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I Control Water Episode 1

  I Control Water

Hello readers… My name is Al-amin Usman! The CEO of Islamic Centa (www.yapcenter.com).
Try to read and understand the teachings of this story…don’t just read and forget!! And also, don’t forget to share with your loved ones.
       The story begins. . .
  It all started one morning. It was raining heavily and the sun was still up, everywhere was bright. You know some people said whenever it’s raining and the sun is shining it means an animal is giving birth in heaven.
Well… Allah knows best.
I went out under the rain to get recharge card because I wanted to buy data bundle and chat with my friends.
I was shocked… the rain wasn’t falling on the spot that I am.
The worst and scariest happened! I was hearing a voice. It was as if the rain was talking to me
Rain: Master Al-amin…..
Me: *shocked* I looked up and saw the shape of water formed as my face. The shape of the face looks exactly like mine.
Face: Al-amin! You are me… I am you! You own me… I own you. You are really what your name implies. (Al-amin The Trustworthy}
Me: “am I dreaming?” I thought to myself
Face: No!! You are not dreaming master
Me: you can read my mind?
Face: Sure master, I can
Me: This is a dream
Face: Master Al-amin…. God wants to send you on an errand
Me: what tha? Me??
Face: you have the the most caring heart on earth master, you fear and respect God master, you have been chosen before birth master! Now! God is giving you the power to control water, make rain and also control the sea master. You are the master of water
Me: I am dreaming
Face: *Laughed* Al-amin
Me: Yes
Face: I’ll leave now… Remember you now have the ability to control water and also bring rain
  Booooom! The face left.
I was kinda feeling surprised and special.
  I proceeded to buy the recharge card, the rain wasn’t falling on me and people didn’t notice. I thought to myself, can I make this rain stop? Immediately the rain stopped
Me: “Rain fall” I said; in my mind
  It started raining.
Me:  “Rain heavily” I said; in my mind
 It started raining heavily.
Me: “Rain on me” I said; in my mind
  I became water. Wow I could see myself floating or probably flying in the air, because I could control myself. “what does God want me to do? a whole mighty God?” I thought to myself.
My watered body answered me.
Water: You have a long way to go, and you have powers in you. You can do whatever you want, make whatever you want but you don’t have the power to see God, create or kill a human being, See heaven or hell or destroy this world
Me: Wow! You mean anything? I need knowledge
Water: *Laughed* Al-amin you don’t have to ask me for knowledge. I am you… you are me remember?
The power is in you. Just feel or think about whatever you want and you shall have it before a second. But you should know, the devil (satan) has the same power as you, and God granted it to him as his last wish before Judgement day.
Me: When was that?
Source: www.yapcenter.com
Water: it has been so since when God created Adam and Hauwa (Eve). Judgement day is near, so God wants you to save humans from the influence of the devil.
Me: I am ready for anything. I turned back to a human and imagined myself in my room at home.
 Booooom! I found myself inside my room.
That next day, something strange happened.
I slept off and woke up by 5:am only to see myself surrounded in black feathers and tied with a very big chain.
Voice: *Hahahaha* I have been waiting for you to receive you power since when you were born. I tried to seduce you to become evil, but I didn’t succeed because you have a very strong heart. If I had the power to kill humans, you would have been dead by now
Me: Allahu akbar. “You devilish chain, untie yourself from me” I thought to myself
 Nothing happened; the chain was still on me
Voice: *Laughed* This chain will not untie you without my order
Me: you can read my mind?
Voice: of course yes
Me: We have the same power and you can read my mind? “Read his mind” I thought to myself
I still couldn’t read his mind
Voice: *Laughed* Al-ameeeen your time has come. Now that we have same power I will be able to kill you
Me: “we have the same power, you can read my mind I can’t read yours, I commanded the chain to untie me but the chain didn’t” I thought to myself.
 Do I still have powers? I asked myself
I then remembered I asked for knowledge the upper day.
“Wow…. It’s time to work with my knowledge” I thought to myself.


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Author: Al-amin Usman


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