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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 7 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 7 (SEASON 2)

Don: {laughed} you are very funny o, is Alhaji sale a ritualist? How will he be recording our conversation from out side

Me: you don’t know him

Don: I just pray he hasn’t been recording our conversations I don’t want to be locked up o

Me: I will fight his boys, I ain’t scared of them

Don: just pray nothing happens.

We arrived at Alhaji sale’s house by 12pm. when we were about entering the gate, we heard a car horn from our back, the car wanted to enter into Alhaji sale’s compound so we had to wait for the security man to open the gate so we could also pass the big gate. When we entered into the compound, on my greatest surprise, it was Maryam. I saw her coming down for the car. She saw me but she was very angry with me because I refused to pick her call. I was regretting why I didn’t pick her call. I regretted everything. She was very sexy, fresh and beautiful with a beautiful face. I just couldn’t get her face off my mind. Don was laughing at me. "she didn’t talk to me because of her dad" I said to don

Don: story! she doesn’t love you anymore. See the way you just fucked up. if you had picked her call she would have told you she was already in Nigeria, but you were forming porch

Me: so what do I do now?

Don: forget about her for now, maybe when we get home

Me: okay.

We went to Alhaji sale’s sitting room, but he sent someone to tell us to come back the next day because of his daughter who just arrived. We were very disappointed but we had no other alternative but to leave. I was kinda happy because I couldn't even concentrate on anything. all I was thinking about was Maryam. "hope she still loves me? or am I too local or ugly to be her girlfriend? Does she still love me after seeing me?" I thought to myself

Don: fuck up guy! what have you been thinking?

Me: am I handsome?

Don: {laughed} you are a very handsome man. And let me tell you, love isn’t all about being handsome! I am sure she still love you. She didn’t talk to you because she didn’t want her father to be suspicious of anything. And why don’t you call her?

Me: I am now even scared of her. Come on just look how pretty and yellow she is and look how black I am. She is rich I am poor, she is yellow and I am black, she is pretty and I am ugly, her father is rich my father is poor, she has a car and I don’t have a car, I am sure lots of handsome rich guys are dying for her. I don’t have a chance

Don: the most important thing is that you love her and she loves you

Me: how do you know she still loves me?


Don: call her and let’s confirm

Me: I can’t call her; I am scared of her number not to talk of her

Don: just give me your phone. I gave my phone to Don; he searched for Maryam’s phone number and he called her and put the call on loudspeaker

Maryam: hello dino, I know you were surprise when you saw me! But sorry for snubbing you. I snubbed you because I didn't want my dad to suspect that there is something between us, but I will tell him soon

Don: this ain’t dino

Maryam: who are you?

Don: I am his friend

Maryam: the one I saw him with today?

Don: yes

Maryam: okay where is he? Give him his phone now

Don: well he said he is scared of you

Me: "why will you say that to her?" I whispered to Don. He raised his hand to me telling me to wait

Maryam: {laughed} scared of me? am I a ghost? Or am I too ugly?

Don: he said you are too pretty to be his girl friend

Maryam: {laughed} tell him I am also scared of him and I am scared of him losing him

Don: he can hear you the phone is on loudspeaker

Maryam: Dino talk please let me hear your voice. I know you are not scared of me you are just angry at me because I didn't tell you I was already in Nigeria. I am sorry, I wanted to tell you when you ended the call but you were very angry and you refused to pick my calls.

I took the phone from Don.

Me: I am not angry at you Maryam; and I am not scared of you don’t mind my friend

Maryam: if you were not angry or scared of me then why didn’t you talk when I called? Why did you give your phone to him?

Me: I didn’t know you were the one


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Author: Al-amin Usman