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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 5 (SEASON 1)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 5 (SEASON 1)

Me: {confused} why did Alhaji sale Come here to report the case on the first place?

Hacker boy: it’s a long story.

Me: start telling me everything. The hacker boy dipped his hand into his boxers and brought out something. “What’s that?” I asked him. I saw myself lying down in the munch room. When I stood up, the only thing I could remember was when he sprayed what he was holding on me and Ali’s face. Ali was still sleeping unconsciously. I knew the hacker boy must have escaped. I was very angry that Ali was still lying down unconsciously. I angrily slapped him to wake up.

Ali: what happened? Why am I lying down?

Me: hmmmm, that hacker boy is dangerous o

Ali: that chemical powder he sprayed on us is very strong o.

Me: that must be the reason why he asked the other officers to go out.


Ali: but how did he scale through them?

Me: you think everyone is as dull as you are.

Ali: so what do we do now?

Me: I think we should go to Alhaji sale’s house

Ali: to do what?

Me: to arrest him now

Ali: for what offence? What evidence do we have?

Me: I don’t care. Let’s just go

Ali: how sure are you that the hacker wasn’t lying to us?

Me: were you not here when he called me and asked me to suspend the case?

Ali: he asked you to suspend the case because he doesn’t want the hacker to murder anyone else

Me: shut up. Okay, what about when he called the hacker and asked him to run to Abuja?

Ali: did you check the number? How sure are you that Alhaji sale was the one speaking? You don’t know hackers it might just be a plot to frame Alhaji sale.

Me: I don’t care. I will have to investigate on Alhaji sale and we are going to his house right now

Ali: we don’t have to go to his house to arrest him; we can investigate on him secretly

Me: we have to go now

Ali: okay, but let’s explain everything to the boss first.

Me: okay. That won’t be a problem. We went to my boss and explained everything to him.

Boss: what the hacker said might be right and it can also be wrong. You should go ahead and investigate on Alhaji sale

Me: okay sir. I and Ali both went to Alhaji sale’s house. We got there! we met his daughter; Maryam

Maryam: so ugly officer you are still alive.

Me: so you sent my boys to watch over me and you couldn’t even call to ask if everything was alright

Maryam: it’s not what you think

Me: okay what? Why didn’t you call?

Maryam: my dad seized my phone and he also grounded me

Me: {surprised} a big girl like you? why will you dad seize your phone?

Maryam: he heard me when I called Ali and asked him to watch over you over the night. He heard the way I was begging Ali, so he thought maybe there was something between us

Me: "the hacker boy was right, Alhaji sale doesn’t want the hacker boy to be caught so that he won’t be exposed" I thought to myself. What if there is something between us?

Ali: I thought there is something between the both of you

Me: {whispered} she is my babe


Maryam: what did you just whisper to him?

Me: nothing

Maryam: Ali please tell me

Ali: {laughed} he told me the truth now

Maryam: what truth?

Ali: that you are his girl friend

Maryam: God forbid. Don’t mind him o Ali, why will I date an ugly person like him? And most especially a police man

Ali: {laughed} I knew he was lying to me

Me: {embarrassed} that is not why we are here. "Where is your father?" I asked Maryam

Maryam: my dad travelled to Abuja! Any problem?

Ali: No

Me: yes, there is a problem.

Maryam: what is it?

Me: your father asked the hacker boy to murder don! therefore; he is a murderer

Maryam: what are you talking about? Are you alright?

Me: {angry} yes I am alright

Maryam: [angry} see Al-amin, just because I am being friendly to you doesn’t give you the right to insult my dad

Me: I ain’t insulting your dad! I am only telling you who he really is. Your dad’s account wasn’t hacked by anybody, he is up to something

Maryam: see Al-amin don’t make me insult you. Remember my dad was the one who came to report the case to the police station. If his account wasn’t hacked, then why will he report the case to the police station himself?

Ali: Maryam you don’t understand

Maryam: {shouted} then make me understand

Ali: calm down now

Maryam: {crying} why will I calm down? I lost my mom 3years ago and now my dad is been accused of committing murder. If u were in my shoes, will you calm down? Answer me!

Me: "am I really going to get married to this girl?" I thought to myself. See Maryam; stop crying

Maryam: {before I could finish talking} why will I stop crying? Someone deceived the both of you by telling you that my dad sent him to murder Don. Aren’t you even ashamed of yourself?

Me: we are just investigating on the matter

Maryam: Al-amin, I thought you are smart! I never knew you are this dumb to be fooled by that hacker boy

Ali: Maryam; you don’t understand

Maryam: {angry} the both of you should leave my house

Me: {embarrassed} Maryam you should try and

Maryam: {before I could finish talking} I don’t want to hear anything, just leave my house

Me: okay, Ali lets go. I and Ali left the house. I couldn’t stop thinking of Maryam! I was madly in love with her. On our way home, Ali asked me if the hacker boy was really right

Me: I think the hacker boy was right. Remember when Alhaji sale called the hacker boy he asked him to run to Abuja

Ali: it might just be a plot too

Me: I don’t think so. He was in Abuja that was why he asked the hacker boy to run to Abuja too

Ali: you might be right, But what about you and Maryam?

Me: what do you mean?

Ali: I know there is something between the two of you

Me: {happy} there is nothing between me and Maryam

Ali: but I am sure you love her and she loves you also

Me: {laughed} you are not serious

Ali: she always call you "ugly boy" that means she loves you know. Maybe you are very handsome to her

Me: {happy} so if a girl always call a guy an ugly boy, it means she is in love with the guy?

Ali: not all girls sha, but in the case of you and Maryam, I think she likes you a lot

Me: I pray so o

Ali: {laughed} I know you love her too. Just tell her how you feel about her

Me: I can’t o

Ali: why?

Me: how will she ever love me when I am accusing her dad of committing murder?

Ali: she is already in love with you so nothing can change that. And after all, you are just doing your job

Me: you are right sha. Maybe I will tell her when everything is over

Ali: okay o. while you are waiting for everything to be over, I will start telling her my own mind.

Me: {angry} it’s like I have been joking with you too much right?

Ali: sorry dino, I just don’t want you to lose a girl like Maryam

Me: hmmmm, okay. 

We closed from work that day, I still couldn’t sleep at home, I went to sleep in the same hotel. I couldn’t sleep at night, I was thinking of my beloved Maryam. The next day when I went to work, I saw maryam’s car parked inside the gate of the police station


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Author: Al-amin Usman