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Adding Interests On Loans

Adding Interests On Loans

Hello Readers, its your fan Al-amin Usman The CEO of

I know some of you have been wondering!

Is it right to add interest on a loan?
Is it not my money?
Do i have the right to add the amount i wish to add?
If i embarrass someone that refuses to pay me a certain amount of money he borrowed from me in a short time is it wrong?

Well today i will be educating you guys about everything you need to know about adding interests on loans

According to what i saw in an hadiths, those who eats usury (Interest Indebted on a loan) will not be able to stand with others on the day of resurrection (Judgment Day).

So its advisable for you not to add interests on loans you give to your friends and if they are unable to pay you in a short time, it's wrong to abuse or embarrass them secretly or publicly.

You who believe! be afraid of Allah (GOD) and give up adding interests on loans.

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Author: Al-amin Usman