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Gun Men In Lagos Episode 7

Gun Men In Lagos Episode 7

Me: I am not the one

Boko-haram: I recognize your face very well

He told one of the members to call the rest that I have been found, I quickly hit him on his jaw and took his gun from him. The three members wanted to shoot me but I was at his back. One of the members wanted to grab maryam but I immediately shoot at the 3 of them; then I shot the one in my front at his leg and tied him immediately before the rest members wouldcome back. I shot at all the tyres of their vehicle so that they won’t be able to chase me. But I reserved one for myself. maryam entered inside the car and I also put the boko-haram i shot on the leg inside the car too and drove off.

I decided to come back to lagos to clear all the accusations against me so that I will be free and I will be able to focus in destroying boko-haram. So I decided to switch on my phone's recorder so that the conversation between me and the boko-haram will prove my innocence. On my way to Lagos, I was stopped by some soldiers.

Soldier: how did you get this vehicle?

Me: I am Young_Alhaji the most wanted person in Nigeria

Soldier: Young_Alhaji the one to stop boko-haram?

Me: yes

Soldier: not everybody believes you are a member of boko-haram

Me: then why am I wanted?

Soldier: you are a suspect and you need to be interrogated

Me: well, that will be in lagos

Soldiers: you have to follow us

Me: "how come these soldiers didn't recognize my face in the first place? are they really soldiers?" I thought to myself. No need for that, I have a boko-haram member here with me tied up

They looked at him and told me I still have to go with them; I started suspecting they were boko-haram. "these men are just two! I can take them down" I thought to myself. I got angry! shot at them and drove off.

Maryam: Young_Alhaji what are you doing?

Me: I don’t think they are real soldiers they might be boko-haram

Boko-haram: they aren't boko-haram! they are real soldiers. And if you don't let me go now I will expose you when we get to Lagos

Me: do you know I can just kill you now?

Boko-haram: if you kill me you have no proof of proving to the world you are innocent

Me: I don’t care

Maryam: Young_Alhaji please, I just want to see you free from all this

Me: killing him or releasing him is the same thing

Boko-haram: there is a medicine I will give to you; anything you say they will believe you

Me: I am not the type

Boko-Haram: it's better you do it now to save yourself

I got angry! stopped the car, went straight to him; took the medicine from him and threw it away. "such medicines are not needed in this world" I said to him.
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Maryam: please Young_Alhaji let's go before someone attacks us

I started the car and we continued our journey.

Maryam: Young_Alhaji

Me: yes?

Maryam: You killed two soldiers

Me: so?

Maryam: you will be jailed for that

Me: nobody will jail me I thought they were boko-haram

Maryam: nobody will listen to that

Me: I am the last Young_Alhaji remaining so I deserved to be respected

Maryam: hmmm! I am just scared

Me: Don’t worry, God is with me

Boko-Haram: do you really think you can stop us alone?

Me: yes I know I can since I am the chosen one

Boko-haram: how sure are you that you are the chosen one? We killed 73 of you guys the chosen one might be dead

Me: since I am still alive! I am the chosen one

Boko-haram: you don’t know who we are

Me: and you don’t know who God is. I will so deal with you when we get to lagos to the extent that you will regret why you came to this world

Boko-haram: my people will come for me

I got angry and hit him hard on his head with my gun.

Maryam: Young_Alhaji please focus on your driving and leave this man

Me: instead of him to be begging he is talking anyhow. I am ready for all of them; let them come

Maryam: Young_Alhaji

Me: what?

Maryam: what if you are not the chosen one and you die?

Me: I believe I am the chosen

Maryam: what if there is nothing like the chosen one?

Me: I believe there is

Maryam: what if the sorcerer was just lying?

Boko-Haram: our sorcerer doesn't lie

The End Of Episode 7

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