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The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 1

The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 1

I am the king for the kong, I am the kong for the king.

My name is Al-amin Usman! I am the captain of all of Gorillas in the forest of jhazmeen, hong kong!

I was born, raised and brought up in a city named mheenjaz, in Hong Kong!

I am not an ordinary being! I was born with the power to control animals. I am sure the power was given to me for a specific reason, But as a poor dude, I wanted to become very rich.

I named myself Captain kong because of all animals, I only have the power to turn into a gorilla.

I became popular in hong kong and many countries in the world because of my deeds. I am popularly known as Young_Alhaji the CEO of www.yapcenter.com! on a normal day without a costume.

I have a gorilla costume and a skating shoe with just 4 tyres. 2 tyres on the right leg and 2 tyres on the left leg. I am the most wanted person in hong kong but nobody knows who I am.

I walk freely day time and enjoy my wealth without anybody suspecting anything. Nobody cares to ask me where I get my wealth from.

I have a phone number people use to call me whenever they want me to run a mission for them. I charge a lot because I never fail. My number is available on my blog only “www.yapcenter.com.”

Whenever anybody needs me to go on a mission, the person usually comes to the forest of jhaazmeen. There, I’ll turn to a gorilla and talk to the person with a human being's voice which is probably not mine. They tell me what they want on phone, I charge them, they come with the money to jhaazmeen.

On a good day I received a call from a Nigerian. I usually have a particular number I use to talk to people who wants to send me on a mission

Me: Captain Younger speaking! What do you want?

Caller: King kong, king kong,

Me: king kong never joke, captain kong never play! Good bye.

I ended the call.

He called me back but I didn’t pick! He texted me apologising so i decided to call him.

Me: Mister, what do you want?

Caller: King kong please listen to me, I know you work for money but I am poor and I don’t have anything to offer

Me: ”laughed” Young man what can the king of the kong and the kong of the king do for you?

Caller: I am an okada rider in Nigeria and some police men seized my motorcycle from me in lagos, Nigeria

Me: What? Young rider do you know me?

Caller: king kong I no get money, I don borrow, I no see and I really need my bike to eat. King for the kong help me.

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The End 0f Episode 1!

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