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Gun Men In Lagos Episode 8

Gun Men In Lagos Episode 8

Maryam: what if the sorcerer was just lying?

Boko-Haram: our sorcerer doesn’t lie

Me: didn'
t you ask your sorcerer if you guys can kill me or not?

Boko-haram: no we didn’t

Me: all of you are so dumb especially your sorcerer. How did you guys know I am in kaduna

Boko-haram: I can’t tell

Me: don't worry! you will tell when I finish dealing with you

Maryam: I am just scared

Me: I am here with you

Maryam: this is boko-haram we are talking about

Me: God is Stronger than them

We were lucky to arrive at lagos without any police or soldier stopping us for investigation. I drove straight to the barracks to report the case. I showed them the recorded audio I recorded, and they also took the boko-haram. They were very proud of me and were apologizing for the misunderstanding

Me: see this people that were declining me wanted

Maryam: ##laughed## Al-amin it's not over yet o

Me: this one you called me Al-amin what changed you?

Maryam: ok, young_Alhaji it is not over yet o

Me: what is remaining?

Maryam: boko-haram now

Me: don't worry, there are lots of weapons inside that vehicle! I will use it to fight them

Maryam: let's just look for a way to make them not to be able to trace you

Me: the way is for me to kill them. Let’s go inside for interrogation

Maryam: what interrogation?

Me: the boko-haram I kidnapped now

Maryam: let's freshen up first now

Soldier: everything you need is inside, you can freshen up inside

Maryam: what about cloth?

Soldier: they will be supplied

Me: hope those boko-haram won't attack again?

Soldier: only God knows

Me: let me just interrogate that boko-haram and leave

I and maryam went to the room where they took the man to! I couldn't believe what I saw. I couldn't even recognize him. maryam begged me to stop them because the beaten was too much

Boko-haram: please Young_Alhaji help me I am ready to answer any question you want to ask please just save me

Soldier: we know you are ready to answer, we just want you to feel the pain other people have been feeling


Maryam: please let him be, you've done enough

Soldier: this is just the beginning

Me: do you want to kill him?

Soldier: we are doing our job

The boko-haram was taking away to the cell for him to rest. I decided to hand him over to the police.

Soldier: this is not an ordinary case! you can't just hand him over to the police

Me: but it's the duty of the police

Soldier: this one is boko-haram! if we hand him to the police his members will surely kill all the police men there and he will be saved

Me: so you're not scared they might come here?

Soldier: no they can’t

Me: so why didn't you people saved the 73 young_Alhaji?

Soldier: it'
s a long story

Me: tell me I want to know

Soldier: You know boko-haram can't just come to lagos to defeat us!! you know that right?

Me: I don't know o! Lots of soldiers were killed by them

Soldier: they attacked in the night

Me: they can still attack this night

Soldier: we are ready for them this time

Me: I just hope so

I and maryam left the barracks. I took her to my house but she wasn't comfortable with the idea because we were not married.

Maryam: you just have a room and a parlour! we can't live together

Me: come on! You can sleep in the room and I will sleep in the parlour

Maryam: we are still near

Me: it doesn’t matter now; or don't you trust me? You can lock the room if you wish

Maryam: it's not that I don't trust you! it's just that it's against the wish of God for a boy and a girl who ain't husband and wife to live together

Me: ##laughed## ok what do you want me to do?

Maryam: ##in a soft tone## I don't know

Me: it's a must we live together; come on!

Maryam: Young_Alhaji

Me: come on! Stay comfortable

She later agreed to live with me but we weren't comfortable because boko-haram might attack that night. I watched N.T.A news that night, boko-haram was demanding for me and their member I kidnapped. They threatened Lagos won't be at peace if they don’t hand over me and their member to them. I didn't want to tell maryam because I wanted her to be comfortable. I myself I wasn't comfortable, I couldn’t sleep that night I was scared of death.

The End Of Episode 8

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Author: Al-amin Usman