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The Story of A Monkey Episode 2

The Story of A Monkey Episode 2

The whole compound shout hey! If to say the soup pour for person body unco? Who get this monkey? Make una flog this monkey before him do something o.

“Wetin carry me come here self?” I thought to myself. Na I turn back they run, the compound boys and men they pursue me.

Boys they pursue Al-amin before, now nah me another people come they pursue!

But as a monkey where get speed, I overtake them all and I escape.

The problem now be say! Where Al-amin they?

I begin go house o.

Later Al-amin come back home!

Me: Ah Al-amin you fuck up big time! You where I think say you go fight those boys

Al-amin: Comot! You know wetin I do them?

Me: Comot too! You run abeg no lie for me

Al-amin: Eh bye bye nah! Me I must snatch maryam from dino for this thing where him do me

Me: *Hahahaha* You where maryam say you wowo like monkey

Al-amin: *Mtcheeeeew* Morn-kee like you! You no know anything. If she like me you think say she go talk am for where that dino they?

Me: *kukukekeke* She said you are monkey

Al-amin: I need that girl number so you have to help me get dino phone and know him password

Me: How I won take do that kind thing?

Al-amin: Shut up! Leave that to me. Make him come back first

Me: But wait, must you like maryam? She love dino now

Al-amin: You go go dino room carry him phone come for me, I go comot him sim put am for my phone! And then I go collect the number.

The operation they very successful! After Al-amin don collect maryam number from dino phone, now nah time to call maryam. For my mind! “ah, this maryam go fall Al-amin hand die.”

Al-amin called!

Maryam: Hello

Al-amin: Hello super maryam, its super Young_Alhaji on the line

Maryam: *Laughed* I don't get you

Al-amin: Nah me Al-amin jhoor what's up? what's supping? how are you doing? anything for the boys? hope i am not disturbing you! or am i? am i talking too much?

Monkey: Oboy!! which kind falling hand person you be self? me where be monkey i get sense pass you. How many questions you won ask? go straight to the point now

Maryam: I no know for you abeg you too they talk

Al-amin: Come on, e get something serious where i really need to let you know but e go they between me and you! Deal?

Maryam: No deal! Talk first

Me: "All these girls self them too they form" I thought to myself

Al-amin: See talk your mind, no tell anybody o. Me and dino who you like pass?

Maryam: Al-amin are you okay, is everything functioning well with you? are you fine?  do you know who you are talking at? 

   Al-amin end the call.

Al-amin: Oboy! which kind English this girl they speak give me now? the English be like say e correct and e be like say e no correct again

Me: Oboy! i no fit laugh..... She fall your hand! *hahahahaha*

Al-amin: Oga wait, you no know human beings

Me: Chaiii! oboy! she no like you.... She say you wowo like morn-kee

Al-amin: You no be monkey? see leave this issue. You know wetin go happen?

Me: Me i no won know o if nah anything related to snatching girl where no like you?

Al-amin: Oh i see! nah me you they talk to like this?

Oboy! You know what? I won rest…. Watch out for Episode 3 available on only.

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Author: Al-amin Usman