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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 5 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 5 (SEASON 2)

Alhaji sale: you don’t have to go to the station till next week Monday

Me: why?

Alhaji sale: I already told your boss I sent you on an investigation

Me: okay, so when should I come to your place?

Alhaji sale: by 12pm

Me: okay

 I ended the call.

Don: what did he say?

Me: mehn don, money rules the word

Don: what do you mean?

Me: can you imagine Alhaji sale told my boss that he wants to send me on an investigation! and my boss stupidly agreed without even calling me to confirm or even ask how I am doing. What a boss!

Don: money truly rule the word and we must make money Dino!

Me: yes

Don: let’s dupe Alhaji sale, let’s us hack his bank account

Me: {laughed} I should hack the father of a girl I want to marry?

Don: it doesn’t matter now, you will marry her and she will live a good life, and then Alhaji sale might become your one of your workers

Me: {laughed} see the way you are saying it as if it is even easy. And let me tell you, I don’t want to do anything in this world that will take me to jail. I don’t want to go to jail and I don’t want to go tell hell

Don: which jail? Who will know?

Me: this is earth, anything can happen

Don: see the way you are talking, God won’t punish us. Alhaji sale doesn’t have clean money so we hacking him will make God to bless us

Me: we hacking him will make us be like him. we ain’t criminals like him don, we are good men. We will make clean money from a good source. Even if we dupe Alhaji sale, the money won’t be blessed by God, it won’t do us anything


Don: you are right sha, we have to work for our own money in a good source

Me: yes. I am talented in business, we will try to start a business. I quit being a police officer, I will never go there and even Alhaji sale can’t force me to

Don: brave, but where are we going to get the money to start a business

Me: let’s just leave that for now, we have to focus on how to get off Alhaji sale’s trap. I want that man to forget me

Don: don’t worry he will. Did you ask him when we should go to his house?

Me: yes, he said by 12

Don: 12pm?

Me: yes

Don: okay now

Me: we will go and see the specific job he has for us, if it is anything that is against the law, I won’t do it. I don’t want to go to jail

Don: me too, but I am sure it will be a very bad job. So how are we going to expose him if it is a bad business? should we report him to the police?

Me: {laughed} you don’t know that man. Police? How many times have I reported him to different polices? reporting him to the police is like reporting to him. it’s like he knows all the polices in Nigeria

Don: {laughed} or is he using jazz?

Me: {laughed} I don’t know o, but we will surely deal with him

Don: yes we will

Me: let’s just go and see the specific job he has for us


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Author: Al-amin Usman