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Gun men In Lagos Episode 1

Gun men In Lagos Episode 1

It was told to boko-haram by a sorcerer that the person who is going to destroy boko-haram is in Lagos, and his nick name is Young_Alhaji. 

I became scared because my nick name is Young_Alhaji and I base in lagos. I started looking for other people whose nick names are also Young_Alhaji, I found 74 people in lagos who call themselves Young­_Alhaji including me. They were also scared too because they knew book haram will come after them. We were taking to a show. We were displayed all over the channels in the World. I wasn't comfortable, I didn’t want boko-haram to know me because, I am sure they will surely see the news and our faces. I didn’t know if I should leave lagos or stay. "boko-haram is going to kill 74 of us" I thought to myself. 

The government assigned Soldiers to protect us and we should be taking to a very big house for safety purpose. 

I didn't agree with the idea, I knew boko-haram could just set an explosive bomb to destroy us all. The Government didn't agree with me, they said the house will be guided by Soldiers! I still didn’t agree with the idea.

Soldier: we are even trying to save you and make you enjoy and you here are saying another thing. How are we even sure you are the one who is going to destroy boko-haram? We've 74 men in lagos who call themselves Young-Alhaji, so there is a probability that you’re not the one who is going to stop boko-haram

Me: I don’t want to die, we shouldn’t stay together; we should be separated

Soldier: we are not forcing anybody to stay; if you don’t want to stay you can leave

Me: I am leaving

As I was leaving, three of the boys who also call themselves Young_Alhaji also decided to leave with me. We decided to name ourselves Young_Alhaji 1, 2, 3 and 4. I told them I don’t want any number in my name. Let me just be called Young_Alhaji. They agreed. So we became Young_Alhaji, Young_Alhaji 1, Young_Alhaji 2 and Young_Alhaji 3

Soldier: Good for you people. But if the four of you won't co-operate with us, you are leaving Lagos.

I always believed I am the one who is going to stop boko-haram because I have always thought on how to destroy them

Young_Alhaji 2: why should we leave Lagos? Is it because we don't want to join the rest?

Soldier: since you guys don’t respect the Government's decision, and you guys are not indigenes of lagos so we don't want you in our state

Me: {laughed} we will leave, and I will stop Boko_Haram
Soldier: {laughed} what will you stop them with? No training, no weapons and no back-up, how will you stop them? The rest of the 70 will be trained and prepared for war against Boko-Haram

Me: God didn't ask anybody to be trained. He only gave one of us the capability to destroy Boko-Haram, so the training won’t change anything

The four of us left the place but we didn’t leave Lagos. I and the 3 Young_Alhaji lived together. I began getting tired of them because I didn't like their attitudes. I didn't know how to tell them so I decided to leave Lagos alone the next day morning. That night, I was watching N.T.A news when I heard that the House was attacked and all the soldiers guiding the boys were killed. They didn't know what happened to the 70 boys. I hurriedly showed the three Young_Alhajis the news

Young_Alhaji {1}: we are very lucky, we would’ve been missing by now also

Young_Alhaji {3}: Young_Alhaji saved us

Me: we are not safe, they are still in Lagos and I am sure they are looking for us we've to leave Lagos.

Young_Alhaji{2}: I am sure they've killed all of them, they don’t know we are here so there is no need to run

Me: if you guys won't leave I will leave

Young_Alhaji{3}: you Young_Alhaji, you are too proud. Even when all of us were adding numbers to our name, you refused to change yours, you are not our boss! you are not anything!! we just left you.

I didn't answer them, I went ahead to gather my load. When I left, one of them said he thinks I am a member of boko-haram, I was sent by boko-haram to destroy all the Young_Alhaji’s that was why I refused to stay in the house.

Young_Alhaji{3}: You are right, I think we should follow him and kill him

Young_Alhaji{1}: how sure are we?

Young_Alhaji{2}: I am sure, let’s just kill him

I was at the door listening to them, I decided to hide to avoid been murdered by them. After some hours, I left Lagos to ogun state so that I will be Close to Lagos. The next day morning, I saw something to my greatest surprise. I saw myself wanted In Nigeria, it was all over the news that I am wanted. I think the three Young_Alhajis reported me and they believed. I was very disappointed in Nigeria, I didn't know what to do, i decided to leave ogun state because I knew sooner, the poster will be everywhere and I will be caught. And if I am caught, I will be killed. I decided to go to a village in kaduna state. When I went there, I saw a very pretty girl passing by, I didn’t want to lose her so I walked up to her

Me: hello, please can I have a word with you for a minute

Girl: what do you want to say?

Me: I want to ask you some questions

Girl: why do you want to ask me some questions?

Me: "which kind girl be this?" I thought to myself. Well I am a stranger here and I don’t know if I can get somewhere here to stay

The End Of Episode 1

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Author: Al-amin Usman