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Gun Men In Lagos Episode 9

Gun Men In Lagos Episode 9

I myself I wasn't comfortable! I couldn't sleep that night because I was scared of death. The next day morning, maryam woke me up 5:45 a.m to pray. I went out to perform ablution to pray at home because there are no mosques close to my house. After I prayed, maryam was in the parlour pressing her phone

Me: baby how far?

Maryam: I am not fine

Me: why?

Maryam: why will I be fine? I couldn't sleep last night because of fear

Me: what are you scared of?

Maryam: why won't I be scared? boko-haram are after my husband and we live together

Me: huh? Really? That was the reason why you didn't want to live with me right?

Maryam: no! it's not what you think

Me: what is it then? I get it maryam. You don’t love me

Maryam: Young_Alhaji I love you

Me: no you don't! You just want to be separated from me so that you will be safe. But no problem you can leave

Maryam: no! it's not what you think. You know you are the only person I have left in this world why are you saying all this? I am just scared boko-haram might kill you and I will be left alone please try to understand me

Me: Really?

Maryam: yes! I don't want us to be separated

Me: hmmm! Ok no problem

Maryam: You do you love me? You've never told me you love me?

Me: do I have to tell you I love you before you know?

Maryam: yes

Me: Okay; I love you maryam

Maryam: ok good

Me: won't you tell me you love me too?

Maryam: do I have to repeat it?

Me: Yes

Maryam: okay! I love you

Me: better

Later in the morning, I went outside to buy bread. Maryam made tea for herself and me

Maryam: when you went out I was scared something might happen to you

Me: come on! Don’t be scared, I am the chosen one

As we were discussing, I heard a knock on my door.

Maryam: ##whispered## maybe it’s boko-haram

Me: ##whispered## it can't be them. If it is them; people would have been running and screaming

I went to the door to check who it was but fortunately, it was a soldier

Soldier: Good morning

Me: morning, come in

The soldier came inside the house

Maryam: Good morning

Soldier: Morning! Well! I was sent to ask Young_Alhaji to come to the barracks now

Me: I can't come now, it’s too early

Soldier: we're not having any problem with you! You are Young_Alhaji and it's a request

Me: so, what am I needed for?

Soldier: it's concerning the boko-haram you kidnapped. The government is in the barrack and he will like to see you

Me: that won't be a problem

Soldier: we are to go together! my other men are outside

Maryam: Please can you excuse me and my husband for a second?

Soldier: No problem

The Soldier went out of my room.

Me: Maryam what is it?

Maryam: he said the other men are outside, how sure are we they are not boko-haram?

Me: you have a point here but don't worry, I am the chosen one everything will be fine

Maryam: you can't go with them I won’t Let you

Me: maryam come on! I know what I am doing

Maryam: Let's just run away from here; it's them

Me: it's not them; I saw him in the barracks yesterday

Maryam: you didn't see him; we were together yesterday and I didn't say anybody like him yesterday

Me: I saw him

Maryam: you didn't

Me: I did see him

Maryam: fine go it's your life

Me: yeah! I will go. I know you don't care about my life

Maryam: you can say whatever you like I don't care

I prepared myself and was about going to meet them outside.

Maryam: Young_Alhaji Please don't go

Me: sorry Maryam; I have to go, I know what I am doing

Maryam: Young_Alhaji

Me: don't provoke me o maryam, I said I know what I am doing

Maryam: okay, I will go with you

The End Of Episode 9

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Author: Al-amin Usman