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Gun Men In Lagos Episode 3

Gun Men In Lagos Episode 3

I didn’t say I word, I don’t know if I should tell her I love her or just forget about her. I just left her and went to the tea store. when I was drinking the tea, I saw a post on saying there has been a war between boko haram and Lagos, saying if they don’t provide me Lagos won’t be @ peace. I also saw that all the Young_Alhaji's heads were cut off. I became very scared. Nigeria declined me wanted and now I am also wanted by boko-haram. "I am finished" I thought to myself. The worst thing was that my picture was everywhere facebook, whatsapp,, all tv stations. I wasn’t comfortable because the village I was there was light and they all have television. I decided to look for where to buy a scarf and a male’s gown so that I will use it to cover my face. I went through lots of difficulties looking for it. Successfully, I found what I wanted. I hurriedly went home and changed my cloth. When I came out, I saw maryam coming closer to my room I thought she wanted to Apologize for what she said to me.

Maryam: Al-amin also known as Young_Alhaji right?

Me: ##smiled## yes

Maryam: why are you dressed like this and why are you covering your face?

Me; that's how I am, I like covering my face

Maryam: but when you ran to kaduna you didn’t cover your face right?

Me: ##shocked## what do you mean "run to kaduna?"

Maryam: you think I don’t know?

Me: know what?

Maryam: you are a boko haram member, I saw it online

Me: ##shocked## I thought you said you don’t have a phone

Maryam: well, I lied and I am going to report you to the villagers so that they will beat you till death

Me: maryam! you are misunderstanding the whole situation. Wait let me explain to you. You saw the half news let me show you the full news

Maryam: really? Show me

I told maryam everything, I told him how a sorcerer said a boy named Young_Alhaji is going to destroy Boko-Haram and I told her why Nigeria declined me wanted.

Maryam: why should I believe you?

Me: come on maryam, do I look like boko haram? If truly I am boko haram will I run to kaduna? I would ve just gone back to them since the 73 young_Alhajis are dead

Maryam: so you are trying to say you are the Young_Alhaji who is going to destroy boko Haram?

Me: I don’t know! only God knows

Maryam: okay

Me: but don’t tell anybody I am Young_Alhaji please

Maryam: no problem I won’t

Me: even your lover don’t tell him


Maryam: who is my lover?

Me: The one you told me about now

Maryam: which lover did I tell you about?

Me: the one you told me you are betrothed to now

Maryam: so because I am betrothed to someone I must love him?

Me: he is your husband to be now

Maryam: don’t ever tell me that. I hate him! I am planning to run away from this house

Me: {happy} run? Why will you run away just like that? What about me? I don’t want to lose you I like you a lot

Maryam: I have told you to stop telling me about like or anything romantic, this is not ogun or lagos state

Me: Okay sorry, I will only tell you about marrage

Maryam: ##laughed## you this boy! don’t go and look for a way to save your life be here saying rubbish

Me: since you are running away let's run together

Maryam: ##laughed## are you advising me to run away from my parent?

Me: No, but since you are been forced to marry a man you don’t love, let's run away so that we will be together forever

Maryam: hey! Did I say I like you?

Me: but I like you

Maryam: the person I am betrothed to also likes me

Me: ok who do you chose? Me or him

Maryam: None

Me: come on now, why are you like this?

Maryam: so I don’t know anything about you I should just agree to marry you? Just like that?

Me:##laughed## had it been you know everything about me will you agree?

Maryam: I might if you are a good person

Me: I am a good person now, that is why God chose me to fight Boko-Haram

Maryam: ##laughed## who knows if the real one has been killed

Me: God won’t allow the real Young_Alhaji to die

Maryam: ok go and fight them now! Why are you running? God won’t allow you to die now

Me: ##laughed## do you want me to die?

Maryam: that means you're the fake Young_Alhaji

Me: I am the real one. I have to destroy them with with brain.

The End Of Episode 3

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Author: Al-amin Usman