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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 9 (SEASON 1)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 9 (SEASON 1)

The next day morning, I went to his house with a scary mind. I went into his compound! he was standing in his corridor staring at me; I was very scared of dying to the extent that I started confessing my sins to God and asking him to forgive me. He asked me to come inside. When I went inside, I saw him sitting down in his parlour.

Alhaji sale: have a seat

Me: {scared} where is the hacker boy?

Alhaji sale: his name is not hacker boy, his name is romeo

Me: okay, where is romeo?

Alhaji sale: this is my house, not romeo’s house

Me: okay, where is Don?

Alhaji sale: forget about Don for now

Me: what did you ask me to come to your house for?

Alhaji sale: to make you a responsible man

Me: I am already a responsible man

Alhaji sale: I want to make you a rich responsible man

Me: and how do you intend to make me rich?

Alhaji sale: by linking you to my business

Me: well, I don’t know the kind of business you deal on so I will be grateful if you give me full details about your business

Alhaji sale: do you want to insult me?

Me: no. I just don’t understand why you came to the police station to lie

Alhaji sale: who did I lie to?

Me: you lied to my ex-boss, and you also lied to me. you told me your account was hacked

Alhaji sale: forget about the past and focus on your future

Me: I am focusing on my future, i just want to know who you really are

Alhaji sale: are you trying to insult me?

Me: {angry} No, I am not trying to insult you. I am a good muslim and I don’t want to involve myself in any bad business

Alhaji sale: [angry] so I am dealing on bad business?

Me: I didn’t say so sir, I only want you to tell me the kind of business you deal on! and why you came to report to the police that your account was hacked

Alhaji sale: what’s your business with that? Are you still a police officer?

Me: No


Alhaji sale: don’t ever ask me why I came to the police station to report that my account was hacked

Me: I am just respecting you because of Maryam. I stood up and wanted to leave his house when Alhaji sale called 2 huge men

Alhaji sale: scorpion! Hook!! They both came out

Me: "should I fight them or run?" I thought to myself.

Alhaji sale: you 2 should go outside the gate! and if you see this idiot boy coming out, make sure you injure him but don’t kill him

They both went outside the house.

Me: {angry} gosh. I removed the polo I was putting on with an angry face

Alhaji sale: {laughed} this boy you won’t kill me

Me: you don’t know me. I swear I will injure them

Alhaji sale: {laughing continuously}

Me: if not for Maryam i don’t think you will have the mouth to laugh now, I would have removed all your teeth I swear

Alhaji sale: you are a fool. Go and fight them now shey you are strong.

I went out of the house and saw both of them standing half miles before the gate. I started running with speed wanted to scale out through the gate. One of his boys also ran to the gate which made me to stop running. I heard Alhaji sale laughing like a mad man from his corridor. "should I go back to Alhaji sale?" I thought to myself. I decided to fight with the first man but he was very big and was already winning. Alhaji sale was still laughing. I didn’t want to get beaten because I hate wounds. A thought just came to my mind. I went to the back of Alhaji’s compound! Since they were two, one will surely come from the right. But the second man was still waiting at the gate. I only saw the first man coming from the right direction. I ran as I fast as I could to the left and was heading to the gate with speed. The man at the gate was walking towards my direction! when I got closer to him, I jumped very high and laid my two hands on his shoulder and I somersaulted to his back. "wow, I wish maryam was here to see this" I thought to myself. I opened the gate and started running like a criminal. When I turned back to see if they were following me! I saw a car moving with speed to my direction. "it’s not over o" I thought to myself.




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Author: Al-amin Usman