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TOUCHING: Parents Expectation From Their Children

Parents Expectation From Their Children


I fought with death when I was giving birth to you. I spent sleepless nights when you were sick and crying. I never ate without feeding you first. I bore so many pains to bring you to the stage that you are in today. How will you repay me my child?


When I grow up, I will find a good job and earn lots of money for you so you can enjoy the pleasures of this world.


Your father is doing this already and i do not expect this from you too. By the time you start earning I will be old and will not be in need of any worldly luxuries.


I will find a pious lady and marry her so she can cook for you and take care of you.


That is not her duty my son and neither should you marry for that reason. It is not compulsory on her to do any service to me, neither do I expect this from her. Your marriage should be for you, a companion and a comfort for you as you go through this journey of life.


Tell me mother how can I repay you then?


(With tears in her eyes) Visit or call me often. A mother only requires this much from you while she is alive.

Then when I die give me your shoulder and bury me.

Whenever you perform prayers, supplicate for me.

Give out in charity for me.

Remember your every good deed will benefit me in the hereafter so be good and kind always.

Fulfill the rights of all those around you.

The sleepless nights and pains I took to bring you up was not a favour to you but was for my creator. He blessed me with you as a beautiful gift and as a means for me to attain his pleasure. Your every good deed becomes my repayment.

Will you do it my child...?


 (Couldn't speak and had tears in his eyes)

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Author: Al-amin Usman


Gabriel delete

This is really touching

Stunner delete

Real touching. I love my mum

Sharry delete

is it only mama? What about our papa? I love my parent

Harytech delete

Almost shed tears when i read this
Very touching

phillip delete

My mom is my everything and i will make her happy in anyway i can

Mirabel delete