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I Control Water Episode 2

 I Control Water Episode 2

Voice: *Laughed* Al-ameeeen your time has come. Now that we have same power I will be able to kill you
Me: “we have the same power, you can read my mind I can’t read yours, I commanded the chain to untie me but the chain didn’t” I thought to myself.
 Do I still have powers? I asked myself
I then remembered I asked for knowledge the upper day.
“Wow…. It’s time to work with my knowledge” I thought to myself.

Voice: I am gonna pull off your brain now.
  I could feel my head vibrating, my head wanted to explode. I immediately turned myself into water. I got out of the chain and before I could even understand what was going on the devil placed me into a bottle.

Me: “you are so fast” I said to the devil.
  I turned myself back into a human and the bottle got broken. I wasn’t seeing any feather. the room became very quiet and dark. I commanded the room to become bright!
I heard a very loud voice
Voice: My son; your powers are not meant to be used on humans. I gave you the power for a particular reason. You can’t use them for your personal reasons unless it's raining or unless you want to turn yourself to water

Me: What are the powers of mine meant to be used for? I thought I can do anything I want apart from seeing God, create or kill a human being, See heaven or hell or destroy this world

Voice: not only that

Me: What else can I do?

Voice: You control the rain, the sea and also aquatic animals

Me: wow

Voice: You can talk to any animal on earth; you can command any aquatic animal

Me: *laughed in a low tone* I was tied with a chain this morning and I couldn’t do anything. I was surrounded by feathers

Voice: That is the devil. He has the opposite of what you have

Me: How

Voice: The devil controls light, the sun and also domestic animals and any other living thing that lives on land apart from the trees or humans. All though, the devil can influence the trees to obey him just the way he makes humans to commit sins

Me: What about me? Can I influence any living thing that lives on land?

Voice: *hahaha* Al-amin…..

Me: Why was the devil able to read my mind and I could read his?

Voice: You are on land, if the devil goes to the water you will be more powerful than him there because you control everything in the sea. You are the sea

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 Me: Why was I attacked by the devil?

Voice: *hahaha* that is something you will understand yourself someday. Try to stay alive while you are on land! Don’t let the devil defeat you…. You can’t be defeated

Me: But who are you?
  *No Answer* “The person must have left” I said to myself.
 I decided to test my power by talking to an animal. “Take me to a forest” I thought to myself. I was still in my room. Then I remembered the voice said I can’t use my powers on land when it’s not raining. “Rain” I said; in my mind. It started raining for a second and then it suddenly stopped. I went outside and was curious. I saw someone covered with feathers standing in front of me. “This must be the devil” I thought to myself

Devil: yes… I am the devil

Me: yes, I know you are the devil and I am not scared of you.... devil!

Devil: *hahaha* You are on land, I can kill you now

Me: You can’t kill water

Devil: If I can’t kill water, I control the air, the sun, fire and sand

Me: *hahaha* and how will I be destroyed by these?

Devil: With air, I’ll dry you. With sun, I’ll dry you. With fire, I’ll dry you.

Me: *hahaha* you are saying the impossible. What about sand?

Devil: With Sand, I will soak you

Me: *hahaha* I am water and there are seas everywhere. Water is under ground. Meaning, The water is what is holding the earth and everything on land, meaning, Water is the strongest amongst all

Devil: *Hahaha* I am not surprised you are stubborn, but I’ll make you understand that I control and do whatever i want in land. Since you are in land, I’ll destroy you

Me: “That is the impossible” I shouted

Devil: *Hahaha* I am done talking, let the show begin


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Author: Al-amin Usman


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Guy you can't be posting one episode each week e too far now abeg o
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Why not make it one episode daily or even 2-3days but one week is too much now. You are keeping us on suspsense

Muhammed kano delete

Why not make it one episode daily or even 2-3days but one week is too much now. You are keeping us on suspsense

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