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Gun Men In Lagos Episode 6

Gun Men In Lagos Episode 6

Me: wow, I think I have a smart Plan

Maryam: what is it?

Me: I have to kill the sorcerer first before anything

Maryam: what? My husband is not a killer

Me: ##laughed## I was destined to kill boko-haram now

Maryam: even though, the sorcerer is not boko-haram

Me: he is boko-haram since he is the one telling them where I am

Maryam: that'
s not even the problem

Me: what is the Problem?

Maryam: how are you going to kill him?

Me: I know how

Maryam: okay tell me how

Me: I think he is in sambisa forest

Maryam: ##Laughed## you want to go to sambisa forest? Even soldiers are scared to go talk less of you

Me: I was chosen by God

Maryam: everything you will tell me you were chosen. Okay if you go to sambisa forest do you know where he lives? Do you even know sambisa forest?

Me: I don't know sambisa forest but I know how to get to the sorcerer

Maryam: how?

Me: I will kidnap one of boko-haram members

Maryam: Young_Alhaji!! You want to kidnap boko haram? Are you okay

Me: just let me do my job. We've to steal a car first

Maryam: wait, why do you want to kidnap one of boko-haram members?

Me: he knows sambisa forest and he also knows the sorcerer

Maryam: good point. But Young_Alhaji these things are easy to say but they won't be easy to do

Me: don't worry yourself maryam; God is with us

Maryam: so what do we need a car for?

Me: to escape with one of boko-haram members. Since we are in the bush, the sorcerer can't just tell them where exactly we are because the exact place we are doesn't have name. He will only tell them where we are closed to

Maryam: how did you know? What if they come with helicopters to search for u?

Me: don't worry; God won’t allow me to die. They didn’t attack your village with helicopter so they can’t attack me with an helicopter

Maryam: so what's the Plan?


Me: let's look for a car first. Can't I find a car in your village?

Maryam: I don’t think so, and even if there are cars in my village you ain't going back there

Me: do you care for me this much?

Maryam: You are the only one I have left

Me: ##Laughed## don’t worry; nothing is going to happen to me

Maryam: I hope so

Me: I will need a weapon and a car, but we have to steal a car first

Maryam: are you a thief?

Me: come on maryam! Remember I am the chosen one

Maryam: did God ask you to steal?

Me: I have to

I buried my belongings under the ground because they were too heavy. I and maryam went to the main road in search of fuel for the bike I stole. I covered my face to avoid being recognized. We went to the filling station and I filled the tank of the motorcycle. I decided to go back to Maryam's village because we had nowhere else to go. Maryam wasn't happy with the decision but I had to convince her. The village is a small village and there were no survivors!We found all the villagers dead. "they think I am also dead" I thought myself

Maryam: Young_Alhaji! I think we should leave this village

Me: maryam come on! Don't be scared, I know what I am doing

Maryam: what if they come back?

Me: they haven't gone back

Maryam: what? How did you know?

Me: they know I am not dead. We are lucky we came back; they are spread out in the bush looking for me

I knew they were looking for me because I saw some of their cars in the village and I knew they are some members inside the cars or close to the cars. I wanted to know how many they were so I told maryam to wait for me there while I go. When I was walking close to the cars, I saw one of them arranging his gun. I tried to go close to him to take his gun and one of the cars and run away. But I was caught, they were four. Maryam too was caught. The rest of the members were in the bush searching for me.

Boko-haram: so you're the young_Alhaji?

Me: I am not the one

Boko-haram: I recognize your face very well

The End Of Episode 6

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Author: Al-amin Usman