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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 11 (SEASON 1)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 11 (SEASON 1)

Romeo: you have less than 30minutes

Me: I swear I am not in lagos! Just give me today. I will be there tomorrow

Alhaji sale: where are you at?

Me: I travelled for a job interview

Alhaji sale: {laughed} if I don’t see you tomorrow!! Don will be a goner.

Me: I will be there tomorrow

I ended the call with anger and began to think of what to do. "I can’t go back to that man’s house" I said to myself. I thought of a plan! I put my phone on silent mode and called Alhaji sale.

Alhaji sale: hello

Me: {recording the call} Alhaji sale are you really going to kill Don if I don’t come?

Alhaji sale: I won’t repeat myself again. I already told you if you don’t come tomorrow then i will kill Don

Me: don’t you think you might be sentenced to death or even given life imprisonment if I report you to the police?

Alhaji sale: what evidence do you have? I can even gather evidence and put the blame on you

Me: that is not possible. Our conversation is been recorded so if anything happens to Don; the whole world will know you are responsible

Alhaji sale: {laughed} I have lots of techniques

Me: so you will bribe all the police men in Nigeria?

Alhaji sale: don’t come tomorrow and see if I won’t kill Don

Me: {angry} I am in lagos now. I won’t come! kill Don and see if I won’t expose you

[I ended the call] he kept on calling me on phone but I refused to pick the call. I renamed the record to "Young_Alhaji Don't Bother (Youngerjackson)" so that even if anything happens, he won’t be able to find the recording in my phone. And I also copied it into my laptop in 3 folders. The next day morning, I called him and told him that if he doesn’t release Don I am going to show the voice note to the court

Alhaji sale: go ahead and show them it to the court

Me: you think I am joking? I am going to sue you to the court o!

Alhaji sale: I have heard you now, sue me

Me: {how will I pay my lawyer?} okay nah no problem

[He ended the call] I received a call from Segun.

Segun: dino, please can you come to the station right away?

Me: what for?

Segun: just come please, it is very important

Me: okay, I am on my way. On my way to the police station! some boys attacked me and tried to take my phone. They beat me up and formatted my phone memory and also my memory card. I became helpless.

I received a call from Alhaji sale.

Alhaji sale: {laughing} take the record to the court now

Me: {this man thinks I am a fool not to have copied the record on another device} so you sent some boys to beat me up right?

Alhaji sale: this is just the beginning

[I ended the call and called segun]

Me: segun, I never thought you could do this to me

Segun: what did I do to you?

Me: why did you ask me to come to the station?

Segun: I was directed by boss to tell you so o

Me: hmmmm, ok

[I ended the call] I decided to go to a police station to report all the things that Alhaji sale did to me. . . .


Watch out for season 2. . .

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Author: Al-amin Usman