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The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 5

The Story of Captain King Kong Episode 5

Maryam: I am not with your money. See sale, what if I spend the rest of this night with you?

Sale: Meaning?

Maryam: You understand now! If I spend the rest of the night with you will you ask kong to leave me?

Sale: Just tonight is not enough for me

Maryam: Please sale! we will settle this between us, just stop kong. Do you even know who he is?

Sale: When you don't even pick my calls

Maryam: I am sorry please forgive me

Sale: So you can fear like this?

Maryam: You are heartless! How will you report me to kong? Don't you think? That guy is a killer

Sale: "Laughed" no he doesn’t kill

Maryam: Shut up! How do you know?

Sale: Maryam don't worry, you said you are spending the night with me?

Maryam: Are you going to stop him?

Sale: Yes! Only when I see you in my room

Maryam: Okay I will come now

 Maryam went to sale’s house.

Sale: Wow I can't believe my eyes. Sit down

Maryam: I am now in your room seated! Stop kong and I will do whatever you want

Sale: No problem no problem!!

 Sale called me.

Me: Captain kong on the line

Sale: Kong! I just want you to forget about that issue! There has been a little misunderstanding, Just leave maryam alone she is innocent

Me: "Look at this guy! Does he know who I am at all? Trying to fool me" I thought to myself. Sale! Do I look like a police officer to you?

Sale: Kong I am very sorry please! Sorry for wasting your time

Me: "Kong ghat lots of time" I thought to myself. Ok good

 I ended the call.

Maryam: Yes!  But sale after this night nothing will happen between us again and you will never threaten my life?

 Sale was in high in the mood forgetting about his money maryam duped him of

Sale: No problem maryam let's just do this

 They were about making love when I teleported myself to sale's house.

Me: "Laughed" Men will always be men! A stupid person will always be stupid!! A foolish person is foolish. Though sale I don’t blame you, this girl is really hot

 Maryam was shaking and vibrating like a grinding machine. She was very scared of me

Sale: Kong! Just leave her to me, we are good now

Kong: Shut up! If not that I am feeling pity for her; I would have taken the both of you to the hands of the law now for a charge of murder

Maryam was shaking in fear and looking at me.

Me: Pretty young girl

Maryam: #No Answer#

Me: Sale! She doesn't want to answer me!! I am going to expose you guys this night

Maryam: I am sorry! I am sorry!!

Me: "Laughed Out Loud" Wow! Nice voice

Maryam: Uhm!!

Me: Why will such an innocent girl like you commit such a crime?

Maryam: Sorry

Me: I am enjoying the way you behave. You ghat me wondering

 Maryam: Emm! Uhmmm!! If you seem interested in me why don’t we have fun so you'll forgive me

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Author: Al-amin Usman

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