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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 6 (SEASON 1)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 6 (SEASON 1)

The next day when I went to work, I saw Maryam’s car parked inside the gate of the police station. I became scared! When I went inside the police station, I saw ali.

Ali: Good morning sir

Me: Good morning, where is Maryam?

Ali: she is with boss

Me: "boss must have told her everything" I thought to myself. Okay nah

Ali: she was very angry when she came this morning. I even greeted her; but she didn’t answer me

Me: {laughed} if I was the one who greeted her, she must surely answer. In fact, she can just pass me like that without saying a word to me

Ali: {laughed} that was then o! I don’t think she will ever talk to you

Me: okay now, let’s watch and see. We waited for Maryam to come out

Ali: {whispered} here you lover girl comes

Me: {stood up} Maryam!

Maryam: {hissed} don’t call my name

Me: come on, are you still angry at me?

Maryam: I am still angry at you and will always be! Bye

Me: {followed her} come on, I thought my boss has explained everything to you

Maryam: my dad is innocent! That hacker boy just wants to frame him

Me: okay, I believe you

Maryam: you don’t believe me, you just don’t want me to leave you

Me: how did you know that I need you? She hissed and wanted to get inside her car when I held her at her hand

Maryam: {angry} Al-amin!! How dare you hold me??

Me: {let go of her hand} I am sorry! I just don’t want you to go

Maryam: you don’t want me to go?

Me: Maryam! You should try and understand

Maryam: understand what?

Me: that I really love you

Maryam: {hissed} I can never date a police officer

Me: you can

Maryam: {laughed} I said I can’t

Me: why?

Maryam: because all police officers are ugly! And bye

Me: {scared to hold her} Maryam wait now. She went inside her car and drove off. I was walking back to my office when I saw Ali laughing at me

Ali: dino dino! So, what was her response?

Me: I don’t know

Ali: you have mind o dino! you even held her hand with no fear! that sweet soft hand

Me: {laughed} Ali! you are not serious. She is the first girl I have ever touched in my life

Ali: I can’t believe that

Me: I am serious

Ali: what about when you were in school?

Me: I don’t touch ladies, unless they touch me

Ali: touching is touching, whether they touch you; or you touch them

Me: forget about the matter of touching, Let’s focus on how to capture the hacker boy that is the only way we are going to confirm if Alhaji sale is guilty / not

Ali: so, where do we even start from?

Me: I think we should call Alhaji sale

Ali: what for?

Me: let’s just call him and tell him we know everything

Ali: what if he denies? Or even start shouting? You know how all these rich men behave

Me: I don’t care, I will call him now. I called Alhaji sale

Alhaji sale: hello dino

Me: good morning sir

Alhaji sale: good morning. How is work?

Me: work is fine

Alhaji sale: ok good. Any news about the hacker boy?

Me: sir, you and I know the truth

Alhaji sale: what truth?


Me: where is the hacker boy?

Alhaji sale: what do you mean by that?

Me: don’t try to play smart, you are wanted by the police

Alhaji sale: what for?

Me: why did you ask the hacker boy to murder Don?

Alhaji sale: {laughed} it’s like you don’t know who I am

Me: I know who you are! You are a criminal and a murderer

Alhaji sale: you have the guts to call me a murderer and a criminal right?

Me: yes, that’s what you are. If you are truly innocent come to the station now

Alhaji sale: i will make sure you lose your job

Me: {laughed} you don’t know me

 He ended the call.

Ali: what happened?

Me: the man is threatening me o! he said he is going to make sure I lose my job.

Ali: he can o

Me: how?

Ali: remember he is rich and boss is his friend

Me: so?

Ali: he is going to bribe boss to sack you now

Me: boss won’t accept the bribe jhoor. A whole me? smartest!!!

Ali: it’s like you don’t know the power of money

Me: I don’t care

Ali: okay let’s see.

Me: okay now. I saw an incoming call from Maryam. Ali, my babe is calling me o

Ali: {laughed} pick now. I picked the call and walked away from Ali

Me: hello Maryam

Maryam: ugly police how far

Me: {laughed} thank God you are not longer at angry with me

Maryam: {hissed} I just called you to inform you that I will be travelling to Canada tomorrow

Me: so you have been planning to travel abroad but you never cared to tell me?

Maryam: must I tell you? You are not even happy that I’m telling you now

Me: Maryam come on, it’s high time you start being nice to me

Maryam: {laughed} am I not nice to you?

Me: yes, you’ve never told me you love me

Maryam: {laughed} I don’t love you now

Me: come on, stop saying that. You are travelling out and you know I am going to miss you a lot! So why are u causing me more pains saying you don’t love me?

Maryam: {laughed} do you truly love me?

Me: yes now, I love you a lot

Maryam: should I trust you?

Me: {happy} yes now

Maryam: okay fine

Me: okay fine what? Complete the sentence

Maryam: {laughed} Al-amin you are very funny. Okay fine, I love you. Are you now satisfied?

Me: yes! But i wish you ain’t travelling abroad! When will you be coming back?

Maryam: I don’t know yet o. please don’t tell my dad there is anything between us

Me: why?

Maryam: just don’t tell him please

Me: okay now

Maryam: okay, bye. Love you!

Me: love you more

She ended the call. "only God knows who her father really is" I thought to myself. I went back to the station and saw two men been questioned by Ali

Ali: segun brought this two men o

Me: what crime did they commit?

Ali: he said he saw them fighting. I and Ali questioned them we still didn't know who was right. They were both saying different stories. I told them to bail themselves luckily for me, they were both with enough money to bail themselves. They paid the money, and all the necessary requirement was done and they both left. Work was closed for the day. I tried to call Maryam but her phone was switched off so I decided to chat a little with my friends. I woke up the next day morning and prepared for work. When I went to work, I saw Alhaji sale’s car parked inside the gate of the police station


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Author: Al-amin Usman