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I Control Water Episode 3

I Control Water Episode 3

Devil: *Hahaha* I am not surprised you are stubborn, but I’ll make you understand that I control and do whatever i want in land. Since you are in land, I’ll destroy you

Me: “That is the impossible” I shouted

Devil: *Hahaha* I am done talking, let the show begin

Me: What can you do?

Devil: I can do and will do many things. I am gonna stop rain from falling on earth for so many years

Me: That’s not possible. God is the controller of everything and not you

Devil: *Hahahahahaaaa* God is the controller but he gave me powers for a limited time. I have the power to influence humans and make them go to hell with me. Now since you have gotten your own powers, I am gonna make sure I destroy you by making sure rain doesn’t fall for years let me see how you are going to battle with me.

  The devil disappeared… Me thinking he was gone tried to see if I can make rain fall. Before I could understand anything, I saw myself in a forest with wild animals. I could hear them talk but it was like they weren’t seeing me. “Why am I here?” I thought to myself.

Snake: Keeping on thinking

Me: wow… You can see me

Snake: You have two options, look for a sea, get in and take yourself  home. Or stay here and watch what is going to happen in few hours time

Me: What do you mean?

Snake: Do as you are told

Me: Come on please; tell me what the problem is

Snake: I have nothing to say but to tell you why you are here

Me: Why am I here?

Devil: Without water you are nothing, you are supposed to be able to talk to these animals but you are not able. You are safe now because they can’t see you. Only God knows what will happen if they start seeing you

Me: Why can’t I talk to them when I am supposed to be able? and why will they be able to see me later?

Snake: You are going to know that yourself when you get to a sea

Me: *Angry* I command you to tell me

Snake: You don’t control me

    I commanded rain to fall but all to no avail

Snake: you can’t make rain fall again

Me: Why is all this happening? This isn’t what I was told at first

Snake: Don’t be weak the devil is behind all this

Me: Where can I get water?

Snake: I can go with you but there are lots of obstacles on the way

Me: I know God is with me and I am not scared of anything

     We started moving, looking for a sea so that I will be able to know what the devil is up to and why I am unable to use my powers to bring rain. On our journey, 5 bush dogs attacked the snake and were trying to kill it.

Snake: Al-amin…. The devil is behind all this; he influenced these dogs to kill me so that you won’t be able to get to the sea

Me: What can I do to help you?

Snake: Are you asking me? What do I know about humans?

Me: *Laughed* can they see me?

Snake: Does it look like they can?

Me: I know what to do! Can I carry you? Since you are not that big

Snake: Of course… do anything please

  I carried the snake and began running. It was now as if the 5 dogs were after me, I was running in full speed and the dogs too were heading towards my direction. “HaH, these dogs can see me” I thought to myself. I immediately threw away the snake and keep running with full speed. But to my greatest surprise, the dogs went towards the direction that I threw the snake.

“Ohhhh, they can’t see me but they can still see the snake” I said to myself. I ran towards the place I threw away the snake but I couldn’t find it.

“The dogs too might be looking for the snake” I said to myself.  Where could the snake have hidden? I began searching for it because without the snake I don’t know my way to the sea. The snake is my only direction to the sea. I began looking for holes! May be the snake is hiding in any holes till the dogs go away.

I searched every corner in the area I threw away the snake, but I couldn’t find it. And I remembered the snake told me that the wild animals will be able to see me soon if I don’t get to the sea immediately to know what the devil is up to. I became scared and worried. I wanted to abandon the snake and continue looking for the sea.

“Will I be able to fine the sea on my own?” I thought to myself.
I had just few minutes more too look for the snake before the wild animals in the forest would be able to see me.


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Author: Al-amin Usman


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I love your niche and your style

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