages

MAIDUGURI: Refugees Carry Out Protests Against Food Shortages

Residents of refugees camping on the Gubio streets in Maiduguri held a protest on Thursday on food shortages and other supplies available in the camp.

The protests on Thursday led to a long-distance traffic stop on the Maiduguri and Gubio-Maiduguri road. The camp has 10,000 internally displaced persons from Marte, Gubio, Kukawa, Kala-Balge and Gwoza. The people in the camp stormed the streets and demanded that they return to their cities and prefer Boko Haram to kill them and to reside in the refugee camps in Maiduguri. 

One resident in the camp named Zara Alhaji David, about 7 in a conversation with the journalist Daily Trust, allegedly killed two children in a hunger camp.

AUTHOR: Al-Amin Usman
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Ado Gwanja Flaunts His Ride

Ado Gwanja Flaunts His Ride

Check out this cool ride belonging to Ado isa gwanja which got people talking. . .

The gear of the car got people wondering. . . Technology is still moving as new changes doesn't resist coming.

What do you think is the make of the car???

Add your comment on the comment section below. . .


AUTHOR: Al-amin Usman
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MEN/WOMEN: Natural Steps To Treat Bald Hair within 7 Days With Onions

MEN/WOMEN: Natural Steps To Treat Bald Hair within 7 Days With Onions


Do you have a bald hair? A very bad one i think?

Well, if you are reading this post i'm sure you do have a bald hair and probably your friends or girl friends do mock you about it. . .

The solution to your problem is right here on this post, make sure you read to the end!!!

First if all, what is the cause of bald hair?

Almost all hair loss in guys results from male-pattern baldness, a genetic trait that comes from your parents. Other causes include certain medications, too much vitamin A, or not enough protein. Illness or stress can lead to sudden, heavy shedding called telogen effluvium. Good news, though: Hair loss that isn’t from male-pattern baldness often reverses itself.

The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition called male-patternbaldness or female-pattern baldness. It usually occurs gradually with aging and in predictable patterns.

Everyone loses hair all the time, maybe up to 100 strands a day. They fall out, then grow back in, and the cycle starts over again. But eventually, most guys will start to notice that they’re losing more than before -- and it’s not growing back.

Other Reasons for Hair Loss

When your locks fall out suddenly, instead of gradually thinning over time, it’s usually from something other than male pattern baldness. Other causes include:
Diseases like anemia or a thyroid problem
Radiation or chemotherapy treatments
Medications, such as blood thinners, high doses of vitamin A, and steroids that some men take to help build muscle, called anabolic steroids
Scalp infections
Problems with your diet, like getting too little iron or too much vitamin A
Keeping hairstyles like tight ponytails, cornrows, or braids for many years
Now i.m going to show you the steps on how to treat bald hair within 7 days. . .

Can balding hair grow back?

Eventually, it takes longer for hair to grow back. Then, the follicles will shrink so that no hair grows at all. Other types of hair loss tend to happen faster than male pattern baldness. Spot baldness, or alopecia areata, makes your hair fall out in smooth, round patches, but it usually grows back.

How to regrow a bald hair?

To help thicken and regrow your thinning / bald hair, try apple cider vinegar. Its alpha-hydroxy acids dissolve oil buildup on the scalp and in pores, while its acetic acid stimulates blood flow to follicles to encourage growth.


1. Stinky But Effective: Onion

How to use:

Cut onions in half and rub the open side on the affected area.
Grate onion and squeeze out its juice. To this add little honey and mix well. Dip a cotton ball and apply this mixture to the scalp. Wait for 30 minutes and wash well with a mild shampoo.

2. The Humble Indian Gooseberry: Amla

dandruff is the main cause behind hair fall so if you want to get rid of excess hair fall, first get rid of dandruff.

How to use:

Get some fresh amla and dry them in sunlight.

After that, cut the dry pieces and boil it in good coconut oil till the amla pieces do not become charred.

Let the mixture cool and strain and keep it in an airtight bottle. 
Apply this oil to your head every alternate day.

3. Aloe vera

How to use:

Take a small aloe vera stem and take out the pulp.

Now apply this pulp directly on the scalp.

Massage and keep it on for 30 min.

Rinse as usual. 

-Repeat thrice a week.

4. Oil Massage

How to use:

Regular massage with effective oils such as castor, olive, coconut will promote hair growth.

The most effective of all is coconut oil mixed with few drops of lemon juice.

5. The King of Herbs: Bhringraj

How to use:

Blend the leaves with some water to get a smooth paste.

If you cannot find Bhrinjraj leaves, buy some dried Bhringraj powder from any herbal store, mix with little water and curd to form a paste.

Apply the paste to the scalp and leave it for 20 min.

Wash off with shampoo. Do this thrice a week.

6. Add Some Flavor: Curry Leaves

How to use:

Take a handful of curry leaves and boil it in a mixture of amla and coconut oil till the leaves turn black.

Cool the mixture, strain and store it in an airtight container.

Apply this every alternate day and see the results.

7. More Than a Condiment: Methi

How to use:

Grind a handful of Methi seeds to get a fine powder.

Mix it with water to form a paste.

Apply this to your scalp and leave it for 20 minutes.

Wash it properly with shampoo as the paste might be slimy and sticky onto your hair.

8. Flower Power: Hibiscus

How to use:

Take 3–4 tbsp Coconut oil in a pan.

Add 2–3 hibiscus flowers or 4–5 leaves to the oil.

Heat for 5–6 minutes.

Cool and strain the oil in a bottle.

Massage well with hibiscus-infused oil and keep for an hour before washing off with a shampoo.

Some more quick tips:

Take a diet rich in iron, zinc, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin A. Have more of leafy greens, beetroot, carrots, dates, nuts, beans, whole grains, lentils, eggs and fish.

Drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily.

Less stress.

Massage your scalp well while taking a shower as this improves blood flow to the scalp thus helping in hair regrowth.

Cut down on the use of hair dryers, iron as well as hair coloring.

Take biotin supplements.

Finally, if you are suffering from severe hair fall and fear it might bring you at the forefront of going bald, consult a good doctor to find out any underlying health issue as hair loss cause can be multifactorial and treatment varies based on sex, age and diagnosis of medical conditions.

Remember all the aforementioned natural remedies are helpful in controlling hair loss and eventually baldness, but you need to follow them on a regular basis with patience. Also, the results vary from person to person depending on the reason for hair loss. You cannot get back your lost strands if you have are completely bald but yes by following these simple hair growth remedies you can certainly avoid severe hair loss and ultimately baldness.

Hope this helps.

Author: Al-amin Usman

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Latest Cheat: Mtn Free 4.5gb For Free Monthly

Mtn Free 4.5gb For Free

Ever wondered if its possible to get monthly for free on mtn???

Psiphon VPN app is a very popular app when it comes to free browsing cheat.

The latest mtn free browsing is now available on psiphon with no stress

in this tutorial, i'll be showing how to get 4.5GB monthly.

Follow the steps below. . .

Download and install the app (psiphon Vpn) from playstore or click here.

Open the app and configure as explained below;

Leave all fields untouched, just change the fields listed below

-Proxy Type : choose Dual Real Host
-Proxy Server : input
-Real Proxy Type : choose HTTP
-Real Proxy Server : input
-Real Proxy Port: 8080
-Tap on OK, you will be taken to the next page, make sure to tick "Tunnel Whole Device"
-Tap on More options
-Tick Connect Through an HTTP Proxy
-Tick Use the following settings and set the following parameters below
-Host Address :
-Port: 8080

That's all!!
Go back and hit the connect button. Depending on your network strength it should connect within 5 seconds. 

Just minimize the psiphon app and enjoy the free 50MB daily data. That is about 1.5GB monthly for free. 

Do it with three sims, now that's about 4.5gb free. . .

This is better than nothing! especially for those who can't afford buying data or managing their existing MTN data.

Note: You can use as many mtn sims as possible to get more data daily.

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Dislocated Eyes: Eye Balls Falling off Its Socket

Could this be real??

I heard someone saying "My Eyeball Just Fell Out off Its Socket"

It some cases, it barely happens.

You should Get it put back in, and soon. The longer you remain in this rare condition—known as “globe luxation“—the more strain you’ll put on the blood vessels and nerves that connect your eye to the rest of your head. Your luxated globes will also be susceptible to corneal abrasions or inflammation, and the feeling of your eyelids clamped down behind them won’t be pleasant.

You should be able to get your eye back in place without serious, long-term damage. (If the ocular muscles tear or if the optic nerve is severed, your outlook won’t be as clear.) The treatment for globe luxation is pretty simple: Doctors apply some topical painkillers, hold back your lashes, and poke your eyeball into its socket by pressing on the white part with gloved fingers. (In some cases, they’ll use a simple tool like a bent paperclip to shoehorn it back into place.) You might get antibiotics, lubricating drops, or steroids to follow up for a few days while your vision returns to normal. If your doctors can’t pop your eye back in—because you’ve got too much swelling in the socket, for example—they’ll give you an eye shield and consider a more invasive procedure.


Not all popped eyeballs come from head trauma. A few people can luxate their globes on purpose, and certain others get “spontaneous globe luxation” when their eyelids are pushed in the right way. Someone with shallow eye sockets or floppy eyelid syndrome, for example, might pop his eyeballs during a regular eye exam. You can also trigger luxation while putting in your contact lenses, or with a particularly violent sneeze. You might even pop your eyeballs by trying to exhale while keeping your nose and mouth closed (i.e., performing the Valsalva maneuver).

If your eyeballs fall out of their sockets repeatedly, you might be a candidate for a lateral tarsorrhaphy—in which doctors sew up your eyelids part of the way to keep them from opening too wide. You could also learn the following technique for popping your eye back in yourself: First direct your gaze downward. Now pinch and pull your upper eyelid with the thumb and index finger of one hand. Lay a finger from your other hand on the top part of your luxated eyeball, taking care to press only on the insensitive white part. While you continue to hold your eyelid up, push your eyeball gently down and back at the same time until it’s part of the way in. Then try to look upwards; if everything goes right your eyeball will rotate under the upper lid and back into its socket.

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The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 8

The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 8
I began to run, looking for the nearest exit. A very surprising thing happened. The devil herself, “maryam” was on the other end! When she saw that I’m being chased by the soldiers she immediately locked the door and stood in front of it.

Me: *Laughed* Women!! Are you this heartless?

Maryam: Meaning what? Who are you and what are you doing here?

Me: To destroy your wedding

Maryam: Really? What for?

Me: “I almost exposed myself, I thought to mysef.” With what I just did to your husband I don’t think your marriage will take place

Maryam: Oh no! My marriage will surely take place and you will be dealt with. And to me it’s an entertainment to the guests

Me: “This girl is a real devil, I thought to myself” I can take them out and still take you away

Maryam: *Laughed* you don’t know what you have gotten yourself into! You are supposed to be begging me to save you. The man you just slapped is a soldier, and not just an ordinary soldier, do you know his rank?

Me: *Hahaha* he is a soldier does it mean he should slap me?

   The soldiers were behind me listening to the conversation

Maryam: What happened? What were you even doing in the groom’s table?

Me: I went to greet

Maryam: Do you know him?

Me: No

Maryam: *Laughed* I can see you are mad. You went to greet a groom you don’t know and now you are saying you want to take out all these soldiers.
  “This man is mad, I don’t think he’s a okay! Maryam said.”

Groom: Soldiers!! Hold him; bring him here

 They headed towards my destination. I started cracking my knuckles!! “I might not be able to use magic, but I still have my physical powers with me! I thought to myself.

Maryam: *Laughed* This guy is mad. I think we should just let him go

Groom: Never!! Soldiers!!! I said bring him here..

They headed towards my location to get me. I took them down in seconds. Maryam’s husband is a brave strong man who is not even scared of death. He went out! I didn’t know he went into his car to get a gun.

Maryam: You better run now you have the chance

Me: Run? I was already running when you blocked my way. Now your husband is scared and you want me to run?

Maryam: Woa! You are wrong.

  I saw her husband coming to my destination. He went out to remove his agbada and get a long rod and gun from his car.

Me: “If this man shoots me and I use my powers to avoid the bullet I’ll be exposed, and if I don’t avoid the bullet I’ll be dead!! I better run, I thought to myself”

  I placed maryam on my shoulder, open the door and began running. The groom and the other soldiers I took down were all chasing me. I was running in full speed with my powers, even maryam was shocked. The other soldiers were not getting closer to me so they gave up chasing me and went to look for cars. The groom didn’t give up. “This man is a machine, I said to myself”

Maryam: Indeed he is a machine. Where are you taking me to? Drop me down. 

  Maryam was hitting me to drop her down

Me: He is a machine and you want to marry him?

Maryam: Are you mad?? Of course you are mad. Now I get, you were sent by sale to destroy my marriage.

Me: “where was sale all this while? I thought to myself” Who is sale?

Maryam: For your information! My husband ordered for his kidnap as soon as he got to the wedding

  When I heard that; I stopped running. In anger, I placed maryam down and was about turning back when the groom hit me very hard with a rod. I fainted!!

  I woke up and found myself tied up in a room with sale. I was shocked!! And I started laughing.

Sale: Who are you?

Me: Mehn! Nigeria is a great nation. Just look at where I am? A whole me

Sale: Who are you?

Me: “I have been wanted in hong kong since when I was born but I was never caught, but when I came to Nigeria in 3 days I was caught! I thought to myself” What is the time?

Sale: I don’t know

Me: For how many hours have I been here?

Sale: For more than 4 hours

Me: So the marriage took place

Sale: Who are you? And why do you want to stop the marriage?

 “I am a maryam’s crush” I said to sale to avoid been exposed

Maryam: wow! Really?

Groom: This guy you are finished.

  I was beaten up that I fainted again!! All in the sake that I didn’t want to expose myself.

Few hours later I was awake but my eyes closed. I heard maryam, her husband and sale discussing.

Maryam: You think I don’t know? Because you tried to rape me Kong abandoned you. Then you decided to use scope to tell me that you told kong not to stop the wedding again

Sale: That is not it

Maryam: That is it. Then you sent this man lying over here to kidnap me, but unfortunately it turned back to you guys.

Sale: *Laughed* I don’t even know this man

Soldier: If you lie again!! I’ll deal with you. Who is this kong? He could have tried to stop the marriage now!! He would have known the kind of stuff I’m made of. He’s lucky he left you.

  “I need to leave this place and come back as kong to end all this, I thought to myself.

What do you think will happen next? Add your comment on the comment section below. . .

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Don't forget to add your comment on the comment section below to inspire the Author. . . 

Author: Al-amin Usman

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Yabing / Word Back in Our Child Hood Days.

Yabing / Word Back in Our Child Hood Days.

-You mess eba obey soup. . .

-You tie rapper dey find back pocket. . .

-You mess harmattan catch eba. . .

- The tallest man for your village dey use ladder climb Maggi. . .

-You mess, mess mess, all the fish inside river shout "are we safe?"

- The finest girl for your village na monkey dey toast am. . .

- Every body dey tamu mator you dey tamu alhaji biye biye. . .

-Your scatter scatter teeth like Rambo bullet. . .

-Them give you beer, Them give me fanta, i drink my fanta come say this fanta is fantastic, you drink your own beer you say this beer is beerbeerstic. . .

-See your scatter scatter teeth like devil calculator. . .

-With your small teeth like owerri chin chin. . .

-You mess babangida repeat primary one. . .

-You mess all the fishes for river pass common entrance. . .

-You be the biggest scientist for the world to discover say moon na golden fufu. . .

-The strongest man for your village na hot eba kill am. . .

- You buy agege bread they find nafdac number. . .

-You enter aeroplane holding a candle, you say you no trust nepa. . .

-You mess apple fly gate. . .

-You mess babangida change handwriting . . .

-You drink 7up use toothpick remove the gas. . .

-I shit here, shit here, shit here, you dey find the one where resemble you

-You chop gala finish go backyard go dey dance galala don they wound them again. . .

-The finest girl for una village na monkey dey toast am. . .

-You fall inside hot ororo na two akara nai save u. . .

-As you mumu reach you dey store your mess for Show glass...

-You see two rat for your bed you say your mama don Born Twins

-Baba lawo swear for u. . . You grow bitter leaf for chest

-You mess hell fire quench, satan carry holy Bible they go church

-See ya deep nash like Indian well. . .

-See your round face like coaster biscuit. . .

-You drink olive oil vomit five pastor. . .

-Your flat ogo like conductor slippers. . .

-You buy akara dey wait for receipt. . .

-You enter okada dey find seatbelt. . .

-You enter bike they dodge breeze. . .

-You enter rain dey dodge rain. . .

-You enter okada dey find window. . .

-You be d greatest scientist, you say mess dey stain white. . .

-You enter aeroplane dey write the names of noise makers. . .

-You eat indomie vomit dada. . .

-You see two kulikuli for your bed you say your mama don born twins. . .

-With ur teeth like rainbow colour. . .

-You shit here, shit there, you dey find the lcm. . .

As u mumu reach you and my dog dey drag who tall pass. . .

I love you but i come remember say you get mouth odour. . .

-No be say you ugly but my goat fine pass you. . .

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Author: Al-amin Usman

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10 Acts Women Actually Like To Do On A First Date, Number 5 & 9 Will Get You Laughing

10 Acts Women Actually Like To Do On A First Date

A first date is a type of initial meeting between two individuals, whether or not previously acquainted, where an effort is made to ask about each other and know if they can be together in a relationship, plan, and organize some sort of social activity, with the goals ranging from forming a friendship, finding a romantic or sexual partner for a short period, to finding a long-term spouse. Dating can vary between cultures, lifestyles, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

In many countries and cultures, it is the process that romantic relationships are developed and future spouses are found. Some people go on first dates to evaluate a person’s potential as a sexual partner.
Discover some of the bizarre things some women like to do during the first encounter to test their date. There is more to a first date than you realize!

1. Take A Long Time Choosing Something From The Menu

While most guys like to pick whatever takes their fancy on the menu it is a lot more complicated for women.

As it`s a first date women don`t like to order anything too expensive and nothing too big or the date might think she is greedy. If the lady chooses a salad then she will only feel hungry later on in the date. So whats a girl to order???

2. Dress To Impress

In order to make a good impression on a first date girls will go to that extra length to impress. They will quite often buy a new dress for the date and even new makeup and perfume too.

3. Act Smarter And More Interesting

During this first encounter girls like to give the impression they are smart in order to seem more sophisticated. So they often talk about interesting things instead of the usual celebrity gossip and boy bands.

4. Look For Clues

You can tell a lot about a person by their appearance, has he washed his hair, did he brush his teeth. A girl can tell if her date hasn`t made an effort.

5. Avoid Uncomfortable Silence

Awkward silences are horrible at the best of times but on a first date they can be very uncomfortable. Even chatting about nonsense can be better than silence.

6. Text Their Friends How The Date Is Going

While it can be thought of as rude to use your phone while on a first date, girls just can’t help texting their friends all the details.

7. Nervous Fidgeting

When a woman feels nervous on a date she will quite often twirl her hair and play with something on the table. Guys also fidget when nervous but in different ways.

8. Constant Smiling

Whether women are enjoying themselves or not they will usually keep smiling through the first date. So you will never if they are smiling because they are having a good time or smiling while looking for the nearest exit
9. Look For Deal Breakers

Some of the questions women ask on a first date are not always conversation starters they are in fact tests. So guys, best you always think before you answer.

10. Like To Arrive Late

While most people think women turn up late because it’s fashionable the truth is it’s because it takes so long to get perfect for a first date.

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The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 7

The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 7
 I held Sale and was floating down with him slowly. He was very frightened and was trying to beg me but I had to punish him. It was a great shock to him. He never believed something like that could ever happen to him. He was looking straight into my eyes in shock. All I did was smile and look straight into his eyes too. . .

Sale: I thought you don’t kill

Me: If you don’t run for your life, you won’t die but you will get bruised. By the way, your life is in your hands, if you die! You are the cause of your death and not me.

Sale: Look at where you are taking me to

  Finally we got to the ground but Sale held me tight, pleading for my rescue. The animals were just staring at us. They couldn’t come to close to him because of my presence. I decided to disappear from dino and re-appear on top of a tree.

 In seconds the animal started running in full speed to Sale’s location

I saw him running in full speed like a mad man, screaming my name, Kong!

Although he is kinda smart, he climb up to a tree but the animals didn’t climb. I decided to go to him

Me: You climb a tree to keep yourself from monkeys? Tree? Where they live???

Sale: *Breathing Heavily* Please help me younger, don’t allow them to climb. Try to understand me now, I love maryam a lot kong. I swear I’m not a bad person; I didn’t have the intention to kill my dad! I only wanted some money to get married to maryam. I’m a man and I am meant to have affection for a women, please kong understand

Me: So why did you try to force yourself on her?

Sale: Come on, someone that duped me of 43 million naira what do you expect of me? Do you know how painful it is? Try to understand please

Me: You still deserve to be punished

Sale: But not like this now. In the forest! It’s too much kong, I am very sorry

Me: ok

    I took sale back home and instructed him to attend the wedding.

Me: I am going to start a new plan with you! This time if you try to do anything negotiable with maryam, I’m going to dump you in jhaazmeen for weeks

Sale: Younger! Trust me!! This time I won’t

Me: Me! Trust you? I want you to call her and tell her I’m not longer attending the wedding to destroy it

Sale: But hope you are coming? I can’t bear to see her getting married

Me: Of course yes. Are you interested in getting married to maryam or getting back your money and apologise to your mom?

Sale: Both

Me: So after what she did to you you still want her back?

Sale: kong! I love her

Me: That’s your problem

   The next day, I changed to my normal self without mask! Not as kong, but as Al-amin.

 I attended the wedding and was bouncing with my gangster dressing, black-black.

I didn’t know who the groom was so I asked someone. He was on agbada.

Whenever I’m off mask I don’t do magic to avoid exposing my identity. But I always forget about that unless I have gotten myself into trouble. . .

I walk straight to the groom, checking my head to the song that was playing.

Me: High Chief General! (I said it in a singing tone, following the song that was playing in the party. I was enjoying the song! So it made act a little stupid)

Soldier: Welcome

Me: High Chief General!! (in a singing tone)

Soldier: Are you okay

Me: High Chief General!

  He slapped me very bad. That was when I remembered I’m off mask so I can’t expose my power. But no! I had to revenge!! I slapped him to, very hot one! Hotter than his;

Wow! Everybody in the wedding was staring at our location

Soldier: Wow! You messed with the run person

   I saw soldiers coming towards me. Wow! That was when I remembered I’m off mask. The only thing I have to do is to run to avoid exposing my powers.

I began to run, looking for the nearest exit. A very surprising thing happened. The very devil herself, maryam was in the other end! When she saw that I’m being chased by the soldiers she immediately locked the door and stood in front of it.

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