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Gun Men In Lagos Episode 2

Gun Men In Lagos Episode 2

Me: ‘’which kind girl be this?’’ I thought to myself. Well, I am a stranger here and I don’t know if I can get somewhere here to stay

Girl: I don’t know

Me: come on, why are you being harsh? I just need a house to rent

Girl: I said I don’t know any house now

Me: {Laughed} ok fine, what is your name?

Girl: I don’t know

Me: is it everything you don’t know?

Girl: what do you want to know my name for? Please I am leaving

Me: come on, what’s wrong with you? My name is Al-amin but people call me young_Alhaji, what about you?

Girl: Al-amin? So you are a muslim

Me: yes now

Girl: I thought you are a Christian. Well, my name is Maryam

Me: nice name, can I have your number

Maryam: I don’t have a phone, but you were saying you needed a house to rent right?

Me: yes

Maryam: my dad is a landlord, and he has an empty room To-let

Me: wow! thanks. Can we go now?

Maryam: yeah! sure

When we got to maryam’s father, he asked me some few questions

Father: what is your name?

Me: Al-amin Usman

Father: where do you come from?

Me: ogun state

Father: how will you come from ogun state and say you are a muslim?

Me: my state of origin is adamawa

Father: where are your parents?

Me: they are late

Father: okay. I only have one room left, will it be enough for you?

Me: yes sir, one room is enough for me

Father: okay. You will pay N5,000 naira now and N1,000 monthly

Me: okay that won’t be a problem

I gave him N7,000 and he told maryam to take me to the room. The room was very close to his house. Maryam showed me everywhere.

Me: Thanks for Your care

Maryam: {laughed} which care?

Me: never mind, I hope we will be seeing each other

Maryam: what for?

Me: you are the only friend I have here now

Maryam: go and look for male friends

Me: come on, don’t say that

Maryam: bye I am leaving

Me: when will I see you again?

Maryam: see, you don’t know my father; this is not ogun state o

Me: is it bad to be friends with a girl?

Maryam: yes, it is bad to be friends with a girl in kaduna

Me: {laughed} so that means all the girls in kaduna won’t get married

Maryam: that one is different, I am betrothed to someone

Me: ok! Sorry

Maryam: better
She left me and went to her compound. I wasn’t happy when she told me she was betrothed to someone; I had already fallen in love with her. I just had to forget about her. I arranged my room and was looking for where to take my bath.

Father: what are you looking for?

Me: I want to take my bath, I am looking for the bathroom

He directed me to the bath room. When I went to the bath room, I saw a chair inside. I didn't know what it was for. The bathroom was too low, no zinc I could see everybody outside and they could also see me. I decided to sit down on the chair. I wasn't comfortable because I have never sat down while taking my bath. 'I will get used to it' I thought to myself. After I finished taking my bath, I went to my room to change my cloth. After doing that, I decided to go out and get myself something to eat. I didn't know anywhere in kaduna, I was just walking around when I saw maryam coming back from somewhere, I called her;

Maryam: please stop calling me, I already told you I am betrothed to someone

Me: I just want to ask you something now

Maryam: okay what?

Me: why are you shouting now?

Maryam: did I shout?

Me: yes

She hissed and was about to go

Me: okay maryam wait, I just want to ask you where I can get something to eat I am hungry

Maryam: what do you want to eat?

Me: I will like to drink tea

Maryam: okay, let me direct you

When she was directing me, I didn’t understand all the things she was saying, I like having a conversation with her but I didn’t know how to tell her.

Me: I don’t understand all the things you said

Maryam: that’s your business, go and look for another person to direct you

Me: take me to the place now please

Maryam: you’re not serious, so I should be walking with a man?

Me: but you walked with me and took me to your father

Maryam: that one is different

Me: this one too is different

Maryam: I won’t take you there

Me: Please

Maryam: no I won’t

Me: I am hurt

Maryam: you're hurt?

Me: yes

She looked at me for a while and decided to take me there; but she didn't say a word. I was talking to her but she didn't answer. When we were closed to the place, she pointed at the shop and turned back

Me: thank You, I will see you when I come back

Maryam: ##shouted## don’t dare talk to me ever in your life

I didn’t say I word, I don’t know if I should tell her I love her or just forget about her. I just left her and went to the tea store. When I was drinking the tea, I saw a post on saying there has been a war between boko haram and Lagos, saying if they don’t provide me Lagos won’t be @ peace

The End Of Episode 2

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Author: Al-amin Usman