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Gun Men In Lagos Episode 5

Gun Men In Lagos Episode 5

I also fetched my water and went ahead to take my bath. After taking my bath, I went inside my room, wore my cloth, forgotten to cover my face. When I went to the shop of the man who sells tea, a bike man was challenging me saying he knows me.

Man: are you not Young_Alhaji

Me: no

He brought out his phone and showed my picture to me saying I am wanted. He went down from his bike and started showing the picture to the people who came to the shop to drink tea. I hurriedly took the bike and ran away. they tried to chase me but they couldn't catch me because there were no other bikes close them. I drove straight to the bush. I called maryam and told her everything.

Maryam: so what are you going to do now?

Me: I will just leave kaduna. Please can you arrange my belongings for me? I will come later to collect them

Maryam: no problem. What about us?

Me: can't you come with me?

Maryam: I can't just leave my dad here now

Me: he can take care of himself

Maryam: no, I can’t

Me: fine no problem, I understand

Maryam: make sure we don't lose contact

Me: when is your wedding?

Maryam: I already told you I am not getting married to him

Me: I know. What I meant was that; the guy you are forced to marry when is the marriage supposed to take place?

Maryam: three months from now

Me: okay. I will call you when I come back to collect my belongings 


Maryam: okay

Some hours later, I went back to the village and called maryam. She brought me my belongings.

Maryam: I am going to miss you please make sure we don't lose contact

Me: don't worry, nothing can separate us

She helped me to tie my belongings in the bike I stole. As she was about going back, we heard the sound of guns and bombs, and we also heard people screaming. I knew they were boko-haram. I hurriedly held maryam and put her on top of the tank of the bike, she was crying because of her dad, I wanted to go back and save him but it was too late. I and maryam managed to escape with the motorcycle. Maryam was repeatedly crying like a child, I was wondering how boko haram knew I was in a village in kaduna. I checked everything online and found out that the sorcerer who told them that young_Alhaji is the person who is going to destroy them is capable of knowing my location and also knowing if I am still alive. I showed the news to maryam

Maryam: are you sure you are going to make it?

Me: God used that Bike Man to make me escape from the village, if the bike man hadn't have seen me and recognized me, I wouldn’t have ran away from the village. And I am sure we would both be dead by now. And remember what I told you

Maryam: what did you tell me?

Me: you are destined to be my wife, so you can't die also that was why God made you to bring my belongings for me so that we would both run away

Maryam: ##laughed## you are not serious. Instead of you to be consoling me about my dad I lost, you are telling me about love

Me: but what I am telling you is the truth

Maryam: I didn't say it’s a lie, but at least, leave that for now

Me: okay ma

Maryam: now that the sorcerer can tell them where you are what do we do?

Me: I have to think of a smart plan

Maryam: better think fast, he might have told them you are still alive and tell them where you are. I lost my dad and I don’t want to lose anybody else please

Me: come on maryam! Believe!! God won’t let me to die

Maryam: hmmm! I hope so

Me: so you don’t believe?

Maryam: did I say I don’t believe?

Me: but you said "hmmm I hope so"

Maryam: ##Laughed## ok I believe! but look for a smart plan

Me: wow, I think I have a smart Plan

Maryam: what is it?

The End Of Episode 5

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Author: Al-amin Usman