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    The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 7 (SEASON 1)

    The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 7 (SEASON 1)

    When I went to work, I saw Alhaji sale’s car parked inside the gate of the police station. I went inside and wanted to go to my office when Ali called me.

    Ali: Alhaji sale is here o

    Me: so?

    Ali: remember he said he is going to make sure you lose your job

    Me: I am not scared

    Ali: okay o

    I went to my office and was chatting. In 3minutes time, Ali came to tell me that my boss wants to see me. I went boldly to his office.

    Me: boss, good morning sir

    Boss: good morning. You always come to work late because I don’t say anything to you right?

    Me: "my boss has never complained of me coming late to work why is he now complaining today" I thought to myself. I am sorry sir

    Boss: sorry for yourself. Alhaji sale told me that you called him yesterday and you were insulting him

    Me: I never insulted him

    Alhaji sale: shut up, it’s like you don’t know who I am

    Me: you don’t have the right to ask me to shut up. And i know who you are, you are criminal and a murderer. I am going to make sure my boys deal with you until you confess

    Alhaji sale: you see, he just insulted me

    Boss: dino! In my presence

    Me: boss, you don’t know who this man really is. Just allow me deal with him to make him confess

    Alhaji sale: {laughed} I will make sure you beg for food, I promise you this

    Me: are you God?

    Boss: dino, so this is how you have been talking to people?

    Alhaji sale: no, just allow me deal with him he is trying to prove to me that he is smarter than everybody

    Me: deal with who? Who are you to deal with me? How am I sure your money is from a pure source. Alhaji sale stood up and gave me a very hot slap. I wanted to retaliate but I just didn’t want to hurt Maryam. I know she will be very angry if she eventually hears that I slapped her dad

    Boss: dino! You are fired

    Me: what for?

    Boss: get out!

    Me: no problem I will leave. If I really care about this job I will surely fight for my right. It’s just that I don’t care. I am very disappointed in you! you sacked me because of money. And for you Alhaji sale, you will surely be exposed. I angrily left his office and was going home,when Ali called me and asked me a few questions

    Ali: what happened? Did he sack you?

    Me: your boss is a fool

    Ali: what happened now? Tell me

    Me: he fired me. He is not a good citizen of Nigeria

    Ali: I warned you. I told you money can do anything

    Me: well, I don’t care. I will go and out there and look for pure money and get married to Maryam

    Ali: (laughed) who will give Maryam to you?

    Me: we will surely get married, I am 100% sure.

    I left the police station and went back home. I was thinking of what to do to make money when I saw an incoming call from my boss. I picked the call.

    Boss: dino, you know I don’t want to sack you! Just go and apologize to Alhaji sale

    Me: I won’t apologize

    Boss: why are you always being stubborn?

    Me: I said I won’t apologize to him

    I ended the call. I was thinking on how to get back to Alhaji sale and my boss when I heard a knock on my door, "who is it?" I said.

    Voice: it’s me Don

    Me: {shocked} Don? "How is that possible?" I thought to myself. I don’t believe you

    Voice: open up, let me explain

    Me: {scared} why will i allow you in when I don’t know who you are

    Voice: believe me I am Don. Open up let me explain

    Me: okay.

    I opened the door on my greatest surprise! I saw Don. I wanted to scream out loud but I just controlled myself.

    Don: come on, don’t be scared. I am still alive

    Me: what happened? I thought you were dead

    Don: the hacker boy tried to kill me but God saved me. When my family were about to bury me they saw me shaking and they hurriedly took me to the hospital

    Me: thank God you are still alive. Hope I will get some information from you about Alhaji sale?

    Don: I don’t know anything about him; I am just a friend to the hacker boy just as I told you when you arrested me

    Me: why did the hacker boy try to kill you? Do you know any secret of his that he doesn't want you to expose?

    Don: not really

    Me: do you know Alhaji sale?

    Don: the one whose account was hacked?

    Me: yes

    Don: the first day I saw him was in the police station when you arrested me. I also think he is the hacker boy’s boss

    Me: the hacker boy told me that Alhaji sale was the one who asked him to kill you. That means there is something they don’t want you to expose

    Don: but I thought he came to report to the police that his account was hacked

    Me: I am also confused.

    Don: the hacker boy might be lying

    Me: he ain’t lying. Alhaji sale is up to something and we have to find out

    Don: okay now. I went to the station to ask of you and I was told you were sacked. Why?

    Me: didn’t they recognize you? Did you see Ali?

    Don: No

    Me: it’s a long story dude! My boss was bribed by Alhaji sale to fire me

    Don: he was bribed to fire you? And he accepted

    Me: money can do anything you know. But I will make sure I expose Alhaji sale

    Don: all I want now is just to kill the hacker boy. The idiot told my family that I was murdered by some gangs! that I lent some money from them and I refused to pay them back and that was the reason why they murdered me

    Me: {laughed} come on Don! we ain’t murderers. We will make both of them suffer

    Don: so what do we do now?

    Me: I think we should kidnap Alhaji sale and make him suffer until he confesses

    Don: but how do we kidnap him?

    Me: leave that to me, I will surely look for a way. I decided to call Maryam but her phone was switched

    Don: but wait, when did the hacker boy tell you that Alhaji sale sent him to murder me?

    Me: I arrested him now so he told me everything

    Don: is he still in prison?

    Me: no, he escaped

    Don: he escaped!!? How?

    Me: he sprayed something on my face, then I fell asleep

    Don: {laughed} he Always use that powder on ladies

    Me: he must be a very bad boy

    Don: very bad

    Me: do you know of any place we can rent a small car?

    Don: small car for what?

    Me: the one we will use in kidnapping Alhaji sale

    Don: {laughed} I have a small toyata camry now

    Me: so you have a car?

    Don: why not? You think I am a small boy

    Me: [laughed] okay. We are going to Alhaji sale’s house tomorrow morning by 6 am

    Don: and then what?

    Me: you are going inside first to talk to him to check if he is alone

    Don: {laughed} what will I say to him

    Me: just ask him the reason why he asked the hacker boy to murder you

    Don: {laughed} you are not serious. Do I look like someone that wants to die? What if he asks his body guards to kill me

    Me: {laughed} why are you scared? He doesn’t have body guards

    Don: even though, I still can’t. What if he has a gun? You go to him and asked him why he asked your boss to sack you

    Me: I know the reason why he asked my boss to fire me

    Don: let’s just wait for him outside and capture him when he is going out

    Me: it’s risky but no problem. The next day morning, we went to Alhaji sale’s street and we were both waiting outside for him to come out

    Guess what happened???

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    Author: Al-amin Usman