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The Story of a Fornicator 2

            The Story of a Fornicator 2

Man: i don't know

Girl: didn't you lock your door?

Man: i did o

Voice: valentine you fornicate! Christmas same! Sallah same! New year same!!! You guys are always involved in premarital sex but for a particular reason, i am here to save someone

Man: hey baba! Me i no dey do all these tinz nah this girl seduce me

*No answer*

Girl was vibrating and shaking!

After some minutes they both ran out of the room


It was still raining!

The girl still went outside and was running

The boy too followed her

they were running inside the rain like mad people

Some securities around the area thought the guy was kinda chasing the girl!


They started chasing the guy too to save the girl from him; not knowing what the problem was!

Buh unfortunately, the guy ran pass the girl! He was running very fast like a robot

He was running very fast like a splash!!

The girl saw that and she disappeared 

The guy was shocked seeing himself running faster than cars in an express road! He didn't even know where he was!

The guy stopped!!!

And he saw a man in a thunder shape!!

Thunderman: are you shocked??

Man: what is happening to me? Am i dreaming?

Thunderman: you hate lizard???

Man: yes

Thunderman: you hate rat?

Man: yes! Why are you asking me all these

Thunderman: i am a savior!! I save people who has iman (pity) in them

Man: what do you mean??

Watch out for episode 3

Author Al-amin Usman