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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 15 (SEASON 2)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 15 (SEASON 2)

Me: okay, but you are back now right?

Romeo: yes, what do you want?

Me: Alhaji sale wants to give me and don a job but we don’t know the type of job he is planning to give to us. Please can you tell us the type of Job he wants to give to us?

Romeo: I will call you later I am on the way now

Me: okay no problem

## I ended the call and called my boss##

Boss: I have been trying your number since morning but it wasn’t reachable

Me: it might be network problem sir

Boss: okay, why are you not in the station?

Me: sir, I want you to leave this case to me and Don

Boss: but he is not a police officer, he isn't trained

Me: sir, don’t worry about that. Me and Don knows about the kidnappers very well, we are the ones suitable to investigate on the matter! trust me

Boss: okay no problem, if you insist

Me: okay

##i ended the call## I and Don decided to go to Alhaji sale’s warehouse to see if he was also taken there too?

Don: I don’t think Romeo will take him there when he thinks we are there

Me: you remember he said he wanted to release us? He wanted to put Alhaji sale there that was why he wanted to release us. I am sure Romeo can never remember us

Don: how are you sure he isn't born again? He might be a born again Christian that was why he kidnapped Alhaji sale

Me: if he was born again he wouldn't have kidnapped Alhaji sale

Don: you are right! Maybe they had a fight concerning their business

Me: but Romeo is Alhaji sale’s boy now, why will they have a fight when Alhaji sale is the owner of the business?

Don: anything can happen

Me: we will know everything when we arrest Romeo, but for now let’s just go to the store. We went to the store and found out that the gate was locked.

Don: let’s wait a little while to see if he comes

Me: we can’t wait for him; we have to go to Alhaji sale’s house. We are going to insert a little broom inside of the padlock of the gate so that if anybody opens the gate, we will know

Don: that is smart
We inserted the broom and headed to Alhaji sale’s house to ask maryam some questions

Me: maryam! How did they enter?

Maryam: I don’t know how they entered, I am sure his boys are responsible

Me: where is the security man?

Maryam: I didn’t see any of them since they day he was kidnapped. I was even shocked when I came back from the police station yesterday, the gate was locked from the outside

Don: wow! I think all his workers ganged up against him

Me: yes! And he caused it

Maryam: what do you mean?

Me: your father is a bad person, he isn’t into good business

Maryam: Al-amin please, I am respecting you please don’t start

Don: all what he is saying is the truth

Me: why do you trust your Dad so much? What will I gain by lying against him? if he wasn't into bad business what will he be doing with guards?

Maryam: I have talked to him about that; but he said he has lots of enemies. Many people are trying to kill him

Me: he lied

Maryam: you are calling my father a liar

Me: it’s the truth

Maryam: please let’s stop discussing about the matter, just focus on how to get me back my father

Me: ok. What were they discussing when they came to the house?

Maryam: I didn’t listen to them; I was very scared of dying

Me: come on, try to remember

Maryam: I swear Al-amin, there is nothing I can remember

Me: okay no problem, we have to go now

Maryam: please don’t leave, I am bored here

Me: but we are investigating on your father’s kidnap

Maryam: when will you come back?

Me: don’t worry I’ll call you

Maryam: ok bye, I love you

Me: I love you more

Maryam: you know I love you more

Me: it’s okay before we start arguing, bye. We went back to the store to check the pad lock to see if it has been opened.


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Author: Al-amin Usman