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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 3 (SEASON 1)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 3 (SEASON 1)

Maryam: {very angry} so ugly, here I am. Start dealing with me mercilessly. She came closer to me. “chaiii, I am finished” I thought myself. But as a smart police officer, I changed the whole situation.

Me: {scared} Excuse me, who are you?

Maryam: {shocked} it’s me Maryam. Don’t tell me you don’t know who I am, I am not a fool to fall for that.

Me: please, I don’t know what you are talking about, maybe you are mistaken me for someone.

Maryam: really?

Me: yes. And if you could excuse me, I am kinda busy. I walked away, and went back to the man. I asked him what his name was.

Man: my name is DON.

Me: hmmmm; ok. So DON where do you think I can find the hacker?

Don: I don’t know for now. We both live together but I don’t think he will continue living with me.

Me: okay, I know what to do. Do u have any of his pictures with you?

Don: yes, I have some of his pictures with me

Me: can you give me his number and one of his pictures I will use in tracing him?

Don: that wont be a problem. Don gave me the hacker’s number, and asked me to follow him to lekki for the picture.

Me: chaiii, I am tired of going to lekki. I heard a voice from the back

Voice: you are tired of going to lekki because we aint going together. I turned back and found out that it was Maryam.

Me: Maryam! are you still here?

Maryam: {hissed} no I am there. So you now remember me right? I never thought you could ever deny me.

Me: { smiling} why won’t I deny you? When you wanted to embarrass me.

Maryam: {laughed} I have always told you, you don’t deserve to be a police officer. You are very clever.

Me: {proud} Thank you.

Maryam: hey!! Who told you I was comprehending you?

Me: {felt shy} you have problem.

Don: I am sick and tired of this place.

Maryam: {don’t mind this ugly officer}

Me: Maryam, are you really driving us to lekki?

Maryam: Am I your driver? Don’t you know how to drive?

Me: have you seen a clever police man who doesn’t know how to drive?

Maryam: whatever! here is the key. Maryam gave me the key and I drove the both of them to lekki. Don gave me the picture of the hacker. I was ready to do anything to find the hacker. Me and Maryam left. I was driving us back to apapa where I work. This is the only opportunity I have to let Maryam know how I feel about her; I thought to myself.

Me: Maryam!


Maryam: {silent}

Me: Maryam!!

Maryam: what?? Do I have to answer before you know that I heard you?

Me: {silent}.

She looked at me and was smiling saying some romantic words to me. I didn’t answer. When we get back to the station, I came down from the car and was walking to the station. “I will give you a call” she said. I walked into my office and was sitting down when I received a call from Don.

Me: hello Don, how far? “hahaha” Don is gone forever!!

Me: {shocked} who are you?

Unknown voice: I am the hacker!

Me: where is Don?

Hacker: Don is dead!! “hahaha” and you are the next!

Me: {getting angry} I said!!! Where!! Is! Don?

Hacker: {laughed} I said!! Don is dead, I stabbed him.

Me: {angry} I ended the call. I went to Ali, and explained everything to him.

Ali: why don’t we go to lekki to confirm if what he said is really true? It was already 6pm.

Me: what if it is trap?

Ali: you are right!

Me: don’t worry, lets go, nothing will happen to us. We both went to lekki and indeed; it was true. Don was murdered by the hacker. I felt sorry for Don. I received an incoming call from an unknown number, indeed; it was the hacker.

Hacker: officer dino, let me warn you. I am not an ordinary human being, I have spiritual powers. And if dare try to find me, I will end you also.

Me: {I couldn’t talk}. I was in deep pain looking at dead Don. “who do you think you are threatening?” I said to the hacker. If you truly have spiritual powers, appear to me now and kill me.

Hacker: well, I am not ready for that. But expect me in your dream this night.

Me: {ended the call} Don’s family came to pick Don. I and Ali went back to apapa. We also said everything to my boss and alhaji sale. We really felt sorry for poor Don. I promise myself to find the hacker wherever he is. I closed from work and went back home. When I was about to sleep I received a call from the hacker.

Hacker: dino!! Do you think you will see tomorrow?

Me: { [getting scared] “you are dino, why are you scared?” I thought to myself} if I have been destined to see tomorrow by God, there is nothing you can do about it.

Hacker: {laughed} let’s see. He ended the call. Though I was kinda scared, “to be a police man is not easy o” I said to myself. What if the hacker hires assassins to come that night to kill me? “I can’t sleep in this house I said.” I went to an hotel close to my area and slept there. I woke up by 5:50 a.m the next Morning and was very happy I am still alive. I decided to go back to my house. When I went back to my house, what I saw really shocked me.

GUESS WHAT I SAW ? ? ? . . .

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Author: Al-amin Usman