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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 3 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 3 (SEASON 2)

Don: let’s wait for anybody or him to come

Me: okay now. If Maryam was in Nigeria she would have set us free

Don: how will she know we are here?

Me: God will surely bring her to this room

Don: {laughed} where do you think we are?

Me: Alhaji sale’s house now

Don: see you! do you think Alhaji sale is as dumb as you are to put us in his house?

Me: {shocked} where are we?

Don: we are in Alhaji sale’s old warehouse

Me: warehouse? What if some of his business partners come in?

Don: I said old warehouse! Nobody can come in, the gate is even locked

Me: this man is wicked. I will surely deal with him

Don: you are still talking about dealing with him; what if a camera is hung somewhere here?

Me: you are right sha. So how are we going to communicate with Alhaji sale?

Don: we will wait for him to send someone to us, maybe romeo

Me: okay. Some minutes later, Alhaji sale came to the ware house

Alhaji sale: your boss is asking of you. How did he even know you were coming to my place?

Me: I told him

Alhaji sale: you are a fool! Did you have to tell him?

Me: I can’t just leave the station like that

Alhaji sale: well I told him I didn’t ask you to come to my place

Don: sir, please just forgive us. I am suffocating here

Alhaji sale: ##hissed##

Me: Alhaji sale please I am sorry

Alhaji sale: ##walking out of the room##

Don: Alhaji sale dan allah, I beg you with God please forgive us for the sake of God. I don’t know anything about you, I am not a police officer, I am just a normal citizen! Please forgive me

Me: forgive us please

Alhaji sale: Don!! I don’t have any problem with you. But you Dino, you will stay here for a year I promise you this

Me: {angry} but sir what have I done to you? You asked me to make Don join you in his business, I tricked him to make him join

Alhaji sale: I am not a kid

Me: okay i am sorry sir. Just give me a second chance I swear to God I really wanted to join you in your business, I was just trying to trick Don into joining

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Don: me too i wanted to join, I was just trying to form a little. As I am so, i am really broke just give us a second chance

Alhaji sale: why should I believe you guys?

Me: Alhaji sale we are helpless, just give us a second chance

Alhaji sale: no problem, I will give the both you a second chance

Me: "this man doesn’t know me yet! is it by force to work for someone?" I thought to myself. Thank you sir, I just want you to trust us we will never betray you

Alhaji sale: shut up, I don’t trust my workers including romeo and you are asking me to trust you?

Me: sorry sir, just believe us

Alhaji sale: ok, I will call one of my boys to release the both of you. You guys are just lucky I am in a happy mood today if not, I wouldn't have released the both of you! especially you dino, You would've spent one year in this room before you die. And I want to see the both of you here tomorrow; I have a specific job for the both of you

Don: okay sir. A huge guy came to untie us from the room and gave us back our phones. On our way home, a conversation ensued between me and don

Me: that useless dirty old man, see the way he was even talking! That I would have spent one year in his dirty old store if not that he was in a happy mood. Who was he trying to threaten?

Don: you better shut up!! A camera or a video recorder might have been placed in our body or cloth recording our conversation

Me: ##searching myself## better search your self

Don: I am not that dull like you not to have searched myself

Me: "am I dull?"I thought to myself. Because you just managed to give a point that is why you’re a spashing

Don: let’s just forget about this matter. Are we really going to work with Alhaji sale

Me: the plan still remains the same, we work with him and know who he really his

Don: ok now, no problem

Me: who knows maybe you are working with Alhaji sale! later now you will go and tell him all what I said right?

Don {laughed} I am not working for Alhaji sale! I also thought same thing, you love her daughter so you might be working for him because of Maryam

Me: wow, you just reminded me of Maryam I am really missing her let me call her

Don: {in a suspicious tone} why did you change the topic?

Me: "laughed" it’s only a stupid person that will suspect I am working for Alhaji sale. Have you forgotten the whole story? How I was sacked and everything

Don: okay no problem

Me: let me call my dearie. I called Maryam and put the call on loudspeaker to amuse don! and she picked


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Author: Al-amin Usman