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I Control Water Episode 5

I Control Water Episode 5

Me: Something has to be done

Snake: yes by climbing

Me: I mean something different. There is a reason for all this

Snake: That is why I said you should climb

Me: Come on, I am surely going to fall if I climb this mountain

Snake: So what do we do?

Me: I am going to turn to water so you are going to carry me! I think I can still turn

Snake: Why didn't you say it since??

I turned to water and rolled to the back of the snake. He climbed by pass the mountain and took me to the other edge. I turned back to a human! Moving closer to the sea but the sea was moving away from me. Fishes and sharks in the sea were all flying out of the water and going back inside

Snake: Wow! They see you as their king

Me: Why is the water moving away from me?

Snake: I don’t know

 The devil appeared to me!

Devil: Look at you! This is where I am going to destroy you

Me: What is happening?

 The devil lifted the mountain and I saw lots of wild animals heading to my destination. I tried to run into the water but the water was moving away from me. "The devil must have done something to me" I thought to myself. I looked back and saw a very big python swallowing the snake that helped me. The snake was crying for help but I couldn't do anything! I was shedding tears already.

"Please stop" I begged the devil. Please save the snake and take me! I am dead already.

The devil stopped the wild animals from coming to my destination and the python vomited the snake. The snake ran as fast as he could to my destination. I thought it wanted to hurt me so I tried to run away but I couldn't run. I think the devil has frozen me. The snake climbed my body.
Me: What! Why can’t I move but I can talk?

Snake: When an angel gives up to a devil it means the angel is now a devil. You are just like an angel now. You really offended God that's why your shark in this water froze you! Why will u ask the devil for help instead of God? Why don’t you trust God? Why do you think God can't save your problem? So the devil is more powerful than God?

Me: I didn't know when I asked him for help! I was very scared of losing you.
"God Almighty! I know you can hear me. I am very sorry for the mistake I made, please forgive me."

Suddenly, I was able to move and I could see a very big shark heading to my destination with loads of water behind the shark like a mountain. The water covered me with force but I wasn't injured. The next think I saw was an eagle on my shoulder and I was standing on top of a big shark floating on the water.

Eagle: I am the snake!

Me: What! You turned to an eagle?

Eagle: No! I was sent by this shark to direct you here

Me: How did he turn you to a snake?

Eagle: He possesses your powers too

Me: But I don’t have any powers left

Snake: Are you kidding me? You are on top of a shark in a sea and you are saying you don't have powers?

Me: But I was powerless before I came here

Shark: That is because the devil now has one of the forbidden apples with him

Me: What! Forbidden apple? You mean the one adam ate?

Shark: Yes

Me: And how does that affect my powers?

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Author: Al-amin Usman