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Gun Men In Lagos Episode 10

Gun Men In Lagos Episode 10

Me: don’t provoke me o maryam! I said I know what I am doing

Maryam: okay! I will go with you

Me: You can’t go with me

Maryam: I must go with you whether you like it or not

Me: ##laughed## whether I like it or not?

Maryam: yes! Whether you like it or not

Me: if I don't like it you won't follow me

Maryam: Stop me now! If you can

Me: ##laughed## I will just leave you

Maryam: yeah! You will leave me because you can't stop me

Me: shut your sharp mouth up and come let's go

We both went out and saw the soldiers waiting for me.

Soldier: what have you been doing?

Me: I have been preparing

Soldier: what about your wife, is she coming with us?

Me: yes she is

Soldier: ok no problem

We entered the car, I could see it in maryam's face that she wasn't comfortable but I knew they were not boko haram. I was 100 percent sure they are real soldiers. The soldiers were discussing about me that I have strong head! the rest of the Young_Alhajis died but me I refused to die

Maryam: are you praying for him to die?

Me: ##laughed##

Soldier: we are not praying for him to die, we are just saying

Maryam: why will you be saying a thing like that?

Me: maryam it's okay they are just saying

Maryam: it's not right for them to be saying a thing like that; It is very wrong

Soldier: madam it's okay

When we got to the barracks, I was taking to where the governor was. He was together with the boko-haram I kidnapped.

Governor: are you the Young_Alhaji

Me: yes sir! Good morning sir

Governor: morning! We are all proud of you! we all believe in you. Boko-haram has been causing people lots of pains, they've been killing, kidnapping, raping and taking people's properties. If you can kidnap one of boko-haram members then you are capable of destroying them all. I think their end is near


Me: thank you sir

Governor: I am sorry for the accusation we vested on you; it was a misunderstanding

Me: I understand sir

Governor: I will give you anything you want; and we will all make sure you stay alive to accomplish your mission

He asked the soldiers to give me anything or any weapon I ask for! he also promised to give me 40million naira

Maryam: 40million naira? You are damn rich

Me: ##laughed## what is 40 million naira? What can it do?

Maryam: they will give you more when you destroy them so you better start thinking smart

Me: you think smart now! won't you eat the money with me?

Maryam: am I the chosen one?

Me: but you are the chosen wife

Maryam: I wasn't chosen by anybody; you chose me your self

Me: you have been destined by God to become my wife

Maryam: whatever

I went to the boko-haram and asked him if his members will come for him

Boko-haram: yes they will come! And they will kill you!

When he said so, a soldier got angry and began to hit him. I didn't feel sorry for him cause he deserves it

Maryam: I don’t think boko-haram has heart. They don’t fear or pity any one

Me: I don’t even understand how their body functions, they are not scared of anything including death

Soldier: all humans are not the same now

The governor was about leaving, but before he left; he asked for my account number. I happily gave it to him

Soldier: you don hammer

Maryam: hammer what? Boko-haram is after my husband and you are telling him he is rich

Soldier: nothing will happen to him; God is with him

Maryam: I just pray so

We were about leaving when we heard a strange sound from outside. We hurriedly ran outside to see what was happening! we saw helicopters shooting and approaching to the barracks.

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Author: Al-amin Usman