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I Control Water Episode 4

I Control Water Episode 4

“Will I be able to fine the sea on my own?” I thought to myself.
I had just few minutes more too look for the snake before the wild animals in the forest would be able to see me.

I saw the snake heading to my destination!

Me: Wow, Thank God

Snake: “No Response”

Me: Where have you been?

Snake: If not for who you are, I would have swallowed you even though I am not that big

Me: I thought the dogs were after me now

Snake: Don’t worry; I just have to be careful. Only God knows what you will do to….. Just forget

Me: Do to what?

Snake: Forget about the issue, let’s go

Me: Come on tell me

Snake: Al-amin!! I will not tell you. Let’s go

Me: Wow! Even snakes are stubborn

Snake: And humans are heartless

Me: “Laughed” Not all

Snake: But some will throw you away when there are meant to save you

Me: What was I supposed to have done?

Snake: Do you see that mountain? Behind it there is a big sea

Me: Wow! We are there

Snake: And I will take my leave

Me: We are going together

Snake: I am not going with you! Is it my fight?


Me: Once I get into the water I will become very powerful and I will do whatever you want to you

Snake: Wow! I like entering the sea but the sharks in there are always trying to eat me. I need freedom

Me: What? Will they try to eat me too?

Snake: “Laughed” I thought you control water and everything in it?

Me: I haven’t been into the sea before so I am not sure and I don’t even know how to control the sea. I feel totally powerless now

Snake: You still have your powers you just have to believe in yourself and God. But there is only one problem

Me: What is it?

Snake: Well as a snake, passing through the mountain is very easy. So I don’t know how you intend passing through the mountain and getting to the sea

Me: Gosh! You mean there ain’t no passage? How did I even get here?

Snake: “Laughed” All those white men will be coming to this forest and be acting brave, using all kinds of tools or whatever to study us. I never knew they are very weak and scared

Me: What do you mean?

Snake: I mean I thought humans are brave and powerful but I never knew humans are just as weak and scared as you are

Me: “Laughed” Who said I am scared?

Snake: Well according to my understanding, wild animals in this forest will now be able to see you. There is no going back unless you want to die

Me: I go back I will die! I try to cross I will die! Oh lord, where are you?

Snake: God is everywhere; you don’t have to call him

Me: Okay, so now how do I cross this mountain

Snake: Fly

Me: I can’t fly

Snake: Jump over it

Me: Are you making a fool out of me?

Snake: “Laughed” Ok climb it

Me: Me? Climb this high mountain? So I will fall and die?

Snake: “Hahahahaha” Ok stay here and die

Me: Something has to be done

Snake: yes by climbing

Me: I mean something different. There is a reason for all this

Snake: That is why I said you should climb

Me: Come on, I am surely going to fall if I climb this mountain

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Author: Al-amin Usman


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