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Gun Men In Lagos Episode 4

Gun Men In Lagos Episode 4

Me: I am the real one. I have to destroy them with with brain

Maryam: okay, good luck

Me: are you leaving like that?

Maryam: what should I leave with?

Me: do you like me?

Maryam: I like you as my neighbour

Me: but I like you as my wife

Maryam: if you destroy boko-haram I will marry you

Me: {laughed} you’ve to assist me now?

Maryam: I should assist you to fight boko-haram? Do I look like I want to die? Was I chosen by God?

Me: ##laughed## but you were chosen to become mine by God

Maryam: ##grimed## you like saying wayo things. I am leaving

Me: okay give me your number

Maryam: gosh, why did I even tell you I have phone

Me: what's wrong with you now? Have you forgotten you are my fiancée?

Maryam: ##laughed## how did I become your fiancée?

Me: you said if I destroy boko-haram you will marry me and I was chosen by God to destroy them

Maryam: ##laughed## you got me! but don’t call me your fiancée yet until you destroy boko haram

Me: but you are my fiancée?

Maryam: I said you should not call me your fiancée

Me: if you agree that I am your husband to be I won't call you my fiancée. Just call me your husband

Maryam: okay, my husband

Me: ##laughed## okay your number

I and maryam exchanged contact and she left. I was thinking of what to do to save myself. I opened my phone and decided to check what was happening in Lagos. I saw a video on youtube, a man screaming and shouting saying "boko-haram is just trying to finish lagos! the so called Young­­_Alhaji is a boko-haram member, they’re just using him as an excuse of the war." "I am finished" I thought to myself. Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door. "Who is that?" I asked

Maryam: it's me

I was shocked because it was already late at night. I told her to come in because the door gat no keys

Maryam: I think you should leave from here

Me: ##shaking##why?

Maryam: the Police are outside

Me: how did they know I am here?

Maryam: I called them

Me: shit! I shouldn't have trusted you. I don't trust ladies and I made a very big mistake by trusting you; I thought you are different

Maryam: ##laughed## I am just joking o, I brought you sleeping net and I also brought you something to eat

Me: huh?

Maryam: the food and sleeping net are outside. Let me get going before my dad sees me

Me: wait small now

Maryam: I can't, my dad will kill me if he sees me with you at this time of the night, he might even chase you away. We will see tomorrow

Me: Promise? What time?

Maryam: anytime! we are close to each other now

Me: okay bye

Maryam left my room and went to her room. When she left, I went outside to see the things she brought for me. I took the sleeping night outside but I threw away the food because I didn't like it. I didn't want her to know I threw away the food she brought so I decided to take it to the bath room and threw it to the pit where they do excrete faeces. The next day morning, I brushed my teeth and went to fetch water to take my bath. When I went there; I saw maryam there too fetching water

Maryam: good morning

Me: morning. How was your night?

Maryam: it was fine, how was the food yesterday

I suspected she saw me throwing it away but I wasn't sure

Me: it was nice, I enjoyed it

Maryam: are you sure it was nice? I hate lies o Young_Alhaji

As a sharp guy, I already knew she saw me throwing it away because there is no way the first thing she is going to ask me in the morning is about food. There is something wrong

Me: maryam! You know I love you and I don’t want to lie to you

Maryam: yes

Me: I didn't eat the food

Maryam: I felt bad when I saw you throwing it away last night. But anyways, thanks for telling me the truth

Me: I am sorry

Maryam: did I say I am angry?

Me: no, but I made you feel bad yesterday. Am I forgiven?

Maryam: okay! yes I forgive you. But why didn’t you eat it? You thought I poisoned it right?

Me: ##laughed## not that. I don’t like tuwo that was why I threw it away

Maryam: hmmm! Lagos Boy!! Bye!!!

I also fetched my water and went ahead to take my bath. After taking my bath, I went inside my room, wore my cloth forgotten to cover my face.

The End Of Episode 4!!

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Author: Al-amin Usman