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Gosh! My Money Doesn't Last

Gosh! My Money Doesn't Last

This is a serious issue lots of people have been complaining about!

My money doesn't last!

I don't remember what i used the money for!
I thought i had 1million naira? now i am having 35000naira! what did i use it for?

Well actually, i Al-amin Usman the CEO of Islamic Centa is going to be briefing you about why your money doesn't laugh.

I am writing this post in a funny way so that you all are going to enjoy it, laugh over it and most importantly learn from it.

Bad Money

What is bad money?

  bad money is the type of money earned through an illegal process. and since God is against it, the money won't last!


(It is classified as Bad Money)

Ronse Girl

Are you a beautiful girl?

You have male friends tripping for you.... In which according to them you love them and they love you too.

Whuuuuu!! You don't love them but you ask them for money?

No!!! the money won't last!!

(It is classified as Bad Money)


Are you a bad guy?

wow!!! you are very smart like Al-amin Usman the CEO of
wow!!! That's nice!
why not use your smartness to make money in a legal way?? huh??
but no!!


you do Yahoo!
you are a pick pocket!
you scam people on whatsapp for just a little amount of money!

Some guys can convince people!!
they can talk!

why not plan a good legal business??

Why not use your convincing talent or scamming skills to do something better?? Like become an agent or a sars of your country or probably becoming a lawyer! That will help.

God gave you the talent for a reason and not to use it to scam people.

any money you made from scamming won't last!

(It is classified as Bad Money)




you can hold a gun very well....  Jeez!
you can blow off someone's skull without feeling guilty.... Wonderful!
you are not scared of anything even death? wow nice!!
you can fight all the fighting styles, you have all fighting skills like

kung fu!
Gidibo-Gidibo! #lolz

you can run very well especially from the police.... Cool

you can scare or threaten someone into collecting his/her properties? Superb!

Why not become a soldier in your contry?

fight for the lives of the citizens?
fight terrorists who are killing the citizens of your country like boko-haram
catch people like you who are stealing from innocent citizens... #Lolz

God gave you the talent for a reason and not to cheat innocent citizens!! So you should know, any money derived from robbing won't last


(It is classified as Bad Money)

you can add yours on the comment section below... let's keep the fun going!

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