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The Story of a Fornicator 3

The Story of a Fornicator 3

Thunderman: i am a savior!! I save people who has iman (pity) in them

Man: what do you mean??

Thunderman: there was a time! A very long time ago, you woke up in the morning! You saw a rat in a basin with water in it struggling to come out. What did you do?

Man: i have seen lots of rat struggling to come out of a basin and i helped them come out and let them go

Thunderman: Good! There was a time too u saw a lizard stock in a net, what did u do

Man: i helped it out of the net

Thunderman: Good. There was a time you saw 3 cockroaches in your room and you planned to kill the 3 of them because you were mad. 2 of the cockroaches escaped and one was struggling to escape from you. What did you do?

Man: i felt pity for the cockroach and decided to let him escape too like the others

Thunderman: Good. You have iman in you so today i saved you from that lady even if you were flirting with her and it's a sin, God still sent me to save you. That lady was sent to have sexual intercourse with you thrice and after that; she'll become rich but you won't be able to have an erection nor give birth to children

Man: gosh! Thank you so much thunderman

Thunderman: don't thank me! You deserve it

Fans of ISLAMIC CENTA!! My main intention of writing this story is to let you guys to know the importance of having iman (pity). Don't hurt people because you can, always imagine you are in their shoes!! Don't hurt animals because you are greater than them. They also have lives and feelings, they feel pain the way you also feel pain, so please try to understand nature.

Some of you will catch a rat and burn it alive! That's wickedness. Imagine you are burnt alive, that's how they also feel so please try to have iman(pity)

Thank you!

THE END. . .

Author: Al-amin Usman