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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 2 (SEASON 1)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 2 (SEASON 1)

After 2hours of searching we were about going home and planning to come back the next day when we finally met someone who claimed to be his friend.

Me: please can you take us to his house?

Friend: I can’t just take you to his house when I don’t know who you are.

Me: (laughed) there is nothing to worry about. Besides, he is my very good friend.

Ali: dino, please let’s just back home since this guy doesn't trust us

Me: No, I really need to see him for an important business

Friend: Ok I won’t take you to his house the least I can do for you is to call him out

Ali: (getting angry) hey! What do you take us for? do we look like criminals?

Friend: well! criminality is not written on the face Therefore, I don’t trust u guys.

Me: (Felt like punching him) ok. Just call him out for us

Friend: okay his house is nearby. Who do I say wants to see him?

Me: tell him his best niggur.

Friend: hmmm; okay, follow me, I’ll tell u where to stop. I and Ali followed him until we got to a certain area where he asked us to wait inside a Snooker game teen. We both went inside and sat down. The place was empty. As were both waiting, a call came to my phone. It was from Maryam.

Me: (picked the call)

Maryam: Hello mr officer

Me: (laughed) you know I am still investigating on the hacker and you are calling me an officer. Do you want people to know I am a police man?

Maryam: (laughed) okay, what do you want me to call you?

Me: call me “mine”

Maryam: (in a skeptic tone) God forbid, a police man can never be mine

Me: (felt embarrassed) hahan, why now?

Maryam: (in an awkward manner) no girl can ever love a police man. If you really need a girl to call u hers retire from being a police

Me: (very angry) if I retire will u feed me?

Maryam: (laughed) yes! I will get you a better job

Me: (omo, I don hammer; I thought to myself) if I retire, will you become mine?

Maryam: God forbid! Ugly man like you!!

Me: (Felt embarrassed and angry) ok. I ended the call. She called me back, but I refused to pick. She kept on calling and calling to the extent that I had to switch off my phone. To my greatest surprise I saw the hacker coming with his friend towards the snooker teen. The greatest mistake I made was; arresting him immediately in front of his friend. I never knew he was innocent. He was trying to tell me that his friend was the person who used his account.

Man: sir, please wait. Before he could finish talking, Ali gave him a very big heavy slap on his head and also landed another one on is ear, “shut up” Ali said.

Man: (Man crying) ok, I will shut up. I felt sorry for him. His friend was already gone. We took the man to the office, he was still crying. I switched on my phone, wanting to call Alhaji sale. I saw lots of texts from Maryam, i ignored them and proceeded to call alhaji sale.

Alhaji sale: hello, who is on the line?

Me: Alhaji, it’s me o; dino.

Alhaji sale: ah dino, this one that you called me, any problem?

Me: not really sir. I have good news

Alhaji sale: ooh, what is it?

Me: {feeling proud} the man that hacked your account is right here with me

Alhaji sale: what!! Are you serious?

Me: will I be joking with you?

Alhaji sale: wow! I will be there in 30minutes

Me: okay sir. {I ended the call}. So mr man, what do you have to say about about the 37million naira you stole?

Man: Sir, I am innocent

Ali: (Wanted to hit him) you are what?

Me: Hey Ali! Go outside

Ali: But sir,

Me: (Before he could finish talking) shut up. Go outside

Ali: {Disappointed} sir, you are too soft on him, how do u want him to confess?

Me: Are u referring to me? Hope you know I am your boss for now

Ali: {Angry} okay. I am sorry, don’t send me away please. I am tired of that office

Me: {Laughed} Ali Ali; lazy man. So mr man you said you are innocent, how?

Man: {Still crying} I was trying to tell you something, before this wicked colleague of yours slapped me

Ali: {Angry, getting closer to him} let me show you real wickedness

Man: {Scared} officer I swear I am innocent

Me: {Feeling interrupted by Ali} Ali! I won’t warn you again. If you interrupt me again, I will send you out. My phone rang. And it was a call from Maryam. I picked the call.

Me: {In an angry tone} YES?

Maryam: {Laughing} hey dino, don’t tell me you are angry at me because I told you the truth

Me: What truth?

Maryam: That you are ugly now, in fact, you are the ugliest guy I have ever seen in my life

Me: [Angrier. "The girl I thought I was going to get married to don’t even have feelings for me" I thought to myself} see Maryam, just stop calling me

Maryam: {Laughed} why will I?

Me: {I heard Alhaji sale’s voice} bye, your father is here. I said to Maryam.

Maryam: Okay, call me back whenever he leaves

Me: Hissed {I ended the call}. Alhaji sale was directed to come to where I was

Alhaji sale: Is this the criminal? He asked.

Ali: Yes he is

Me: He said he is innocent

Alhaji sale: {Angry} you are a very stupid criminal, i will deal with you. If u had known who I am, you wouldn’t have hacked my account

Man: {Scared} haaaah, I swear with my life I am innocent

Alhaji sale: Shut up, you criminal

Man: {Referring to me} officer, you are the only one who can understand me. Please give me a chance to explain myself.

Me: Okay, talk

Man: The guy you sent to call me is the guy who hacked the account

Me: What?

Man: Yes, he told me that his account has been closed that since I am the only guy he trust, I should give him my account number and the details, a friend of his from u.k wants to transfer 37million naira to him to hold. I never knew he was planning to hack anyone.

Me: So, how do we believe you? I asked;


Man: I still have the receipt of the transfer. We went to the bank and transferred all the money back to his own account, He told me it's his new account. and he only left 100thousand with me.

Me: 100 thousand? In 37 million naira? And yet, you still call him your friend

Man: Sir I didn’t know. He told me the money belongs to his friend in u.k

Me: Hmmmm, okay

Alhaji sale: So, how do we trace him now?

Man: I don’t know o since he is now aware that the police are looking for him

Alhaji sale: what? Who told him?

Man: He was the one who directed them to me

Me: Ali you see your life? If u hadn’t over reacted I am sure we would have come with his friend also. You were just hitting this guy any how you didn’t even give him a chance to talk

Ali: I am sorry

Me: Hissed. Sorry for yourself. My boss walked in and I explained everything to him

Boss: If you can trace this man, you can also trace the real hacker

Me: {Proud} I will try my best sir

Alhaji sale: Please do. I will be leaving now, I have an important meeting to attend to

 My boss also left.

Me: Ali, you can now go. Ali angrily left. I wanted to gain something from the man as a police officer, you know;

Man: can I go now?

Me: No

Man: But I am innocent. Please release me; I want to help you in tracing the betrayal

Me: You have to bail yourself first

Man: But I thought I saw a sticker which says, bail is free?

Me: {Laughed} that one is for fancy

Man: {Laughed] So how much?

Me: 10,000 naira

Man: Can I give you my ATM, to withdraw for me?

Me:[ {Happy} Omo I don hammer; I thought to myself} That won’t be a problem. He gave me his ATM and I went straight to the bank. I withdrew 20 thousand. 10thousand for bailing fee and 10 thousand for transport fee as a police man, you know. On my way back home, I saw an incoming call from Maryam. I picked it

Me: hello

Maryam: {Laughed} ugly boy. Why did you pick my call? I called you by mistake. You know I will never stoop so low to call an ugly police officer

Me: { [gGetting angry] I was beginning to think I was truly ugly} ok Maryam, cut the call then. It’s not as if you are even pretty

Maryam: {Laughed} I am prettier than your girlfriend. Can u even have a girl friend? I don’t think any lady will ever agree to date you or even get married to you

Me: {Felt bad} Maryam! Why do you always call me to insult me?

Maryam: Insult? I am not the insultive type o. I am just telling you the truth so that you will start planning on how to remain single all your life with no wife nor girlfriend.

Me: {Angry} See Maryam, the day you will ever call me, I swear; I will deal with u mercilessly

Maryam: {Angry} Mercilessly? You will deal with me mercilessly right? No problem, I am coming to your office right now And make sure you deal with me mercilessly

Me: { [Laughed] I thought she was joking} Come now, it’s like you don’t know who I am. She ended the call. “ this girl wants to threaten a whole officer like me” I said to myself. I went to the station and told the man that I took 20 thousand naira from his account.

Man: What? Just for bail?

Me: Will you shut up? Before I change my mind on bailing you

Man: {Scared} Ok sir

Me: { [Happy] I didn’t want my boss to know about the money}. I was about asking him how he is going to help me in tracing the real hacker, when segun came to me and told me that a lady IS looking for me, I became scared. Have confident jhoor dino, it can't be Maryam; I thought to myself. I went out to see who the lady was. On my greatest surprise, I saw Maryam.

Maryam: {Very angry} so ugly, here I am. Start dealing with me mercilessly. She came closer to me.


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Author: Al-amin Usman