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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 10 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 10  (SEASON 2)

Alhaji sale: that one should wait! the type of job I have for you and don now doesn't require you to be a police officer

Don: and what is the job sir?

Alhaji sale: it is a dangerous Job

Me: is it against the law?

Alhaji sale: why are you asking me that?

Me: if it is against the law, then we can’t do it

Alhaji sale: are you here to insult me?

Me: No

Alhaji sale: it’s not your fault! you can never be wise. I know what to do, just leave my house

Don: but sir. What about the job?

Alhaji sale: the both of you should leave my house! I will call you when you are needed dino

Me: okay sir

I and Don both left Alhaji sale’s house. On our way home, Maryam called me and I picked.

Maryam: what happened between you and my dad?

Me: what do you mean?

Maryam: I heard the conversation between the both of you

Me: just forget about it please

Maryam: see Al-amin, you and my father always fight, why are you like this? You don’t respect him and you claim to love me; if you don’t respect him then you should start forgetting about me

Me: didn’t you hear what he said? He said the job is dangerous

Maryam: what are you insinuating? Are you trying to say my dad is a bad person?

Me: just forget about this Maryam

Maryam: I won’t forget about it, are you trying to tell me that my Dad is into bad business

Me: I have told you to forget about this matter and i won’t say anything about it

Maryam: really?

Me: yes

Maryam: okay no problem

##She ended the call and I called her back##

Me: Maryam come on!why are you allowing your father’s I issue to affect our relationship?

Maryam: do we have any relationship?

Me: what do you mean?

Maryam: what I mean is that there is nothing between us

Me: what do you mean by there is nothing between us

Maryam: I can’t have anything to do with a guy who doesn't respect my Dad. How is he going to even give me to you when you don’t respect him?

Me: really?

Maryam: yes

Me: so all those promises you made to me were all fake?

Maryam: what promises?

Me: your promised me that even if you father doesn'
t allow us to get married you will surely marry me. Your father hasn't even stopped us from getting married and you’re the one stopping us

Maryam: if you respect my dad he will hand me over to you

Me: ok Maryam, I have heard you, is everything now okay?

Maryam: no

Me: what again


Maryam: I am missing you

Me: me too

Maryam: whatever, I will call you later

Me: okay bye, love you

Maryam: love you more

##i ended the call##

Don: don’t you think Alhaji sale might do something bad to us?

Me: yes I think so to. I am even afraid he might send some thugs my house

Don: there is nothing we can do since we have nowhere else to go

Me: let’s just pray nothing happens

Don: you could have at least wait to hear what he wanted to say before telling him you can’t do the job

Me: you are right, I really made a mistake

Don: so what’s the next plan?

Me: we will call him in a week time if he doesn’t call us

Don: why don’t we call him now? What if he sends someone to kill us?

Me: why are you scared?

Don: I don’t want to be killed or kidnapped

Me: do I want to be killed or kidnapped? Just start being brave

Don: okay now

Me: do you think Alhaji sale will give Maryam to me?

Don: he might, just to make Maryam happy

Me: really?

Don: yes, and he might also kill you

Me: {laughed} you are not serious

Don: it’s the truth o

Me: I want to tell him I love Maryam; should i?

Don: {laughed} you are already in a big problem and you want to put yourself in another problem

Me: I love the girl so much now, is it a crime to love?

Don: will Alhaji sale understand that?

Me: I will make him understand

Don: even if you want to tell him you should wait until we've gotten lots of money from Maryam

Me: Maryam is not a tool

Don: we are only trying to gain from Alhaji sale not her

Me: I don’t even know how to ask her

Don: I will tell you everything

Me: ok tell me


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Author: Al-amin Usman