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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 4 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 4 (SEASON 2)

Don: okay no problem

Me: let me call my dearie. I called Maryam and put the phone on loudspeaker to amuse don! and she picked

Maryam: what?

Don: {whispering} -see the girl you were calling your love- ## in a laughing tone##

Me: come on love what happened again? I called you to greet you and instead of you to say something sweet to me, all you said was “what?”

Don: {laughing} greet?

Maryam: so? What else do you want me to say?

Don: {laughing} yay! So dino you are a good liar

Me: "this girl can’t just fall my hand in front of don" I thought to myself. Maryam! Stop using another way to let me know you don’t love me. I have always knew you will abandon me for another guy someday, I know you are in love with another guy over there! but no problem I forgive you. Thanks and good bye

Maryam: hey Al-amin it’s not what you think, wallahi I love you and I can’t stop loving you

Don: {shocked}

Me: {feeling big} I looked at don and eyed him. You are still claiming you love me? a girl will never talk to a guy she loves the way you just did, so stop the prank

Maryam: I am just very angry at you. If I don’t call you you won’t call me! and I was taking it as a joke wallahi! I wasn’t serious. when I saw your call I felt something strong in my heart, I really love you

Me: okay, I am now happy

Maryam: okay guess what

Me: what?

Maryam: just guess

Me: the only thing I can guess is that you are coming back to Nigeria! and if that’s not it, there is nothing interesting that I can guess

Maryam: {laughed} funny you, you guessed right!

Me: really? When are you coming back?

Maryam: guess?

Me: talk now

Maryam: I said you should guess

Me; I can’t get guess just tell me

Maryam: no! no!! no!!! if you can’t guess then I won’t tell you

Me: if you really love me tell me

Maryam: I love you but I won’t tell you, if you truly love me guess

Me: I won’t guess

Maryam: that means you don’t love me

Me: you don’t love me too

Maryam: no problem bye

Me: bye, don’t even come back

##She ended the call##

Don: is she angry?

Me: you don’t know anything about love, go and fall in love before Alhaji sale kills you

Don: {laughed} you are funny. do you know how many girls I have dated? And do you know how many girlfriends I have now?

Me: having lots of girlfriends doesn’t mean you are in love or you've tasted love

Don: really? mr know all

Me: yes. If you have a girl you love, you won’t be dating millions of girls
Don: they are the one chasing me

Me: {laughed} finest! You are not even ashamed of yourself; girls are the ones chasing you not you chasing them. That shows how weak you are

Don: Dino, it’s okay

Me: {laughed} I have noticed something about you don, you are scared of arguing with someone

Don: I just don’t like arguing, it’s not in my hormone, and it’s childish and a waste of time

Me: wow! We are the same

Don: {laughed} we’re not the same o! you have been arguing with Maryam for the past 10minutes and you said we are the same?

Me: I only argue love arguments

Don: {laughed} you only argue love arguments?

Me: yes!

Don: where in Nigeria have you seen a police officer that doesn't argue

Me: hey don, don’t insult me. I am an educated police officer

Don: educated police?

Me: yes! Educated police officer

Don: ok. Senator educated police officer dino what took you to a police station? All the jobs in Nigeria you left them to become a police a officer. An educated police officer like you

Me: it’s because of condition and connection, and its okay stop insulting me

Don: {laughed} you said I am scared of argument? Why are you now telling me to stop?

Me: see don I will remove 1 of your teeth if you don’t stop

Don: [placed his hand on my shoulder] come on buddy, it hasn’t gotten to that

Me: then stop

Don: okay

Me: I don’t even know what to say to my useless boss in the office tomorrow

Don: don’t worry yourself, Alhaji sale will settle everything

Me: okay now, you are right

Don: hope you have food stuffs in your house because I am really hungry

Me: sure! But you will be the one to cook

Don: why will I cook for us? Am I Maryam?

Me: I bring food the food stuffs, you cook

Don: so because it’s your house

Me: it’s not like that

Don: okay no problem, its not a big deal. So what and what do you have?

Me: I have rice, beans, and onion

Don: ##laughing## this educated police officer! you won’t kill me. so rice, beans and onion are food stuffs?

Me: yes now? Are they not food stuffs? There is a big different between food stuff and ingredient

Don: okay educated police officer

Me: stop calling me that

Don: okay sorry dino, we have to get some ingredient

We went to the market to buy some ingredient for stew. When we got home, I assisted don in cooking, we were done in 1 hour. We both ate and discussed till 11a.m then we went to bed. The next day morning, we woke up and we both took our bath.

Me: where should we go to first? Alhaji sale’s house or the station

Don: am I a police officer? What will I be doing in the station?

Me: you are under arrest

Don: just call Alhaji sale and ask him

Me: ok… I called Alhaji sale and he picked

Alhaji sale: hello

Me: Alhaji sale, it’s me dino. I called you to ask you if I should come over to your house now or go to the station first

Alhaji sale: you don’t have to go to the station till nextweek Monday

Me: why?


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Author: Al-amin Usman