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The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 4

The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 4

Me: What do you mean? Maryam won't give you back the money?

Caller: I wish that is the problem it would have been much better

Me: What is the problem?

Caller: Actually, I stopped hearing from her when I gave her the money. She doesn't pick my calls, talk to me when I approach her, respond to my text and also take me as a person! I am invisible to her

Me: You are a smart boy! I like you. Someone made you kill your dad, made your mom angry with you and then dupe you of your father's wealth and you are busy calling and texting her?

Caller: Kong I don't know what to do now! The money is already in her custody, I just have to beg her to like me

Me: Wonderful! A stupid guy is a stupid guy. What do u want me to do now?

Caller: I want to replace the person she is getting married to

Me: "Laughed" So she is getting married to another guy?

Caller: Yes

Me: "Laughed" I guess all your wealth is now in the guy’s custody

Caller: Yes, and that is why I want you to help me

Me: Mr man! Go and beg your mom for forgiveness. I can't make maryam like you! I can only stop the marriage so that she will be heartbroken the way you are; and I will also get back your wealth for the sake of your mom and not you

Caller: Kong! Thank you very much

Me: So when is the wedding take place?

Caller: Just tomorrow o! not too far

Me: Give me her phone number! I gotta talk to her tonight

 The caller gave me maryam's phone number and when I went to my hotel that night I called her.

Maryam: Hello! Who is this?

Me: "Laughed"

Maryam: "Hissed" see mister, I have better things doing and I don’t have time for rubbish. Don’t ever call this line

Me: Have you heard of kong?

Maryam: Yes I have heard of him and who are you?

Me: I am kong!!!

Maryam: Kong? Kong!!

Me: You duped a guy of his father's wealth, made him kill his dad and also made his mom very angry at him am I right?

Maryam: Please how did u know about all these? Sale please if this is you please stop it you are scaring me

Me: Even if I am him don’t you deserve to be scared? I guess sale is the guy you duped

Maryam: Please who are you?

Me: I already told you I am kong! And keep it in your mind that your marriage ain't taking place tomorrow and you must return the money. Good bye

 I ended the call.

Maryam immediately called the caller "sale"

Sale: Woa! You are the one calling me today?

Maryam: Sale what is going on?

Sale: What do you mean what is going on?

Maryam: Do you know kong?

Sale: "Hahahahahaha" He called you? I am damn happy

Maryam: Is it really him?

Sale: You will know tomorrow

Maryam: Sale!!! you reported me to kong? Ah sale are you this heartless?

Sale: Who is heartless? Me or you?

Maryam: Sale please I am sorry! Please I am begging you

Sale: Are you willing to come back to me?

Maryam: My marriage is tomorrow! Please ask kong to leave me alone o

Sale: I will not unless you return my money and come to me

Maryam: I am not with your money. See sale what if I spend the rest of this night with you?

Sale: Meaning?

Maryam: You understand now! If I spend the rest of the night with you will you ask kong to leave me alone?

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Author: Al-amin Usman

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