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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 1 (SEASON 3)

The Police Man And The Hacker Boy Episode 1 (SEASON 3)

Don: but why?

Me: they don’t know who the seller is! So for him not to escape, let them just arrest them all. When I get to the station the rest will be released

Don: this is cool! But what about maryam?

Me: I am dying!! I don’t want anything to happen to my damsel o! Let me call her

 I tried calling maryam but her phone was switched off! I closed my eyes and look down in pains. I called my boss and told him everything.

Later on, i received a call from romeo.

Romeo: Dino Dino!! A.K.A Al-amin A.K.A the husband of maryam

Me: what is wrong romeo?

Romeo: everything is wrong mister

Me: why are you saying all this?

Romeo: you wana know why? My boys were arrested! I wasn't arrested though because of my smartness. But you see, you don’t have any problem on this matter. Act smart with me and I will act smart with you
Me: what do you want from me?

Romeo: simple! You allow me sell all of Alhaji sale's property I give you what you need?

Me: What do I need? I don’t need anything from you!
Romeo: "Laughed" Really? I know you don't value Alhaji sale because of all the things he did to you! But I have someone you value a lot

Me: And who is the person you have that I value a lot?

Romeo: your damsel

Me: shit!! You kidnapped her?

Romeo: yes mr lover boy! Your baby is with me

Me: Romeo!! Let maryam go

Romeo: Al-amin!!! I won't. I already told you the deal! Release my men and allow me sell all of Alhaji sale's property

Me: I am not longer a police man so I can't release anybody

Romeo: see dino!! To God who made me! I swear with my four fathers if u annoy me one more time, if I don’t rape maryam!! Then I am not romeo

Me: come on dude! You can’t do that to her. She is so innocent! you have issues with her dad and not me nor her

Romeo: really? Are you doubting me? Ok no problem! I'll send you the video later of me having fun with her

Me: come on romeo! I will do anything

 "call ended."
"He hung up on me" I said to don.

Don: what do we do now?

Me: but I thought Alhaji sale and romeo are partners now! What is all this? Why will maryam be involved in this matter? Oh God!!!

Don: Al-amin cool down!

Me: I can't don! I just can't

I tried calling romeo but he wasn't picking. I texted him begging him not to do anything to maryam; I promised him I will do anything he wants me to do if he doesn't touch maryam but still he didn't pick my call

Don: he's not picking your calls because he is trying to scare you!

Me: yes I get. But he is messing with the wrong person! If he does do anything to maryam! I swear he is gone!!! I'll so deal with him

Don: "Laughed" since you have been saying you will deal with Alhaji sale but you haven't done anything to him; now it's Romeo

Me: this one is different. Romeo dear not do anything to maryam

As I and done were talking, I received a call from Alhaji sale.

Me: eeeei! Don! Alhaji sale is calling me o!! how is this possible?

Don: pick the call now


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