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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 10 (SEASON 1)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 10 (SEASON 1)

When I turned back to see if they were following me! i saw a car moving with speed to my direction. "it’s not over o" I thought to myself. I sighted a compound that the fence is not protected with a penterest, I quickly jumped into the compound. I didn’t want the people in the compound to think I am a criminal so I hurriedly came out from the other end still running like a criminal. I thought they might have lost me but I still saw them chasing me. I ran into a market and bought A C-way Nutri Milk to cool myself down. I still wasn’t comfortable because they might come anytime and accuse me of stealing. After a short period of time, I went outside and entered a bike which took me back to my hotel. When I got back to my hotel, I decided to call Alhaji sale.

Me: {laughed} alhaji sale, you can’t do anything to me, I am beyond your powers

Alhaji sale: {laughed} you were lucky today

Me: I will always be lucky; there is nothing you can do to me. you are a criminal and also a murderer. Thank God Maryam doesn’t look like you

Alhaji sale: you are a foolish man! I can’t give my daughter to a man like you who has good qualities and brain but doesn’t want to use them in a smart way to make money

Me: I will use my brain and qualities to make money from a good source! I can never be like you. And don’t think everything is over just because you are rich doesn’t mean you will be troubling my life

Alhaji sale: what can you do to me?

Me: what can I do to you right? You already know if not for Maryam you would've been unconscious by now

Alhaji sale: you are always talking about Maryam; she is my daughter and I won’t give her to you

Me: {scared} what has Maryam got to do with this? This fight is between the both of us! so why do you want to hurt Maryam?

Alhaji sale: you are the one who wants to hurt her

Me: how

Alhaji sale: I will get Maryam married to you as soon as she comes back to Nigeria. I will give you everything you need! house, money, cars, anything you need

Me: {falling for the sweet things} okay, so what do you want from me?

Alhaji sale: come to my house

Me: {hissed} you are not serious.

I ended the call. [I decided to call Maryam]

Maryam: hello love, I was about calling you

Me: that’s what you will say, only God knows who you are with now

Maryam: {angry} Al-amin!!!

Me: sorry, I am just scared of losing you. Let me ask you a question

Maryam: ask

Me: if your father refuses to allow the both of us get married what are you going to do?

Maryam: Al-amin! Don’t be scared, my father will surely allow the both of us get married. We can even get married as soon as I come back from Canada if you are ready

Me: I am just saying, in case he refuses to allow us get married

Maryam: {in a soft tone} Al-amin! He will allow us

Me: just answer, please!!!

Maryam: okay, if he doesn’t allow the both of us to get married then i won’t get married to anybody

Me: will you run away with me?

Maryam: {laughed} Al-amin you are not serious o

Me: Maryam be serious please

Maryam: okay, I will

Me: promise me if you father doesn’t allow the both of us to get married you are going to run away with me

Maryam: I promise you Al-amin, if my father doesn’t allow the both of us to get married, I will run away with you. I can’t leave without you and you know that

Me: {happy} okay thanks

Maryam: is that all?

Me: yes

Maryam: hope you are now satisfied?

Me: yes

Maryam: okay bye, Love you

Me: love you more

[I ended the call]

Two days later, I received a call from the hacker boy, "romeo."

Me: hello, you guys should leave my life alone

Romeo: {laughed} so you’ve forgotten about don?

Me: no, but there is nothing I can do to help him. "was I the one who asked him to inhale the powder?" I thought angrily to myself

Alhaji sale: if you really want to help him come to my house right away. I decided to pretend as if I don’t care about don so that they will allow him to go. "I don’t want to help him" I said to Alhaji sale. Alhaji sale gave Don the phone

Don: Al-amin please do whatever they ask you to do, they almost killed me insisting I show them the new place you stay. Please tell them I don’t know the new place you base at

Me: {laughed} so Alhaji sale you have been looking for me? you think I am a fool to stay in my former house?

Alhaji sale: okay no problem. I heard him saying "scorpion, kill him and dump him"

Me: {screamed} sale!! do you think Maryam will forgive you for this?

[He ended the call] I hurriedly called back Romeo

Romeo: what is your problem?

Me: please tell Alhaji to spare Don! I am ready to do whatever he wants me to do

Romeo: the phone is on loudspeaker, he can hear you

Me: okay, I will come right away

Romeo: you have less than 30minutes



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Author: Al-amin Usman