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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 4 (SEASON 1)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 4 (SEASON 1)

When I went back to my house what I saw really shocked me. I saw blood stains on the floor, and I became scared. “what happened last night?” I thought to myself. One of my neighbour was coming out from the bathroom, when he saw saw me; he greeted me and told me all that happened.

Neighbour: dino, good morning o.

Me: good morning. Please why are there blood stains on the floor?

Neighbour: some armed robbers came to this compound and wanted to forcefully break your door with a preejator, but some police officers and community men caught them. They were severely beaten by the community men and was taken away to the station by the police officers. Hmmmmm, “this can’t be the hacker” I thought to myself. I went inside my room and started preparing for work. I was at work at 8:30 a.m. “A late comer as usual” I went to my office thinking of the only problem I have “how to arrest the hacker.” Ali came to my house.

Ali: good morning sir

Me: good morning.

Ali: I have arrested the hacker, he is inside the prison.

Me: {angry} "i wish my two hands can get to the boy’s face, I would have given him two heavy slaps" I thought to myself. So Ali you are still finding it difficult to understand that i am now your boss?

Ali: but sir

Me: {before he could finish talking} shut up!! You have the effrontery to enter inside my office, and the first thing you could say to me after greeting me was to lie to me?

Ali: but sir Maryam

Me: {before he could finish talking} shut up! Ehn;? Maryam what?

Ali: Maryam called me last night and told me that

Me: {feeling jealous. I thought Maryam has a crush on him} shut up! What does Maryam has to do with the hacker?

Ali: (frustrated} sir, listen to what I am about to say first.

Me: {angry} I am asking you about the hacker and you are still telling me about a girl

Ali: (angry} sir, Maryam asked me to come and watch over you last night

Me: shut… what? Watch over me? What for?

Ali: she called me last night and told me that she couldn’t sleep. I asked her why she couldn’t sleep and where she got my number from. She told me to forget about how she got my number that she really needs a favour from me. I asked her what the favour was; she then told me that if the hacker can kill don then he will be able to kill you also! that please, I should assign some of my colleagues to watch over you over the night. I told her not to worry herself that nothing was going to happen to you but She still insisted. She promised to give us something the next day. I agreed and informed the other officers about it, they agreed also.

Me: so you mean the armed robbers I thought came to my house last night was the hacker?

Ali: yes

Me: who even told Maryam that Don was murdered?

Ali: I don’t know. I guess it’s her father.

Me: okay, you are right. Where is the hacker now?

Ali: he is in the monsh room.

Me: (stood up) okay let’s go to him.

We both went to him.

Ali: smart guy.

Me: [happy] hahaha, I thought you are smart. So what happened? Why are you here?

Hacker: (no response)

Me: (laughed) disappear now. Even if you disappear, I will re-appear you back here.

Hacker: (no response). Ali gave him a slap on his mouth still; he was silent and angry

Me: (grinned) you are stubborn right? How much is left from the money you hacked?

Hacker: (no response)

Me: Ali, I don’t have time to waste. Go to my office you will see my water heater, Bring it to me. And come with three boys also

Ali: water heater? What for?

Me: {laughed} shey the guy they boil? I want to boil his buttocks. I swear I will insert the water heater inside his buttocks. Thank God my water heater is very small and tiny.

Ali: {laughed} dino ooo! you want to kill him? Lets just beat him up I am sure he is going to talk.

Me: no! that style is expired, Buttocks boiling is the new style. The hacker was looking at me at me. I could feel it that he was getting scared.

Ali: but that will injure him. It is better we insert an electric wire.

Me: {laughed} it’s like you want to kill somebody. Go and get me the water heater jhoor. Ali went to bring the water heater, and he came with three boys. There was no light so I asked ali to go and start the office generator

Ali: no petrol o

 I gave him 500 naira to go and get petrol. Ali was about going out to get the petrol when power supply was restored

Me: {happy} no need for the petrol. Ali gave me back my money.

Hacker: {scared} you don’t have the right to punish me. I am not a murderer, neither am I an hacker.

Ali: you are very stupid for what you just said.

Me: (laughed) so you can now talk? I haven’t even inserted the water heater inside your bum you are now talking. If I insert it you won’t only talk; but u will speak the truth.

Ali: should I plug the water heater on the socket?

Me: {angry} no, don’t plug it. Olodo

Ali: {Angry}. Ali plugged the water heater and we were waiting for it to get hot.

Me: you guys should hold him. I asked Ali to pull off the hacker’s trouser

Hacker: { scared} see, I hacked Alhaji Sale’s account and i am ready to return his money back to him; But I didn’t murder Don.

Me: {laughed} I only plugged the heater and you have started saying half true, half lie. If I insert it, you will tell me 100% true.

Hacker: okay, I will say the truth. But please send your boys out first. I sent them out, and asked Ali to stay back.

Me: start talking

Hacker: I committed the offence you are accusing me of. I killed Don, and I also hacked Alhaji sale’s account. But please, I don’t want to go to jail, I will pay you any amount. Just close the matter of don please.

Me: are you trying to bribe a police officer?

Hacker: please, I don’t want to go to jail. Please help me.

Ali: my friend; you don’t have a heart, and you want us to help you.

Me: you tried to kill me and you ain’t even scared to bribe me.

Hacker: I beg you in the name of God, please help me. I know there is no way I am going to prove to you that I didn’t want to kill Don. I swear, I was forced to

Me: forced to kill Don? By who?

Hacker: by Alhaji sale

Ali: {laughed} see this idiot is trying to play with our intelligence.

Me: Ali, go and get back those boys. I have to deal with this boy. I touched the water heater to see if it was hot.

Hacker: I swear with my generation. i am telling you the truth. Alhaji sale is a criminal, and his account wasn't hacked by anybody.

Me: {shocked} what are you saying?

Hacker boy: believe me.

Ali: do you think we are that dumb to believe you?

Hacker boy: okay wait, who tried to trace me with I.T.R file?

Me: hmmm, I am the one.

Hacker boy: tracing me was easy. I purposely made you to think that I stay in lekki. I don’t stay in lekki, don stays in lekki. It was all a coup. If you can go back to your system you will see that the I.T.R file, is not really and I.T.R file.

Me: yeah, I thought of that, but I just skipped the thought.

Hacker boy: please I don’t want to go to jail help me

Me: tell me about Alhaji sale

Hacker boy: if I tell you about Alhaji sale will you help me?

Me: {took the heater} "pull off his trouser" I said to Ali

Hacker boy: I will tell you everything, but please help me

Me: {phone ringing} "excuse me" I said to the hacker. Hello, who is on the line?

Phone: its me Alhaji sale.

Me: hah; Alhaji Good morning

Hacker boy: (whispered) don’t tell him I’m here with you

Alhaji sale: morning o. I just called to asked you about the case. Any progress??

Me: yes o, I have even gotten his address. I was already on my way to arrest him; when you called

Alhaji sale: you are too smart. You know what?

Me: what?

Alhaji sale: Just forget about him. I don’t longer care about him, nor the money

Me: sir, it’s my duty to arrest him to save other people from being hacked

Alhaji sale: {disappointed} okay, if you still insist. 

He ended the call.

Me: hacker boy, where is your phone?

Hacker boy: it’s with this man over here.

Me: Ali, go and get me his phone, Hurry up. Ali went to bring his phone, and I saw a missed call from Alhaji sale on the hacker’s phone. “why did Alhaji came to report this matter to us?”I thought to myself. He called again! then I gave the phone to the hacker boy and told him to put it on loudspeaker.

Hacker boy: Oga, good morning

Alhaji sale: throw away your sim and phone and run to Abuja. The police are after you.

Hacker boy: what? Okay sir, I will

Alhaji sale: when you get to Abuja, get a new phone and a new line; and call me immediately, We have to talk

Hacker boy: okay sir, I will.

He anded the call.

Me: (confused) why did Alhaji come here to report the case on the first place?

Hacker boy: it’s a long story

Me: tell me everything.

What do you think made Alhaji sale to report the case???

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Author: Al-amin Usman