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The Story of a Fornicator 1

The Story of a Fornicator

Girl: I have accepted your proposal

Man: You wey i dey toast since february na december you accept my proposal

Girl: i am schooling now

Man: Who u epp?

Girl: i want this christmas to be fun between me and u! Come on let's have fun

Man: i don't have money

Girl: ok how much do you have?

Man: abeg free me

Girl: why are you dulling? Me & u alone imagine how fun it will be

Man: hehen?

Girl: yes

man: Prove it! Come to my house tonight

Girl: do you have money?

Man: money they! Money plenty

Girl: i'll come

The girl went

Smtin happened

Next day

Man: mehn baby i love you


Girl: i love you too! But i am broke

Man: like how much do you need?

Girl: if i can have 50k now i'll be happy

Man: send me your account number

Girl sent it

Man sent the money

Girl: thank you

Man: come to my house tonight again

Girl: do you have money?

Man: yes money they

Girl: i will come

Girl went tonight

It was raining

Man: this night will be cool

Girl: i love the rain

Voice: una never see anything

Thunder spark

Gboon gubun gboooon

Girl: ewo

Man: am die

Girl: you don't even know how to speak english

Someone opened the door

foot steps heard

Approaching to the bed

Girl: who is that?

Man: i don't know

Girl: didn't you lock your door?

Man: i did o

Watch out for episode 2

Author: Al-amin Usman