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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 12 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 12  (SEASON 2)

Me: we have different types of love. The love she has for me will make her trust me and believe I can’t kidnap her dad

Don: I just hope so. The jail we’ve both been running from I pray it doesn’t come. What if romeo kills Alhaji sale?

Me: did we kill him? stop stressing yourself for another man’s crime

Don: if I had known, I wouldn't have gone with you

Me: don’t worry don, I know you are innocent. I am still a police man you know! I will Apologise to my boss in order to be able to investigate this matter

Don: {laughed} if you say that; everybody will suspect you

Me: I know what to do just watch and see. The next day morning, me and Don were already on our way to maryam’s house when we saw her with 3 police men

Maryam: these are the both of them

Don: Don tried to run but he was caught. Don trying to run made maryam and the police men believed we had a hand in Alhaji sale’s kidnap. I was very angry with Don and Maryam at the moment. It was as if the love I have for her just left my heart

Me: maryam! I thought you trusted me!! I never thought you could ever do this. So you’ve been taking me as a bad person or a ganster right?

Maryam: your friend looks like a Gangster. And there is a saying that says "show me your friend and I will tell you who you are."

Me: {angry} wow! Really?

Police man: enough of the talking let’s go

Me: {angry} see officer let me tell you; do you think the 3 of you can arrest me and Don if I don’t want you to? I won’t run away because I know I am innocent. so keep shut and let me finish my discussion with her

Maryam: well I don’t want to talk to you. And don’t think you can threaten these police men because I didn’t call them from the station you were before

Me: wow! ok. I looked into maryam’s eyes and told her not to talk to me till eternity. I and Don was arrested and locked up together

Me: {angry} Don! Why did you run away?

Don: I don’t want to be arrested for a crime I didn’t commit

Me: so you think running away from your problem will solve it? Don! don’t be scared, we are both innocent nothing will happen

Don: but we don’t have any witness

Me: forget about witness, I know what to do. Everything in this country is all about brain. Some minutes later, a police man came and took us to a room. I saw maryam and a police man, I think he is the boss of the police station

Police man: do you know this girl over here?

Me: yes

Police man: who is she?

Me: I don’t know anything about her


Police man: hmmmm. She told me everything. She told me she called you yesterday that some gangs want to kill her Dad and she asked you to come with some police men, but you didn’t go with any police man! instead, she caught you hiding in the compound

Me: yes, all the things she told you are all true

Police man: so why didn’t you call the police for help?

Me: I don’t have the phone number of any police man

Maryam: you are lying! why won’t you have the phone number of any police man when you were once a police man

Me: I told you not to ever talk to me didn't i?

Police man: do you know where you are

Me: I know I am in a police station but she doesn’t have the right to question me. Is she a police officer? What is she even doing here?

Don: yes officer, we were only trying to help this girl but she is trying to put us in trouble

Police officer: which trouble?

Me: she is blaming us for kidnapping her Dad

Maryam: officer, they were both in the compound hiding. I called him to bring the police all what he told me was that I shouldn't panic. I am sure they came with the gangs they just waited outside the house so that I won’t recognize them. And they also had a fight with my Dad yesterday

Police officer: is she saying the truth

Me: yes, all what she said is true. The only lie is that; we weren't together with the gangs who kidnapped her Dad. We have no hands in the kidnap

Police officer: well! with what she said I don’t think there is any way you can prove your innocence, I will advise you to confess

Maryam: please just bring back my Dad Al-amin, I swear! nobody will do anything to you, I will bail you and I still love you

Me: shut the fuck up!

Police officer: miss, was there a relationship between you and him?

Maryam: yes, there is a relationship between me and him

Me: damn it, there is nothing between me and you

Maryam: we didn’t break up did we?

Me: shut the fuck up!! I asked you not to ever talk to me didn't i?

Maryam: you also talked to me

Police officer: what is wrong with the both of you?

Me: why will she be interrupting your investigation?

Police officer: the both of you can go

I and don both went out! A police man followed us to lock us.

Me: guy lend me your phone

Police man: I can’t do that please

Me: come on guy, I am also a police man like you


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Author: Al-amin Usman