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    The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 3

    The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 3

    Me: Kong never go on a good mission! So it's better your assign your soldiers

    Caller: Our soldiers have been trying their best but with you! The mission is accomplished

    Me: Okay. Hope you are ready to pay big?

    Caller: How do you charge?

    Me: I charge big

    Caller: Won't you like to know the mission you are embarking on?

    Me: Introduce me to the mission

    Caller: Kong! Actually I am nobody. I am not a governor, a president or probably a military person

    Me: I see! Whoever you are doesn't matter to me, all that matters to me is if you can pay me

    Caller: Actually, I have heard of you but I didn't believe you really exist. When I heard you are in Nigeria, I hurriedly visited and took your number from there to call you

    Me: Trash!! Mister, did you call me to talk business or to tell me stories?

    Caller: Okay let me talk. My dad was a very rich man before he died, actually I killed him

    Me: What!! You suck

    I teleported myself to the caller.

    Caller: Hey! Kong!!

    Me: Shut that fuck up! You killed your dad for money? I will make sure you are dealt with according to the law of this country

    Caller: Kong please wait

    Me: Don't call my name again sucker

    Caller: I swear I don’t think I did it with my right senses

    Me: Right senses? What? Why do you say so? 


    Caller: See actually, there is this beautiful damsel named maryam. I was so much inlove with her but I didn't have freedom. My dad didn't give me the freedom like i had always wanted. I was just like a kid to him, he's always insisting I graduate from school before he is going to get me a job and allow me touch money

    Me: so? 

    Caller: Maryam wanted me to be able to fend for myself so she said if I really love and I want to marry her I have to be rich just like my dad. I didn't know what to do because I was only a level 3 student and my dad won't allow me to get married.

    Me: so you killed him?

    Caller: I didn't want to but maryam gave me something that will make him to become very wick and sick but eventually, the medicine killed him

    Me: Cool!!! Your own father! Because of a woman you gave him a medicine to make him sick? Why did u want him to fall sick?

    Caller: I wanted to be able to control his money

    Me: Cool! So now what do you want?

    Caller: Maryam told me she needed a man that will love and trust her. I told her I will love and trust till eternity, and then she asked me to prove it to her by transferring all my properties to her name

    Me: And you did?

    Caller: I only transferred all my money I inherited to her bank account, because transferring the whole property will surely take time

    Me: How much is the money?

    Caller: Just 43 million naira

    Me: Just 43 million naira? Do you know how hard you dad worked to make that certain amount of money?

    Caller: I am really regretting 

    Me: Women of nowadays will just be fooling young guys with a bright future and you guys will be falling for it. How on earth will you transfer all your money to her when she ain't related to you! Infact, where is your mom? does she know about all this?

    Caller: Yes she does, but she doesn't talk to me anymore

    Me: Good!! if your mom ain't talking to you; you can never have peace or see anything good in life, so you better take back the money you gave to maryam and apologise to your mom

    Caller: I wish i can!

    Me: What do you mean? Maryam won't give you back the money?

    Caller: I wish that is the problem it would have been much better

    Me: What is the problem?

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    Author: Al-amin Usman

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