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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 8 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 8 (SEASON 2)

Maryam: hmmmmm Dino; I won’t say you are lying, I will only say you made a mistake in what you just said. Hope you heard what I said earlier about the reason why I snubbed you?

Me: yes

Maryam: so how can we meet?

Me: any how

Maryam: talk now why are you behaving like this? Or don’t you love me anymore

Me: I do love you

Maryam: so how can we meet?

Me: "how will I invite her to my small house?" I thought to myself. can’t we meet in a restaurant?

Maryam: no, I don’t want a restaurant

Me: where do you want?

Maryam: come to my house

Me: do you want your father to get suspicious

Maryam: don’t worry, I will tell you when to come

Me: what about his boys?

Maryam: if he is not around they ain’t around

Me: what about the security man?

Maryam: I will shut him up

Me: okay no problem

Maryam: Al-amin! when I saw you today, I wasn't myself again I was just into you. I want to stop calling you by your nickname. I want to start calling you Al-amin

Me: you can call me whatever you like

Maryam: why?

Me: because you are my everything

Maryam: really?

Me: yes

Maryam: sweet. So what were you doing in my house today?

Me: you Dad asked my boss to call me

Maryam: which boss?

Me: in the station now

Maryam: Al-amin why are you making a mistake in what you are saying? I thought you said you were fired?

Me: ## big catch## sorry for lying to you

Maryam: okay, so what were you doing in my house?

Me: your father wanted to give me a job! but he asked me to come back tomorrow because of you

Maryam: really? What type of job?

Me: I don’t know for now

Maryam: don’t worry i am going to talk to him to give you a very good job with a sustainable salary

Me: no don’t worry yourself; don’t say anything to him please

Maryam: why? Or are you lying to me?

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Me: no, it’s the truth. I just don’t want you to say anything to him

Maryam: okay, if you insist. So you will be coming to my house tomorrow right?

Me: yes. But I don’t want your dad to be suspicious of anything

Maryam: don’t worry; I am only happy I am going to see you tomorrow. I will look for a way we are going to discuss tomorrow

Me: no problem, but just be careful

Maryam: but what’s there? What if he finds out there is something between us? It’s not bad now. Or are you trying to use me?

Me: come on don’t say that; I am not trying to use you! I just don’t want him to know for now

Maryam: okay

Me: bye I will call you later. I love you

Maryam: I love you more, bye

Me: ##ended the call#

Don: this your girl is a hot cake, she really loves you. This is the only opportunity we have to become rich men

Me: stop taking Maryam as a tool, I love her for real

Don: I have told you times without number, we are not trying to use her; we just wan’t to get money from her dad who is giving us problems

Me: let’s just go back to his house tomorrow to see what type of job he has for us

Don: ok now. When he said he has a specific job for us. I already knew it’s a bad job

Me: how did you know?

Don: anything specific is bad

Me: {laughed} you are funny, we will confirm tomorrow. If it’s a bad business then I am not interested

Don: me too

Me: let’s go and get some food stuffs we will use in cooking today

We went to the market to buy some ingredient we will use to cook the same food we cooked the previous day. At night, when we were both eating by 9pm, I received a call from my boss.

Boss: so dino, you couldn’t even call me to tell me Alhaji sale sent you on an errand

Me: why will I tell you? Who are you to be told? Look!! let me tell you, I am not longer a police man

Boss: {laughed} so Alhaji sale has given you a bigger job right? you are now forming for me

Me: {hissed} please I am busy, let me be

boss: that’s good of you

Me: hey! What are you insinuating? Someone told you he sent me on errand for a week! you couldn't even call me to confirm and ask me the type of errand he sent me on, you now still had the guts to call me and started asking me why I didn't tell you Alhaji sale sent me on an errand. what rubbish, all in the name of money. Alhaji sale has been using money to cover your eyes from understanding, and your ears from hearing

Boss: {laughed} you are now a big man now, you can talk to me any how you like

Me: get out!! ##i ended the call##

Don: this your boss is a briberarian

Me: what do you mean?

Don: I mean he accepts bribes easily, and he likes bribes

Me: {laughed} briberarian? Where on earth did you hear that English from

Don: it’s just a slang

Me: okay. Good night, I want to go to bed

Don: me too, good night

The next day morning, we woke up and did our morning chores as usual. By 11pm we left my house and was on our way to Alhaji sale’s house


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Author: Al-amin Usman