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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 2 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 2 (SEASON 2)

Me: come on, you know I can’t stop loving you. Just tell me when you will be coming back please before my heart knocks like an engine

Maryam: {laughed} I don’t know yet, but I will call you later

Me: okay bye

I ended the call and headed back home. The next day, I and don went to Alhaji sale’s house but he was not around, I called him and informed him that we are at his house.

Alhaji sale: I don’t want you to work for me again! the conversation between you and don was recorded. You think I am fool to just trust you like that? You can never be trusted again

Me: "I have fucked up" I thought to myself. Sir, I only said so to Don to make him join the business

Alhaji sale: I am not a kid Dino, don’t try to play with my intelligence

Me: ok

Someone from my back hit me with a hammer hardly close to my neck. I woke up and found me and don tied up lying down in a room. I tried to wake Don up! after some minutes. he woke up.

Don: I am back to this place

Me: is this where you were kept all those days?

Don: yes, I can’t bear to stay here anymore

Me: I can’t even stay here for an hour. "Alhaji sale is mad" I said angrily to don

Don: {laughed} all those days I have been here you didn't know Alhaji sale is mad until today right?

Me: we have to do something. Who usually comes to give you food?

Don: one of his boys

Me: how do you usually eat the food?

Don: he usually looses one of my hands in a way that I won’t be able to untie myself

Me: this is bad. So what do we now?

Don: we will beg him for forgiveness

Me: I can never beg that man for forgiveness I will make sure I deal with him

Don: the only way to get freed from here is to make him trust us

Me: he won’t even answer us! I think we should talk to the person who usually comes to give you food

Don: dino you don’t know anything about this place, I have been begging the guy to release me but he doesn’t answer me

Me: Don! I can’t stay here for an hour

Don: am I the one who brought you here? If you had listened to me the first place it could have been better! we could have just run away from Alhaji sale

Me: why should we run away from a human being like us?

Don: he is rich, powerful and smart

Me: he is not smarter than me

Don: if he is not smarter than you then why are you here?

Me: I know what to do. As we were discussing, Alhaji sale and romeo walked into the room

Romeo: {laughed} officer Dino hah, you are with don today

Me: ##no answer##

Alhaji sale: I don’t even know what to do with you and Don

Me: then let us go! free us


Alhaji sale: I can’t just let the both of you go like that when you already know little things about me

Me: "you just came to my life to destroy me! Leave me alone now, what have I done to you to deserve all these? Please Alhaji sale, just let me go and let’s pretend as if we never knew each other" I said angrily to Alhaji sale

He came closer to me and gave me a very heavy slap; I saw it in his face that he was very angry. He ordered romeo to call his boys to beat me up. I was beaten up so bitterly for the first time of my life by his boys to the extent that I even fainted. When I woke up, I was very weak! Every part of my body was in pain.

Don: just respect him since you are here there is nothing we can do to get out of here if we don’t respect him

Me: gosh! I am so going to deal with Alhaji sale

Don: you are always saying you are going to deal with him; you can’t deal with him while you are here

Me: if I mistakenly get out from this place i am going to deal with Alhaji sale, I don’t care if there is something between me and his daughter. I am so going to deal with him

Don: second offence, you love his daughter? Dino!! Alhaji sale will kill you o

Me: what do you mean? Are you trying to tell me to stay away from Maryam?

Don: if you want to live long stay away from her! as we are now; I don’t even think we are going to live long. When you fainted! Alhaji sale told romeo that he is going to throw us into his suck-away for us to rot

Me: {angry} me suck away? I swear he can’t

Don: {in a soft and scary tone} see dino! please let’s just beg him. Just imagine yourself inside a suck-away with shit and maggot

Me: {laughed out loud} Don! Are you really a man? See the way you are scared of Alhaji sale. Don’t worry when someone comes to give us food we will make him untie us

Don: I have told you! I have tried that so many times he didn’t agree. And I don’t think anybody is even going to give us food, he wants to kill us

Me: for what now? Are you even sure if we beg him he is going to agree?

Don: we have to give it a trial. Let’s beg him with passion, cry, beg him as if he is God

Me: {laughed} me cry? I can’t

Don: even if you can’t cry at least make your face look sorry

Me: okay no problem

Don: let’s wait for anybody or him to come

Me: okay now


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Author: Al-amin Usman