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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 9 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 9  (SEASON 2)

Me: okay. Good night, I want to go to bed

Don: me too, bye

The next day morning, we woke up and did our morning chores as usual. By 11pm! we left my house and was on our way to Alhaji sale’s house

Me: I am very scared o

Don: of who? Maryam?

Me: you know now

Don: why are you dulling yourself?

Me: you won’t understand the power of love

Don: so if you love a girl you will become scared of her?

Me: no, its not like that

Don: that’s your problem. My problem is that; what type of job is Alhaji sale planning to give to us? The word specific is scaring me

Me: {laughed} don’t be scared, the both of us together are powerful than him; I would have dealt with him if not because of Maryam

Don: {laughed} that’s what you always say! you will deal with him but you can't do anything. Even when you were a police officer you couldn't do anything; not to talk of now that you are an ordinary lover ex-educated police officer

Me: you won’t stop right?

Don: it’s the truth now

Me: just watch and see the way I will deal with Alhaji sale if he tries to deny me and Maryam from getting married

Don: you will just die. you don’t know all these rich men, Alhaji sale will just kill you

Me: he can’t kill me if my days are not over

Don: ok now that’s your problem. If you die, I will replace you

Me: what do you mean? Replace me where?

Don: you know now

Me: I don’t know

Don: your babe now

Me: I have always known you've been admiring her! criminal

Don: I don’t love her, I only love her pretty face

Me: don’t ever look at her again

Don: is she your daughter? Or are you the owner of her?

Me: I have told you! To avoid problems between me and you leave my Maryam alone

Don: I didn’t say I was going to ask her our or I love her. I saw her and discovered that she is beautiful that's all

Me: okay, let it end there

Don: you are too jealous

Me: like I told you before, I don’t joke with my property

Don: let’s stop talking about her! we are close to Alhaji sale’s house. we are close to trouble

Me: nothing will happen

We entered Alhaji sale’s house and went to his sitting room. We called him on phone but he told us that he is not around! but we should wait for him for a few minutes he will be home. Maryam served I and don with drinks and she sat down with us. I couldn't drink the drink she brought to us because I was shy of her

Maryam: my dad went out

Don: we know, we just called him and asked us to wait for a few minutes

Maryam: I wasn't chasing you guys

Don: I didn’t say you were chasing us

Maryam: whatever! So Al-amin how far? Can’t you talk

Don: we are fine o, dino is too shy

Maryam: I wasn't talking to you don was i?

Me: {laughed} I am fine

Don: okay o, let me excuse you guys before your father arrives

Don left the sitting room and went outside.

Maryam: {sat closer to me} I have missed you a lot Al-amin. Whenever I see you I always feel like crying

Me: why?

Maryam: I don’t know, the love I have for you is just too much

Me: why?

Maryam: Al-amin be serious please

Don came back to the sitting room and told us Alhaji sale has arrived.

Maryam: bye Al-amin, and thanks for the way you responded

Don: dino! What happened? You are always hurting this girl why?

Me: it’s not my faulty it’s shame’s fault

Don: we will talk about that later when we get home. Alhaji sale walked into the sitting room and sat down. We greeted him and he responded

Me: we are here for the job

Alhaji sale: your boss told me you insulted him; was that the plan? The plan was that you'
ve to become a police officer

Me: I don’t want to continue being a police officer; I will do the job like this
Alhaji sale: but we need a police officer in the business

Me: can you tell me about the business?

Alhaji sale: that one should wait, the type of job I have for you and don now doesn't require you to be a police officer

Don: and what is the job sir?


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Author: Al-amin Usman