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The Story of A Monkey Episode 1

The Story of A Monkey Episode 1

Hello Readers, my name is monkey!

Americans call me “Monkey”

Nigerians call me “morn-kee”

Whenever people want to insult an ugly person they use the word “morn-kee.”

But what will I do? I be animal. Before nah only myself I know! I think say I be the only monkey for this life. I live in a popular guy’s house named Al-amin as you all know him. (THE CEO OF

I be the guy pet. The guy wicked die!!!

I be him messenger and me and him they talk when we they alone but we no want make people know say I sabi talk.

There is this guy, them they call the guy dino; Al-amin and Dino na worst enemies. Them be neighbours sha so Al-amin they use me suffer the guy.

I be very fine monkey o, Al-amin they dress me well, buy me nice clothes treat me like a human. But still, him wicked abeg.

E get one girl where dino love and the girl love dino too! their two plan to marry each other in future. But unfortunately, Al-amin the jealousy and olle Guy! Want snatch the girl from dino, and the worst part be say nah me him they use. Al-amin sabi dress but dino nah novice for dressing and people they call dino big knicker because him like to they wear big big jeans and big polo where no they ever look good on am.

Al-amin go dress fine anytime him see maryam, dino fiancee!!

Dress me fine too come they use me they do pet!

Maryam the fear fear girl go they like to play with me!!

Ah, dino go they vex!!!

Me as a monkey too I kinda admire maryam o! But I am just an animal what can I do.

Dino go they look Al-amin one kind eye! Al-amin go they smile they shake head.

Maryam: This your monkey fine o

Al-amin: His he finer than your boy friend Dino?

Dino: Oboy, wetin be your own nah?

Al-amin: Person no fit follow you play again because your babe done come?

Maryam: Al-amin no even go there, dino fine pass you and your monkey dieee

Hey!! Al-amin won die….

Dino: No mind am, person where be like monkey

Hey!! I won die. But as a monkey I couldn’t do anything. I they pinch o but because of Al-amin I begin they act friendly

Al-amin: You don see my babe? My babe fine pass your babe

Dino: For your dreams

Maryam: Abeg let’s forget about this issue ah…. Fine fine fine! who fine epp?

For the area nobody where no know me! If I dey waka I dey bounce like Al-amin so people they call me king kong.

On a normal day sha, ah! Dino don plan bad thing. But I trust Al-amin sha! He is the i am that he is!

Nah me dino won kill??

Dino go call street boys come for Al-amin say Al-amin no won let him babe rest.

I surprise that day! Upon the mouth where Al-amin they make him fly fence they run, I they run, dino and the boys the pursue am! Them carry stone they stone Al-amin no one touch am him still they run.

E get one small pikin where they push tyre for road! As the boy see me as usual! Children they fear monkey. The boy pick race and nah that kind thing I they like…. I begin pursue the boy enter him compound And him mama they cook. The soup pour!

Some people too like wahala!

At that moment I think say I don die!

The whole compound shout hey! If to say the soup pour for person body unco? Who get this monkey? Make una flog this monkey before him do something o.

Oboy! You know what? I won rest…. Watch out for Episode 2 available on only.

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Author: Al-amin Usman