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The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 2

The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 2

Me: What!! Young rider do you know me?

Caller: king kong I no get money, I don borrow, I no see and I really need my bike to eat. King for the kong help me.

Me: I should come to Nigeria for a useless reason? Are you well?

I ended the call, put on my costume and my skating shoe, I skate anywhere even on a bad road or on sand. I teleported myself to Nigeria, called the number, he picked, and then I teleported myself to the okada rider. He started running, I grabbed him on the collar of his tie and started skating. Wow, people were shouting king kong! King kong!! King kong!!! In Nigeria!!!!

Me: Young man, where is your motorcycle?

Man: In a scary tone, i will direct you there

Me: *Laughed* you can call me but you are scared of me?

Man: I swear I didn’t know you are for real. I have been hearing about you but I thought it’s just a fake news so I decided to visit your site to test it.

We got to the police station, I broke the police gate and skated in with the man. I am a very powerful man and I can break / destroy anything. He went to take his bike and he left. In due time, some Nigerian soldiers headed to my destination outside the gate and they pointed a gun at me

Me: *Laughed* “Gun @ king kong?” I said.

Soldier: If you move we shoot

I started moving towards the soldiers saying “shoot Kong, Shoot Younger.”

Me: “Singing” *I am the king for the kong, I am the kong for the king, I am the master of the jhazz!! I am the master of the meen!!

The crowd shouted “King kong, kong kong kong!! king kong, kong, kong kong, King kong!!!!

I just teleported away and went to a place I don’t know. I guess its kano. I became my normal self, lodged and hotel and was watching the news. They arrested the okada man and were interrogating him on how I came. I decided to give them a call.

Police: Hello

Me: Kong speaking

Police: Ewo

Me: Let that bike man go or else I come there to bulala your buttocks

Police: Sir please talk to the D.P.O

Me: Okay

I teleported to the police men!

Police men: EEEEi!! This man no be ordindary man o

They tried to run away but I teleported to the door and locked it.

Me: Warning to you guys, I am Younger, they call me Young_Alhaji! Ion take no shit. You ever arrest this bike man again I booooooooz you! Understood?

Police men: Eh yes sir

Me: Mr rider! Go now

Bike Man: Kong thank you o! nagode

He left and I teleported back to my hotel. Few hours later I received a call from someone I don’t know.

Caller: Hello kong

Me: Greetings! Younger speaking

Caller: You are wanted in your country and now you are here in Nigeria, You see we don’t have issues with you. Can we meet you and talk like pals?

Me: Kong ghat no pals! Kong is bad! Kong is dangerous! Kong fear no man! The only thing kong doesn’t do is to kill a Human or an Animal!!! So never call kong if you ain’t ghat no mission.

Caller: We have a mission for you.

Me: Kong’s ears are always open. Spit your words

Caller: There are some terrorists trying to

Me: Hold that! terrorist?

Caller: Yes kong!

Me: Are you assigning me on a good mission or a bad mission?

Caller: Kong, a good mission

Me: Kong never go on a good mission! So it’s better your assign your soldiers

Caller: Our soldiers have been trying their best but with you! The mission is accomplished.

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Author: Al-amin Usman

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