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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 13 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 13 (SEASON 2)

Police man: I can’t do that please

Me: come on man! I am also a police man like you

Police man: which base? I told him my base and explained everything to him so he agreed to give me his phone. I called my boss

Boss: hello! Who is this?

Me: it’s me officer dino

Boss: what do you want?

Me: i called you to Apologize, I hope I wasn’t sacked

Boss: are you now broke?

Me: see boss, I will explain everything to you later. Alhaji sale has been kidnapped and I need to investigate on the matter

Boss: really? When?

Me: yesterday. I am even the first suspect for the kidnap, I was arrested this morning

Boss: don’t worry, I know you can’t do such a thing! I will help you. But what happened? Why were you suspected?

Me: I will tell you later

Boss: okay

I ended the call and gave back the phone to the police man. In some minutes time, maryam came to the prison where we were locked.

Maryam: Al-amin it doesn’t have to be this way

Me: shut the fuck up, I don’t wanna hear any gaddamn bullshit coming out from your gaddamn mouth. Damn it! Get dah fuck out of here

Maryam: what if don’t leave? You are locked up there is nothing you can do to me

Me: ok.

I walked into the toilet. I heard her asking Don to please call me! but don didn’t answer. In Some minutes time, she left

Don: come out dino, she has gone

Me: thank you for not answering her. Since when I knew you, today is the only day I saw you did something good.

Don: why will I answer her when we were trying to help her yesterday but she just messed us up

Me: don't mind her. We will surely be released and I will make sure romeo is jailed.

Don: but I thought they were partners! why will romeo do that to him?

Me: I don’t know, but we will know sooner

Maryam: who is romeo?
Maryam didn't leave the station. She heard the discussion between me and Don! When she came out from where she was hiding, I went back inside the toilet. She was trying to call me back but I didn’t answer her.

Maryam: Don please tell me who romeo is

Don: ##no answer##

Maryam: Don! Look at me, I am sorry. Please tell me who romeo is

Don: Romeo is the guy who kidnapped your dad, he is one of you dad’s workers. We saw him when we came to your house

Maryam: oh gosh! Please make Al-amin come out I am very sorry. I will bail the both of you right now

Don: Al-amin come out, she has left

Me: why did you answer her?

Don: pity the girl now

Me: why will I pity her?

Don: I am just feeling sorry for the girl; you are the only one she has left

Me: and she locked me up?

Don: she now believes you are innocent now

Maryam: Al-amin I asked the police officer to bail you but he said he can’t just bail you like that. He has to investigate on you further more. I know you won’t answer me but I will come back later. Bye, love you

Don: {laughed} you arrested the guy you love

Maryam: I wasn’t talking to you was i? bye Al-amin

Don: see this girl, I am even trying to make you forgive her and she is insulting me

Me: {laughed} that’s your problem. I am sure she hasn't left! she is somewhere here. Few minutes later, I saw my boss and the police officer. I was very shocked when I saw them.

Me: boss, how did you know I am here?

Boss: I called the number you used in calling me and asked him

Me: okay

Police man: your boss is my very good friend. He told me you are his best officer that he knows you can kidnap Alhaji sale. And the lady who arrested you also asked me to bail you. So I have to release you

Don: thank you sir

Me: {smiling at Don}

We were released from the police station. I and Don went home. Few minutes later! I heard a knock on my door


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Author: Al-amin Usman